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    I agree with you on long shank hooks, no matter what they are connected to they may cause harm by double lipping. I've yet to see it on carp but go along with the theory as I've caught many greedy small roach double lipped. As for the mechanics changing who's to say its not for the best? The swivel getting caught -possible as would a crimp or large shot. As I said earlier I don't use long shanks on a 360 or in general use. From what I have read on here the guys who use it appear to be quite knowledgeable and have the utmost respect for the fish they catch.
  2. hoorayhenri

    360 rig

    Never tried a long shank can opener - cant see why for the life of me why you did! It appears we've moved away from the swivel to blaming the hook pattern! I'm ok with that as I've never used long shanks - my conscience is clear,however I note that you use them and not knowing how big the fish is until landed smacks of double standards. x
  3. Milkey - you got to stop eating the bait - what a load of rubbish you put forth there. And to Newmarket - ever thought that its never happened since....... is because you haven't caught that same fish again?
  4. I blame the nut on the end of the steering wheel!
  5. How Does lead core cause friction burns in water opposed to mono? cant get my head around this, water acts as a lubricant so I assume there has to be some some serious rubbing going on to leave long marks down the flanks ! what on earth are you doing to cause this? When bringing carp in they are either zig zagging towards me or straight line in. The line is always away from their flanks, and given that after the initial take all that is required for the carp to be coaxed in is a tight line I cant see for the life of me how you come to that conclusion.
  6. Gaz, By reading someones post I get an insight of what they are about and your not filling me with confidence fella! I spent a couple of hours watching this JS guy on vid - and came to the conclusion he knows a fair bit about catchin carp- much to my dismay as I cant seem to warm to him! I like a bit of banter - but think this is well out of order.
  7. Gaz .......its now 92% on this thread
  8. Emcee I stand corrected ........... 91% I don't buy a mag if I see JS on it, i don't like how he fishes ,but have to say he's caught more fish in one year then most of us will in a lifetime - that is unless your one of the chuck it in an pull em out commercial boys! Sally should be banning himself for his comments on here. The guy's stuck so far up................
  9. Plenty of guys on here slating Mr Shelley on his demeanour. Can't knock him on his ability to catch fish, the guy knows his watercraft which is more than I can say about 90% of the wanna be carper's on here. (don't think like him either, just keep it to myself)
  10. I always put a drop of cod liver oil in my mix. When fishing close in you can see where to cast to as it shows on top-and I have a swig to help the joints.
  11. hoorayhenri

    360 rig

    Like we went to the moon and travel at over 200 mph on two wheels..........
  12. That takes me back to an era when carping was about more about being one with nature - not like the current brigade. loading up with tinnies , casting out 100 metres + co's the carp are huddled in the middle scared
  13. hoorayhenri

    360 rig

    I fail to see how fixing a swivel to a hook can cause horrific damage! I use this method to balance my floating plastic sweet corn on my rig. I've never had a problem with fish conservation. How about you scaling your broom handle down - it'll work wonders.
  14. .....and risk prosecution for not attending your rods dunno how we stand anymore.
  15. hoorayhenri

    360 rig

    I take it you mean horrific damage to the landing net? This malarkey gets better by the day!
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