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  1. anyone out there know how much these things weigh? Struggling to find this info
  2. If the carps reaction to pellet is as you describe why use boilies at all?
  3. "Salt or sugar will lower the boiling point of water" think you'll find it's the opposite
  4. Put the gaff through the meat near the dorsal, they don't feel a thing there you know.
  5. Reads like a Tim Richardson article!
  6. I have 3 bin liners of the stuff under the bed, it drives the wife mad but curiously, when I stored it in the shed mice ate a load of it?
  7. I found a boiliepult in 1992 which is still doing the business for me
  8. Take a look at the new wychwood solace ones, 150 notes for three and reciever. I've used the signatures for a year and found them very reliable, the solace looks to be very similar with the remote function which would be handy for heavy sleepers and the more "covert" anglers!
  9. Set to be their biggest selling alarm of 2013.
  10. Whilst fishing Hatchet pond today in the new forest my mate discovered a small patch of large (mirror sized) scales on the bank. We then noticed another patch a couple of feet away. There seemed to be a trail of these scales leading up the bank but we couldn't find a carcase. Some of the scales were fresh and flexible but others were very dry and leathery like they were from an old kill? Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of otters in this area.
  11. Use an ice tray to freeze it in portions, defrost as needed and add to whatever.
  12. I've had powerliner pros for three years now and the gears are getting a bit graunchy. I lost my guarantee so no free fix for me, I was considering upgrading to the new shimano longcast xta in large or medium size but I'm concerned about some of their top end expensive gear being third rate in some of the design features. Would I be wasting my money????
  13. Why not boil it in sausages and chop it? this is way quicker than rolling it though you may need to spod it out distances. I think the irregular shapes are viewed with less suspicion by the fish and they also wash out quickly which can also be an advantage.
  14. I'm looking for silicone tubing to fit over the eye of a size 6 fox hook so I can use a multi rig set up. Any ideas what size I would need? Thanks guys.
  15. They can be easily converted to quick drag by removing the spring from the drag nob.
  16. I had a pair of daiwa bite 'n runs years ago and they were total cack, and for that reason it has to be shimano.
  17. A couple of teaspoons of shrimp paste and one of marmite blended up with your eggs has worked better for me than the intended liquid. Try rolling them in a thin solution of shrimp paste, thai fish sauce and salmon oil after boiling. If you don't have these in your bait cupboard they are cheap, easy to get hold of and suprisingly effective.
  18. It would probably still catch carp 10 years from now, tinned stuff lasts ridiculously long.
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