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  1. i would suggest that after each fish you re-tie the lead on.. they have a habit of coming lose after fish
  2. RIP Kev. i spent quite alot of time talking to Kev on the phone.. I Have to say he helped me through some very dark times. If i was to be honest i probably wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for Kev. His struggle back to England and Health. was a shining beacon of hope to me.. RIP Mate
  3. http://www.weirwoodreservoirangling.co.uk/coarse-fishing.html weirwood reservoir 288 acres if you fancy a challenge?
  4. I cant wait to move now Loads of lakes to explore
  5. as im moving to leicester at the end of the month. this is really usefull. thanks Kev
  6. I fish running rigs and slack lines whenever possible...... my last 2 lakes i fished bow string tight.... i think it depends alot on the water, but even more so the carp you are after... i think highly pressured carp get "used to" the current fashion, and be caught out with something new ( Cromwell, Chods, Social) . i believe wise, old, cautious Carp have seen it all before, and will use every trick they know to avoid being caught.. its a constant leaning curve.
  7. Hi there i can give you a few in East Sussex to get you going Weirwood Reservoir 288 acres Near Forest Row Park Fisheries Near Uckfield Stream Valley Near Crowborough Powdermill Near Battle The Carp Syndicate Near Crowborogh Broadoak Fishery North of Crowborough White Cottage Near Hailsham that should be enough to get you started and not to forget Sussex Piscatorial Society
  8. Simple marketing.. you use your Fox app everyday. everyday you love Fox.. in the same way young uns see loads of free Korda Dvd;s !!!
  9. Pete i would happily recommend a porter light ( no side bars) like mine. its narrow enough for field gates. and you can load almost as much as one with sides.. but for me (knackered back) it makes me do it in 2 or 3 lighter loads No Pain Better Fishing
  10. i use 30lb straight through. apart from the first few months learning i have never cracked a pod or spomb off. although i wont normally spomb over 80 odd yards.. its too much hard work !!!
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