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  1. Rung earlier today, very wet obviously. No flooding or anything along those lines though.
  2. Hmmm I'll give the baliff a call in the morning and see what he says.
  3. Hi All, off to Linear this weekend for the first time in ages. Just wondering if anyone knows hows its fishing at the moment? especially with all the rain lately lol Much the same i guess? Cheers
  4. Hooking a double with cheap gear while in the swim next door the bait boat with super duper fish finding gear blanks = priceless
  5. If it's fishing as slow as it was yesterday then good luck all lol plenty of maggots
  6. it's just that is what I was using at the time, sometimes I use a running lead, sometimes a chod lol
  7. I just had a session similar to this as i blanked again (something i'm doing must be wrong ) and my mate in the swim had a lovely 26lb mirror at Linear. He did fall out of a tree though so that find of made up for it
  8. Meant to be going here tomorrow but I'm really put off now :/
  9. Cheers all for your feedback, Like i said i've just starting tying my own rigs and just wanted some feedback if what i'm doing is right, wrong, be improved on etc. thanks again! off to Sandhurst lake soon so will give my rigs a go then!
  10. Coated braid and I put the extra rubber on as I was occasionally tangling, the rubber stops it swinging about and haven't had any tangles since. But if it's detrimental to the rig then i'll take it off, lol. These are the things I don't really know about
  11. just came home today after 24 hours, full of weed. Few clear spots but pain in the bum finding and hitting them. We had nothing, nobody on the big lake had anything either when we were there. personally, i'd go up to Linnear.
  12. Bivvy was unpegged and coming down when i took the pic re: the rig, i've started tying my own now, but since I have i haven't been catching as much. Just wondering if it was my rigs or just luck lol
  13. Any feedback on this rig, anything done wrong? anything that could be added (shrink tube maybe) etc Ta
  14. Got on the lake no problem. It's so full of weed though, not impossible but not enjoyable either (for me) won't be back unless it's sorted.
  15. Cheers, i guess if we are getting there at 1:30 tomorrow most of the swims will be taken. Cheers again.
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