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  1. We had the following week to Selrose and I previously posted "watch this space"!!! We did have a great week. 23 fish between us, including 17x30's. including a 38lb and 39lb. The fish were in superb condition and scrapped right to the rod tip. Fantastic colours of the mirror carp and the perfect golden sovereigns of the commons. Please go to http://www.lesburons-carp-fishing-in-france.com/2012.3.htm for all the pics. We did not do as well as the previous guys, which we put down to the arctic north-east wind we had for three days. Our gear was covered in ice on the Friday morning but th
  2. My son Tom and I visited Les Burons to assist in continued maintenance and to get some experience in arctic fishing the week of 20 February 2012. The new aerator was installed that weekend and tested thoroughly for the next two days. There was ice on the lake was 4 inches thick in places due to the near arctic temperatures the previous week. With the help of the aerator the lake was completely thawed by Tuesday, which gave Tom and I a chance to get a couple of rods out on the feeding spots discovered during the netting in November 2011. Temperatures climbed to the dizzy hights of 4 deg
  3. I was very lucky to receive an invitation from the owners of Les Burons Rob and Lin Parrish to help net the lake in November. Rob’s only request was for me to photograph the whole event. This is was the second netting of the four and a half acre lake. The first in November 2008, took stock of the carp, reduced the roach and pike population and introduced some small zander. Rob thought that the first netting did not capture the majority of the fish. For this reason an English firm, who had vast previous experience of netting and surveying lakes both in England and France, was hired to travel ou
  4. Dear All, I had another tremendous weeks fishing at Les Burons. This time on my own as a mate cancelled at the last minute. In fact it was the best weeks fishing of my life. A very hard week but definitely no complaints. I had 19 fish in total including a 41lb mirror, 10 fish over 30lb including a 38lb mirror and a 37lb common. I also had two grass carp, one in its 30's (escaped before I could weigh it or take a photograph but witnessed by Rob the lake owner) and the other at 29.5lb. I cannot recommend this venue enough. Not only because it is fishing so well but because of the wh
  5. Dear All, Just to let anyone know that's interested, Les Burons made page 8 of this month's Carpology. Tight lines
  6. Dear All, Just thought I would share with you what a fantastic week my mate, Matt and I had from 24th July. We didn't expect a lot of fish because of the forecast of hot weather. Mainly satisfied with targetting late at night and early morning. What a surprise we had!!! I caught fish first at mid morning and mid afternoon in brilliant sunshine, late at night and early morning. In mist, in clear nights. Then it was Matt's turn. I use "turn" as all three of my rods went completely dead. This rota continued for four days. Then the fish turned onto both our swims at very early morning
  7. My first visit was August last year and was chosen at random. Also a very good look at the testamonials and all the photos and video on the Les Burons web site. First time for my son's birhtday and treat before he went off to Australia. I went back in October and have just returned today from another week. I have a return visit booked in May, August and October. Tough week this week and took a mate who had never freshwater fished before. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Just the peace and quiet is enough. The weather was rubbish last week, wind and lots of rain. Rob wa
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