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  1. mate if you are talking about dandenong, victoria, then i can suggest you try dandenong creek. Also down your way maybe the carrum national watersports centre? i'm not very familiar with the southeastern suburbs but if you are near endeavour hills, there are a few lakes there with carp rumoured to be up to 6 kg.
  2. thanks for the tips Ben, i'll look into all this. I went fishing but no luck on the maggots but we managed a couple of fish on bread. Thanks in advance, Matthew.
  3. I put 3 or 4 onto the hook and pierce them through the middle. Hook sizes would be sizes 8 to 10. The pieces are quite small so I can't really mould them onto/around the hook like a worm or a grub. I don't know what type of pattern they are and never heard of a maggot clip before [i'm a carp novice]. Also I made a mistake with the name they are maggots but from the gulp! range. http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Berkley_Gulp_Maggots.htm The link above has photos of what the maggots look like. Thanks for the reply citycountry, I will be using them tomorrow most likely, so I'll see
  4. Hey fellow carp fishos,i have a jar of berkley powerbait maggots in pink colour i've used them before but without success. Has anyone ever heard of these lure/bait things and if so has anyone had any success on them? Thanks in Advance, Matthew.
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