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  1. hiyer. i have always used e.s.p Raptor hooks, and lately bought the teflon coated ones. i've had 3 of these bend almost straight.... What are the best hooks to buy ? Myles.
  2. cheers Andy sounds a great place. i will find the website tomorrow.
  3. maybe its just how it is fishing at the moment. my syndicate i fish at is really poor right now, the bayliff says august is the quietest time on the lake.
  4. i would like to know more on this aswell, answers please =]
  5. is bluebell any good ? kingfisher or swan ?? isit usually packed over there, or do i have a good chance of getting a decent peg ? vote: Bluebell or orchid.
  6. i layed a reasonable amount of spod mix which included, corn, chickpeas, maze, hemp, aniseed party mix, wheat, vitalin. i think made very small pva bags with pellets inside. on the business end i used a white evalast boilie above a grain of maze. on the second rod i used a white chocolate sinker with a mini white chocolate popup. which i switched a few times with the trusty pineapple popup above a grain of maze. seemed to do the job. maybe it was just the conditions as they were going for quite bright baits that day. one thing.. don't use trigger link there, i missed atleast 4 fish on it. haven't used it since. i also had a 18lb from the margins on a dumbell with half a white chocolate mini popup above it. Hope this helps. Myles.
  7. thanks for that mushroomik. ive heard the point is a productive swim, but very hard to get a go on. i read that someone has fished there 2 years and hasnt yet been able to get a peg on the point. i have also read that st johns lake is getting hammerd with the amount of people going there to fish it. ive also been very interested in giving Orchid lake a try. any thoughts on this ? thanks. Myles.
  8. any gd tips for st johns lake ? ive researched a fair bit, found out where the shallows and deeper parts are. any particular pegs that anyone recommends ? thanks myles.
  9. i fished the far side of the big lake, on the right hand point of the island, banked a few nice carp, including a stunning 20.
  10. decided i will probs go to st johns lake. seems to constantly produce big fish. Myles
  11. ahh nice one cheers mate, i now have a few lakes to choose from. thanks for your help. myles
  12. Post removed, Swearing is not permitted in any form
  13. Thanks for the reply salokcinnodrog Yeah im already a member of caps, im a member of halstead and hedingham aswell. its more of a "because we can" holiday. my friends just got his car, we are both dead keen carp anglers and want to chill somewhere not in essex, and know we have a high chance of catching a few 20's Thanks for the list of venues you have said, i will take note and find out some info on them. Myles.
  14. Cheers binfield might have to look into that one. anyone else know any goood lakes to go to ?
  15. Im looking to go on a 3 day fishing session. i live in essex but i am keen to drive any distance for a couple of 20's i know monuments, horseshoe, places like that are good, but i wanted to get some of your opinions. where can i go for 3 days to catch a few 20's ? Thanks. myles.
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