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  1. Just walk into a guy wearing camo and say "sorry but I didn't see you".
  2. I'd be up for a social at Elphicks, (never fished it) given availability, etc.
  3. Bought a net float a few years ago, still wondering if I need it!
  4. Googled it and it's being sold for £4.99. Although the company ad mentions biodegradable there is no mention of this on the retail sites. I wonder how well it will degrade and how long it will take? Probably better than just plain plastic though.
  5. I have done in the past. Don't live there now though! Quite a daunting place to fish. 120 acres with the water only accessible from two banks, 12 feet down to the water and plagued with dog walkers, runners, etc + narrow banks so not bivvy friendly! Probably accounts for the relatively few fish that are landed.
  6. Wilstone Reservoir ( in the Tring Reservoir complex) produced the equal perch record a couple of years ago, this from a water that costs £6 a day to fish. It has previously held the tench record ~ 1982 and the bream record sometime in the 1970's and also a 43lb catfish in 1970 when there was no record. Pretty cheap I think! So few people fish it (most of the lake is inaccessible) that nobody even knows what is in there now!
  7. Leadshed gets my vote too! Great service.
  8. Just realised that mine will only cost me £18 each this year - need some compensation for turning 65!
  9. I know you should rest meat but never heard it applied to fish
  10. Not sure about the troubles there but a club I belonged to used to go there for a match once a year and I really enjoyed the fishing. That was in the lake nearest the road, cannot comment on the other one.
  11. Unfortunately what you have described is a serious condition that affects most people who that take up angling in general and carp fishing in particular. The symptoms are as described. The long term prognosis is poor with little chance of a full recovery. The condition can be controlled by cutting up all credit and debit cards and only entering tackle shops with a tenner in your pocket. I admit that I am a fellow sufferer.
  12. Don't get me wrong guys, I am certainly not in favour of camo clothing. It just tickled me that this guy took the trouble to wear a camo pattern jacket only to take it off at the first opportunity and require the fish to wear sunnies!
  13. Well, there I was today, happily fishing away on a local lake when two guys turned up on the opposite side. They seemed to have all the gear and apart from having a long range discussion with each other, all ok so far! One was dressed in a camo pattern hoodie. The temperature started to rise and off came the camo jacket to reveal underneath a white t shirt that a soap powder advert would have been proud of. As if that was not enough, his mate took off his (non camo) jacket and he was wearing a flourescent red shirt. Needless to say they both blanked!
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