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  1. Hi Guys Wondering if there is any local advice around the gold coast area regarding some waters that holds carp. I would travel at least an hour away if needed. I do not expect exact locations and understand some may want to keep quite for obvious reasons but would appreciate if anyone has personally caught around the area. I managed to fish the park lake in beenleigh but now that is a no no due to council reasons. If anyone would like to get together locally and have a bash for carp I am up for that! ( Bash may be the wrong choice of word) No intention of bashing anything! Thanks i
  2. Hi Guys/ Dennis Thanks for letting us know, thats a real shame though, I was just getting into it. Are there any other local waters, rivers, etc locally (Beenleigh, Gold coast) that Carp are present? I have had a look at tygum lagoon and had a plumb about. it would seem the water is very shallow. I did not see any signs of Carp but assume there might be some present. Any ideas of size and has anyone fished there? Looking at previous posts there seems to be the usual unwanted characters downthere. Has anyone fished the river near Doug Larson park and caught Carp? or is the water a little sal
  3. Hi Shame you did not catch any Carp, I also fished Friday evening,plenty of small stuff but no Carp. I have been putting a little bit of bait so hopefully will not be far away from hooking a larger fish. I have not looked at the other area yet but hopefully someone might have an idea if it can be fished or not.
  4. Hi I can only say good things regarding plastic corn. I usually use it on the hair above 3 or 4 maple peas, the bait sits balanced or you can pop the off the bottom. I caught a few on this setup and the good thing about the maples is they stay on the hair very well even after you have banked one. I usually get my plastic corn and tackle bits from leslies of luton who seem to be a good supplier and do not mind posting to oz. Good fishing Rob
  5. Hi Dennis At last I cannot believe that someone wants to fish for carp here! Its great news that there is somewhere to wet a line and fish my old quarry. I live local and since being in oz I have struggled to find like minded fellows who like to fish for carp unless there habit is launching them into the bushes!!!!! Is there a ticket to be obtained before fishing this lake? I may have a reason to dust down the carp gear now and chuck a rod out. Anyone that takes on the council and gets a result deserves a pat on the back well done. Rob
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