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  1. I'm located in Victoria, which the law states that it is illegal to release any carp back into the water. I just hope the Victorian Regulations change just like the NSW ones earlier this year. I have released these fish, in which I condone these actions. That day the net I had broke so I didn't have enough time to get another one. I tried to release and land them the best I can without any harm to the fish. I hold them close to the ground and on one of my mats I've made. I also agree with your attitudes towards carp, as along with anyones on this website.
  2. There are people walking around where I fish and if they ask if I have caught anything I just say nothing. No walkers have seen me land a carp before but I quickly release them after removing the hook and taking some photos.
  3. I have been releasing all these carp. I have only posted them in the 'cullathon' thread on another website here in Australia to show the carp I have caught, I didn't kill them and never will. I release all my carp, no matter where it is and if someone comes and tells me off. Sorry for not replying quickly, I've been a bit busy and haven't been able to get one this website for a while. Thanks
  4. yeh there arent too many down here in Australia. hopefully I come across her again though
  5. Thats my first mirror carp ever but I know that lake does hold mirror carp. Only place I know that has mirror carp down in Melbourne
  6. thanks If you have a close look when the mirror was released, you can sorta see the line of the scales. It looked nice
  7. Im extremely happy with the mirror. Around 8lb looks right, although the last one felt heavier. The two commons were caught on maize over a bed of maize and breadcrumb mix and the mirror was caught on the boilie with one maize on the end. Thanks
  8. hello everyone I went out this morning to a new lake which I had been eyeing off for a while now. Was a little windy this morning so chose swim sheltered by the wind. First of I pre-baited the area then after setting up, out the baits went. I had maize and homemade boilies out. Not long after casting out the baits I got my first bite which turned out to be a nice common. Didn't have the scales so I'm not too sure how much they weighed. Heres the first fish of the day and first fish from the lake After re-baiting and setting the rods up again, 10 minutes past and another carp took the bait. When I got her into the net, to my surprise it was my first every mirror carp. Setting up the baits and getting ready for another fish until 30 minutes past and another rod was screaming. After a 10 minute fight, I landed this [censored] (sorry about the bad picture, had it on auto resting on my tackle box) All fish released back into the water Could anyone guess how much they weighed?
  9. They are nice captures but I didn't catch them, my uncle caught them and they were released. The upper part of the creek is small but it hardly has any fishing pressure so the carp just grow, grow and grow.
  10. Hovells Creek in Lara has some good carp to around 14lb. Fish with corn and maggots for bait using coarse fishing methods. Here are some pics: Better then average carp:
  11. I would have held them close to the ground but it was a path which was concrete so it wouldn't have been the best idea. I always hold and handle he carp with the most care I can
  12. Hi everyone, my friend and I went to a lake and a dam this weekend and managed to catch some carp in a short amount of time we had. We arrived at the lake and 3 minutes later some carp were jumping around and not long we managed to land some carp aswell. Managed 4 carp to 58cm on corn The part of the lake we fished: 58cm carp: 55cm carp: 37cm carp: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The next day me and my friend went to a small dam which holds carp to around 16lb but only managed a small 35cm carp which had nice colouring. Had to battle though the rain and wind too. The dam: The carp:
  13. Nice carp Dawolf. Where did you catch that one in south melbourne?
  14. I fished at a small dam for the first time today and being able to see the carp swim in 2 feet of water but couldn't catch anything but I will still give it more trys
  15. Over here in Australia, many people think carp are just a "rubbish" fish and they can be caught on any bait and it doesn't matter what size hook or rig you use. Although in Australia, we don't get those specialisted carp rods, hooks, gear.... So all I use is size 6-10 hook in baitholder, suicide or short shank. I find that anysized hook can catch any sized carp. edited to remove censored
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