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  1. splitter

    The Tip Lake Darenth. 1986.

    I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing!
  2. splitter

    July Catch Reports

    Some nice carp there lads. This is my first carp in over a year, due to not fishing much, and blanking when I have got out! Only a little un but very welcome!
  3. Hi Carl, have PM'ed you! Can't believe I got top prize. It's been a busy few weeks (or is that months?!) so haven't been on here much. I really hope I can squeeze a week at Rushes in sometime.
  4. splitter

    The next Terry Hearn?

    Missed it, and can't be bothered to go out and buy it! A reference to the thread, or has someone just decided to rip off the idea for an article?
  5. splitter

    HELP! Im going stark raving mad!

    Hi mate, Do you use rig foam on the hook when fishing in the weed? I tend to use that to mask the hook and fish a critically balanced bait that will rest on top of any bottom weed. When you reel in you will still get a ball of weed on the hook but your presentation should be ok until you start pulling the rig back.
  6. splitter

    **Carp.com Charity Raffle for SCOPE**

    Well done mate! That is quite some distance.
  7. splitter


    Nice one zammo! You can't beat floater fishing. The only day I have ever had like that was with 4-9lb carp, which was great fun but not quite the same.
  8. splitter

    Some more them there North American wild River Carp

    Well done mate, good to see you are still getting amonst them. Whats the killer bait out there?
  9. splitter

    Chod Chod Chodyy Chod Chods: Rant and rigs

    Great post mate, I was recently thinking it would be good to get some examples of the rigs people actually use on here. I'll try to get a couple of mine on here when I get the chance. I agree the chod is a great rig in the right situation, over light weed or silt. I caught my first 20 on one. I do think it's a set up the carp will get used to avoiding if they see it day in day out.
  10. splitter

    new to commercial carping

    Hi mate, these are inline leads. They should have a plastic sleeve through the middle and you simply thread your mainline through and then tie on a swivel. Tie your hooklink onto the other end of the swivel, which should pull snugly into the plastic sleeve through the lead.
  11. splitter

    Bigger than Two Tone?

    I'm not sure you can dismiss a story like that. Most on this thread have agreed that there must be unknown monsters out there. If Dick Walker and Chris Yates can catch 40 and 50 pounders from a small pool in the 70s and 80s then I don't see why not an unknown 60lb fish in the 90s. The Carp in Redmire were left unfished for for a long time and grew fast on a natural diet. With not so many dedicated carp anglers around even in 1993 I would be surprised if there wasn't a few 50-60lb fish in the UK, either uncaught or unpublicised. Not everyone wants to claim a record and there is a lot of water out there. Not that I'm 100% sure that Gerry caught them all, but you never know. I'm looking forward to those photos......
  12. splitter

    **Carp.com Charity Raffle for SCOPE**

    I'll have a guess at 199 boilies and some random raffle tickets for my fiver please. Good luck getting to your target mate.
  13. splitter

    new to commercial carping

    Have a look at this one mate: A simple running rig is what I would go for.
  14. splitter

    My Lake

    If there are no bream then pellet is a cheaper option to bulk out the boilies. Best of luck!
  15. splitter

    social venues

    Was rather looking forward to joining you guys one day. Loved reading about the last one, sounded like a lot of fun. Shame to have lost it all over a disagreement between two members.