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  1. steve220767

    a new area created for all your photography chat

    i love that Was wondering how or more importantly who pressed the shutter
  2. steve220767

    Hardest fighting fish

    ive caught 5lb tench, 5lb carp, 5lb pike and 5lb eels..............but none of em go anywhere near as hard as a 5lb cat.......of which i caught one at that weight on Saturday. No idea about barbel as im still to catch one
  3. steve220767

    Hardest fighting fish

    all but one of em on 3 spicy shrimp and prawn boilies hair rigged tight to the shank of a size 2 Korda wide gape tied to 14 inch length of 25lb Nash Armour braid. also used pva mesh with mixed pellets and the same boilies crushed up. 20 odd runs over 24 hours........ 10 cats on the bank.......lost 4 and quite a few dropped runs......so im tweaking me set up to cut out the drops. Gonna use large bore run rings attached to lead for minimal resistance.
  4. steve220767

    Hardest fighting fish

    After spending a very enjoyable session at the weekend fishing for Cats (i caught 10 up to 17lb 10 oz) i now have to say Cats, pound for pound fight harder than any carp ive ever caught. I base this on the fact that i didnt reset my clutches and i had Cats between 5 and 7 pounds stripping line off at a rate of knots which no carp of comparable size has ever managed to do. The 5 doubles that i caught went absolutely ballistic stripping 30 yds of line in no time at all. All u can do with em is hang on and pray. Saw a 34lb 10 oz Cat come out on the Sunday morning that ran the guy half way round the lake. Im going back hopefully this weekend :)
  5. steve220767

    The real record

    Just a little........insignificant point.........probably......... but as the carp..........in all its forms is not indigenous to this country........ how can u call any carp English...............they all have ASIAN parentage.
  6. steve220767

    Flavouring Meat????

    I usually use the normal cooking method of marinading in whatever flavour for 24 hours then stick it in freezer bags n lob it in the freezer ............ u can colour it at the same time if need be. The freezing action draws the flavour and colour into the meat. works fine with most meats except ultra fatty types of luncheon meat.