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  1. Maybe your are foul hooking fishing as its popped up a foot off the deck and not actually losing bites at all....
  2. A mate gave me a sack of the stuff and its fine dissolves better than the solar stuff and its free lol
  3. Thought id ask a qeustion kinda related to this i want to oil up some pellets i have in a bucket and was wondering how long they will last or if the oil will make them go bad?
  4. Last time i checked his name was Danny or Dan Not Dazza commonly used for people named Darrell. But i suppose when your talking rubbish might aswell get it all wrong.
  5. Sitting on the beach today and Gaz Fareham turns up next to me with his family. I didnt go over or anything as he was just chillin out but i was wondering what kinda reaction they give when approached in their spare time. Anyone got a story to share...
  6. I was looking at this and its sooo thin ive read that knots untie and i can beleive it when you see how thin it is. Went for ultima power braid mainline instead.
  7. Get yourself some Ultima power braided mainline 20lb diameter is 0.25 sails out there and sinks best line ive ever used.
  8. Mate there are so many things to moan about in angling just ask my missus lol. But youve just gotta ride it out, obviously if rules are being broken youve got a point otherwise unfortunately its life. I hate it when the fair weathers come out of hibernation but theres no point getting down about it just put your ipod on and enjoy the wildlife.
  9. One of the lakes i fish is really old and secluded there are rumours of a monk that roams the banks at night. I havent fished through the night yet i was there with a friend one dark evening til a random guy came towards us shone his torch at us bout 4ft away we couldnt see anything for the light he stood for bout 20 seconds then turned away saying nothing. We packed up pretty sharpish haha.
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