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  1. Just short of 3 hours. It was a true David vs Goliath moment
  2. No worries. Im not here to sell anything, I posted a link to the venue because I knew one of the first questions would be "Where did you catch that thing" Peace
  3. Hawker no, happy customer yes. I thought a carp of this size was more than newsworthy, hence the thread.
  4. Last week I went back to Jurassic Mountain Fishing resort in Thailand and fished it for 7 days. The trip resulted in me catching a Carp that weighed 172lbs. In Addition to that I caught a Carp weighing in at just over 100lbs and 1 that weighed 90lbs+. Along with countless others that where over 60lbs. On top of that I caught 2 large Aripima using a float rod with a single pellet, which was cast to the same spot repeatedly and the Aripima would take the pellet as it dropped through the water. The fishing was amazing. For more information about the lake, visit their
  5. The bruises on my legs are starting to fade now. I should have stopped trying to be a tough guy and just use the belt to rest the rod butt on. But I personally love the play on a rod when its in your right hand and then resting parallel along the lenght of my forearm. Thats how I have always done it, but then again, my PB was only 28lbs up until a few days ago I know now for next time = When playing monster fish, use the rod belt thats provided... its for a good reason hehe
  6. Lovely pics, especially the Moray Eel, they have always facinated me when I seen them in aquariums. I will certainly at least try scuba diving once, I just hope its not anything like my snorkling experiences... lol
  7. Diving is something i have always wanted to do, but my brain just wont accept it. I cant even snorkle, god knows I have tried... I have to make do with a trip to the aquarium lol. If your ever in thailand again, check out this venue. The owners are really nice guys and they will look after you for sure. If you have a choice of guides, ask for a guy called "Num" he is amazing and he lives for fishing. Ask him to show you his photos on his phone, the guy has travelled the world as a professional guide. He showed me at least 100 pictures of him with fish bigger than he is. 10/10 fo
  8. Here are some more, I couldnt fit them all in 1 post :
  9. I recently went Carp Fishing in Thailand, to a venue called Jurassic Fishing Park. It was the best thing I have ever done. I spent 5 days pulling out nothing but 50lb+ carp. None of my Facebook friends can truly appreciate the magnitude of catching that many huge fish. I hope you guys enjoy looks at the pictures as much as I enjoyed catching them. Here is a link to their website : http://www.jurassicfishingthailand.com/
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