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  1. The carp society winter show has changed its name and venue https://www.facebook.com/Carpfisherlive/
  2. Come and have a look around guys, free to enter , lots of trade stalls https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2507011099356642&id=204156852975423
  3. andy52

    June Catches

    Caught it last month mate, forgot to post it 😖
  4. andy52

    June Catches

    28:12 one of the Horseshoe A team,know as the party fish, fully spawned out. Usually tips the scales around 36lb. Why didn't I get her 2 weeks earlier
  5. Membership might not be a requirement but if it is I may be able to sort out a gift package which value wise will be close to the membership fee
  6. Without dates and numbers I cant make an approach to horseshoe. Miles is now away fishing for a week.
  7. I'm back down horseshoe next week. I'm happy to have a chat with miles on your behalf. Just let me know what you want
  8. Why would you want to change bleep speed ( one of the new features) ?
  9. Embryo ( with the Korea bank account) are buying every lake available. Monopoly comes to mind
  10. Getting there around lunch time, we've got 15 on the lake that need sorting before we leave
  11. If anyone is going, come and say hi, on the carp society stand all weekend
  12. Have a look guys http://www.thecarpsociety.com/auction/
  13. andy52

    June catch reports

    Congratulations to Mach3 (Malc) on this 38lber . First 30 after 27yrs of carp fishing. Not only a pb but also a lake record
  14. Can't do end of may mate away for a week fishing lol
  15. Give Miles a call at Horseshoe, he'll put you right. I know the Tenchfishers have a weekend on there later in the year
  16. I can't see a problem, date dependant,
  17. It's finally over and we've won From Tim Paisley It's good news week… There is a press release going out from the Carp Society announcing that the four deposed directors – Malcolm Coller, David Mannall, Derek Buxton and Shane Thompson – have finally conceded defeat in the 'boardroom battle' and will play no further part in Society affairs, as directors or members. The four have made a substantial contribution towards the Society's legal costs. For those of you who don't know what this is about, keep an eye on the press for fuller details, esp Carpworld and Carp-Talk, to which I contribute. It has been a protracted, sometimes nerve-racking, legal battle, with the beginnings going back nearly two years. Massive thanks for the support the Society has had from many individuals, and some members of the trade, and for the fund-raising efforts of Mick Dee, his team, and supporters, and Kev Knight for making that avenue possible. During this process there has been the odd comment along the lines of 'Why bother?' Well, in a nutshell, the approximate £2,000,000 that the Society and its assets represent was built over a 30-year-plus period by the world of carp fishing for the future, and its status had to be preserved. Well done to John Seal, Bill Ward, Greg Fletcher, Steven Hall, Miles Carter, Marsh Pratley, Paul Boichat, Brian Sefton, Sabrina Widdows, Steve Bowles, the Society's life members, and chairman Derek Stritton for helping make this outcome possible. I have been proud to have been part of that team, which had to hang tough through some scary, and, for a handful, potentially individually ruinous, legal ramifications. There is a significant shortfall between the Society's costs and what they have been able to recoup, so the fund-raising will continue for some time to come. Give whatever support you can, please. The Society is once again a democracy, accountable to its re-growing membership, as it was when it was created in May 1981. When this legal process started the voting membership had been eroded to 10, or 12, plus the key, seemingly overlooked by the previous board, life members. What a result!
  18. MITA = Many Thanks In Advance, ain't rocket science Are we really to clamp down and ban acronyms, please be pleasant gentleman
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