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  1. There are currently approx 500 members
  2. Pretty much as above, shooting/ hunting , occasionally out beating and if we get some warm weather out on the river
  3. Been no movement by the deposed board members, they still won't walk away. This is going to be a long and drawn out battle
  4. For the minority who flout the rules, the most common offence is fishing without a valid licence. Fishing without a valid licence could land you with a fine of up to £2,500 and a criminal record. Coarse and Trout Type of licence Current price New price from 1st April 2017 Full (April – March). £27 £30 Full (concessionary) senior and disabled £18 £20 Short term 1 day £3.75 £6 Short term 8 day £10 £12 Junior (12 – 16yrs) £5 Free 3 rod licence NA – new product £45 3 rod licence (concessionary) senior and disabled NA – new product. £30
  5. https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/NEW%20AUCTION%20LIST%202016.pdf?token=AWzZ4cFBspTuwRhOanCGK-50ZMk-xkF_uC2bqC1mZO24p5CWU7ze_Gyk-uTcUdjOLHKdoJht9pyJuLLQpA2MTuIPN3t109-TjqkqTd7O3ogFneWBKc4JGo15vel7_RRcWU2PA5GwunCIpK5LNmOVKH0Dr9WFcD3U5IB_uEvzH-ShgLcsrnMwEVX0i5pgBczPZDk
  6. Was looking yesterday, some cracking gear up for grabs, all money goes to the fighting fund
  7. Rob Hales Feb page RH fisheries " Avenue" fishery produced a new British Record carp today for Tom Doherty! Full story in carp talk next week & video of this incredible fish on the RH fisheries website soon . He's jumping the gun a bit, claiming new British record, weighing scales have to be verified first Also hearing it went 69lb on one set and 70:4 on another set ,
  8. Apparently it's never been caught before and word is it was stocked a week before at 74 . This is going to ruin the records, and go the way of the wells catfish and make the records unclassified
  9. David l got burgers sausage and chicken as well as coal n buns D'oh
  10. Just go to the office/shop, I'll be there at 9 when the gates open
  11. The lake is open access so your welcome to fish and join in, if you want curry talk to me Friday
  12. Fair play boasting about having an erection at your age :- D
  13. The tackle dens the closest I think they have a web site too http://www.tackleden.co.uk/
  14. There's a tackle shop just outside south cerney ( about 10 miles) the one in lechlade closed down about 18 months ago
  15. Ohh any chance someone could bring lube, hate for the virgins to be done dry ;-D
  16. Goats blood is so 2012, this year it's butt plugs and feathers
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