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  1. Spoke to miles, the 3 rod rule is for double swims if your on your own, but as its a roaming social he said it could get confusing so two rods only, ( ie I could have the extra rod as I'm initially fishing Choppies but then move to peg 12 which is a two rod peg ) Oh and the above is c+p direct from the horseshoe rules page and your the only permit holder coming
  2. 2 rods only for whole lake as per rules 5. Fishing is only permitted from authorised numbered swims. Red post swims permit two anglers to fish together to a maximum of four rods from the swim (i.e. two each). White post swims are for single angler occupancy to a maximum of two rods. Blue post swims are for single angler, single rod, daylight only use. No bivvying is permitted in blue post swims. Anglers using blue post swims are not permitted to leave tackle in other swims whilst fishing. 6. Note: From 1 November until 31 March a single angler fishing a red or white post swim may fish with three rods provided that he/she is in possession of the appropriate E.A. licences. Please note the exception is that two anglers sharing a red post swim are limited to two rods each at all times.
  3. Can I remind those who only paid a deposit that I need the balance by the 5th August ( that's this Friday ) please
  4. Can I remind the lads who have only paid deposits that I need the balance by 5th August please
  5. Well after 68 nights fishing horseshoe I finally got one in the net, 27lb pb common , also lost one yesterday.
  6. Give Miles a bell, I'm there this weekend I could chase it for you if you like
  7. My membership numbers the same as my passport which is the same as my permit was
  8. One fish out a fortnight ago. Been a huge algae bloom, should be clearing now Can I remind the lads who have only paid deposits that I need the balance by 5th August please
  9. Membership card arrived this morning,
  10. Both these fisheries are currently under EA restrictions due to outbreaks of KHV
  11. The next court date is set, depending how the old directors react to the letters they'll receive
  12. Tim Paisley on Facebook I made a reply to my mate Frank's very welcome intervention and rallying call in the Society dispute which has disappeared in the multitude of warming reactions to his post. Firstly, be clear that there is currently no wrongdoing afoot within the Society, or at Horseshoe. After lengthy legal exchanges the four directors behind any possible wrongdoing were deposed at the EGM on 12 May, and new directors installed. The office staff and the new directors are good people, and Society through and through, and need all the support they can get. The four deposed directors have challenged the legality of aspects of them being deposed, which is why the case is ongoing. They tried to bring the claim in the name of the Society, but yesterday that tactic was over-ruled by the court (in no uncertain fashion!) and they were sent away to rethink their action. They have been using Society monies to fund their action. It has now been made clear that if they wish to proceed they must bring the case in their own names, and fund the action themselves, which we have been maintaining from the outset. There are some interesting legal implications behind that ruling. The deposed four, Malcolm Coller, David Mannall, Shane Thompson and Derek Buxton, have a new hearing date of 25th July if they wish to proceed. Two sets of solicitors and two barristers have confirmed that our case is sound, but the costs clock is on overtime, and the Society Costs Fund needs all the support you can give it through the ACA Society auction, Frank's initiative, the Society's Justgiving page, and the Mangrove and Birch Grove Fish With the Stars event. The costs are now well in excess of our original appeal target of £50K, so do what you can. And thanks again to Frank for his support, and for highlighting the issue. And to Kev Knight and Mick Dee for their invaluable support. One day we may be in a position to tell you the full story. And to think, these guys are claiming we have brought the Society into disrepute!
  13. It's yours Ross, I'll pm you tonight
  14. Pretty sure there'll be an official statement in the very near future, but your right it's very promising at this stage
  15. The fat lady isn't singing yet, but she's warming up very nicely
  16. Something unexpected has cropped up if you can fill my spot Phil please do, sorry mate
  17. Cyborx there's a place at the social if you fancy it ? Someone has dropped out
  18. Listen to rob Hughes from 1:58.00 he explains where the society could go to Carp cast 46 : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-carp-cast/id988925111?mt=2&i=369294636 Sent from my iPhone
  19. If we do this how many people who aren't going to the social will buy tickets/ bid on stuff?
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