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  1. Fantastic idea Phil , wonder who could run/ sort it Phil .......
  2. I think the key point will be the validity of Tim Paisley's EGM where directors were replaced
  3. First court date set, keep your fingers crossed:-)
  4. Yes it is legitimate, there's both crowd funding and auctions to cover the legal expenses
  5. Just keep trying, Miles is busy as hell atm, as the secretary is off sick and he's not only doing his job but hers too, and looking after little farriers
  6. All monies taken ( membership's , fishing fees etc ) goes into the society account. Monies can go in but not out so wages aren't being paid along with any bills due
  7. From the carp society face book page Message of Thanks and Explanation First of all we would like to say thank you for the hundreds of messages of goodwill and offers of support received following the press release last week. The current directors appreciate the support, and further details of our efforts to return the Society to a democratically-run organisation will be published in the near future. The action taken against the removed directors was in response to information Tim Paisley received in his role as Vice Chairman of The Carp Society, which was shared with fellow vice President Bill Ward, and former General Secretary, retired solicitor John Seal. Amongst the information, quoted from below, is a document from Malcolm Coller to an estate agent asking the agent to discreetly look for offers in the region of £2,000,000 for the sale of the Carp Society. Quote: Coller’s email to Martin J. Freeman of Fenn Wright, Estate Agents, 7th April 2014; ‘My thoughts are that I would like it to be the business as a whole, not to exclude the show, at 2mil. If you can start to look around discreetly I think this is the best approach. However, if you wish to discuss then please phone me.’ Another document shows Mr Coller asking a solicitor (a consultation paid for by The Carp Society in the sum of £6,723) to look into restructuring the Carp Society on a shareholding basis. When Coller, seemingly with the aid and support of other directors had taken control of The Carp Society by way of shares, they were then going to divide the proceeds amongst themselves, with the lion’s share going to Coller and Mannall, as the following Coller quote, and comments by the firm of solicitors, clearly demonstrate. Quote: Coller’s email of 4th June 2014 to Nadia Saleh of K&L Gates, Solicitors: ‘As to the mems and arts I already have a majority for any changes we want to put through. I suggest that the distribution of assets to directors be at the directors’ behest and not to fixed percentages as per office. We need to make sure the articles let the directors dispose of the assets, direct the distribution of cash from asset disposal, and also to have total control over who becomes a shareholder.’ Quote: Nadia Saleh of K&L Gates, Solicitors, 28th May 2014: ‘As you know, the Company’s articles do not currently allow for a distribution to be made to the Company’s members.’ In the same email from Nadia Saleh: ‘During our meeting, you mentioned that you intend to discuss with the members of the company the option of changing the Company’s articles to enable a distribution to members (once the assets have been realised), the amount of which would vary between each of the members. We discussed the possibility of creating different classes of membership, so that Class A is entitled to the highest percentage of the distribution (you suggested that this class should comprise yourself and David Mannall given your active roles in developing the company)…’ The exchanges over the period 4th April to 28th May 2014 itemised in the K&L Gates invoice for £6,723 covered Coller discussing selling Horseshoe and sharing the proceeds with the directors and 'members'. Mannall authorised payment of this invoice, and must have known what it was for because it clearly itemises what it was for. This was invoiced to The Carp Society at Coller's address, although the sale of Horseshoe and the liquidation were never discussed by the board, a fact since confirmed by two of the directors at the time. To a professional advisory body the ‘75% of the membership’ requirement in the Mem & Arts looks reassuring, but with the run-down membership the reality wasn't at all reassuring! Another document (again advice paid for by The Carp Society) shows Mr Coller discussing with an accountant ways of selling and distributing the assets of The Carp Society between a handful of unnamed associates, as the following exchange again clearly demonstrates: Quote: Coller to Kevin Holden ACA FCCA of Lees Chartered Accountants, 13th May 2015: ‘I need to have a meeting with you and a liquidator ref the Carp Society. I have specific requirements re the limited by guarantee company.’ (The Carp Society is a company limited by guarantee.) Quote: Kevin Holden of Lees Chartered Accountants to Coller, 15th May 2015: ‘I seem to remember that it is the fixed asset that is in the company books that you want to get out for yourself and others. Please just confirm that you wish to go ahead on looking at this and I will contact Andrew Jagger at H W Fischer who we could use for the liquidation of the company.’ Quote: Coller to Kevin Holden, 16th May: ‘Yes we need to investigate the way of obtaining the funds easily.’ It was at this stage that it became known that Coller had inadvertently made all this documentation available to the Society, and the attempted sale seemingly stopped in its tracks. But how can people who have instigated, and investigated, the possibility of such a plan be considered fit persons to be directors of the Carp Society? All the evidence was made available to David Mannall and the other directors in early December last year. At the time of the EGM on 12th May Malcolm Coller was still Chairman of the Carp Society, and there had been no obvious steps to remove him. Everyone who has seen the evidence finds that hard to believe. The situation is summarised by respectable estate agents, solicitors and accountants – all quoted verbatim above – in the documents we have available to us. Coller was seeking to sell the Society for £2,000,000, or Horseshoe for £1,750,000, all confirmed in writing by Coller himself. The evidence is available in black and white for all to see. Other documents show the directors paying themselves around £70,000 of Society money in ‘bonus payments’, a fact now acknowledged by one of the directors, who has agreed to pay his share back. In terms of company law, and breaches of the Articles, the list of misdemeanours is extensive, as is the running down of the membership. To those of us with the true aims of the Carp Society at heart it is quite shocking, to the point that when you read the files you can’t believe it. But believe it you must because every word, and more, is true. The deposed directors have now spent in the region of £50,000 this year of Carp Society money in legal fees in trying to defend themselves. Not once have they ever denied what has been done, or what has been revealed, but instead chose to pay solicitors in an effort to find loopholes in the law that allow them to retain control of The Carp Society. They are not going to give up quietly, not whilst The Society are paying their legal fees, anyway. We have insisted, and insisted again, that the action taken by the Vice Presidents Tim Paisley and Bill Ward, which culminated in the EGM, was against the individual directors, and not the Society itself, but they have ignored this fact. Only last week, having been removed as directors, they managed to withdraw £10,000 of Society money to pay to their solicitor. (That avenue is no longer open to them since the freezing of the bank accounts.) Their ongoing action has resulted in the Society accounts now being frozen, ‘because of a legal dispute’, which is currently causing an administration headache. What has happened as a result of the EGM is not some sort of revolution, but simply a group of good people trying to prevent the take-over of The Carp Society by a very small, self-perpetuating group, entrusted to stop such a thing happening. And now we are being sued by these directors for, among other things, ‘bringing the Carp Society into disrepute’. The whole thing takes your breath away. Because the accounts are currently frozen, the Society’s side of the ongoing legal dispute is being funded by the recently-appointed directors themselves. A Fighting Fund is being set up, initiated by Tim Paisley, through the support of Kevin Knight of Mainline Baits, and his friends. The fund-raising will be via a series of on-line auctions, which will start shortly. Keep an eye out for this, and give what support you can. We will publish details of the auction site, run by Kev and the tireless Mick Dee-Dee, through social media, and through our website. Also check out the Fish With the Stars event being run by Tim Paisley (who has funded the original action up to the time of the EGM) and his colleagues on the Mangrove and Birch Grove in late August early September in support of the legal action against the directors. The support for the new regime of the Carp Society is massive. Help us ensure that it continues. No doubt Mr Mannall and Mr Coller will have their own side to the story but we just wanted to set things out for all to see and make their judgment.
  8. Only those who applied in January at the moment
  9. Face book post by Marsh Pratley The gloves have finally come off, yesterday morning myself and the other members of the new board of directors of the Carp Society were hit with a high court claim against us instigated by Coller and Mannall. Last week they were able to transfer £10,000 from the CS funds into their solicitors account to fight their desperate attempt to keep control of the CS. It's not their money and sure as hell it isn't their lake ! I'm privvy to the paperwork that has led to this situation and it is explosive in what they have been doing behind the scenes. When I left as Chairman of the CS some years ago we had close on 4,000 members with an asset worth an estimated two million pounds but more importantly a legacy for future generations of anglers to enjoy. Membership has been whittled down to just a few that you can count on both hands and who also happen to be the old directors. One big mistake that Coller and Mannall didn't count on was the passion that anglers feel for their sport and the lengths they will go to protect it. The expression 'nail the bastards and hang em out to dry comes to mind'
  10. Message off Miles ( the fishery manager at horseshoe) Can any of you that applied for membership please call the office tomorrow and be ready to make a £25 payment. Thank you. 01367 253959.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ exactly, what winds me up is their positions were voluntary
  12. http://www.carpworldmagazine.com/the-carp-society-a-new-dawn-back-to-the-future/?fdx_switcher=true
  13. The meeting was very successful and 4 directors have been replaced, all done in line with the articles and memorandum of the society so should be binding, although it's not over yet ( can't say anymore)
  14. Went into a new (for me) tackle shop today , I bought NOTHING God help me I must be ill
  15. Nice article by Tim Paisley in this months CarpWorld
  16. Even after spodding 100kg, no point being where the fish ain't ;-p
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