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  1. Welcome back, hope you've brought a note
  2. as phil said passports not included,ifv you want to fish before or after the social youll need to get one
  3. have a think guys would you prefer chicken or beef curry???
  4. spoke to Miles and we're ok to fish where we like, i haven't booked pegs in winter bay ( thanks Phil and Keith for the idea )
  5. deposit's needed by 4th March please guys ( see other thread for info
  6. WHEN Right guys the social will take place from 10am friday 16th september to noon on sunday 18th. We have free reign to fish where we want ( no swims reserved) COST It'll cost £48.00 each for the fishing ( this will be split into two payments of deposit and final payment ) Deposit of £24 to be with me by 4th March so I can secure the booking Final payment of £24 + food cost ( still to price) to be with me by 5th August FOOD I'm thinking of a curry for the Friday evening (mince or chicken with rice) and a BBQ for Saturday these i'll need to cost The List Those attending are ; Me Stoogi £48.00 paid +F InteraX £48.00 paid + F Nige £48.00 paid +F Chillfactor (permit holder )[ F Welder + Alan £96.00 paid + F Steveo +1 £96.00 paid + F Malc1850 £48.00 paid +F Leggs £48.00 paid + F Doug moon £50.00 paid + F Rosstheangler £48.00 paid Simmons 48.00 paid +F Muscle20 £48.00 paid + F Miltz308 £48.00 paid Dayvid . £48.00 paid +F Jonezy £48.00 paid +F any comments please use other thread :mrgreen:
  7. Blummin heck still got Chris' number didn't he sort the first Cromwell social?
  8. Carl, Pete your in Any of you guys that haven't done a carp.com social and fancy fishing a Great Lake with great company and laughs guaranteed get your names down
  9. In all fairness Malcs a great guy, just keep him away from the single malt
  10. I'd have been upset if you didn't turn up Doug, one condition...... No space hoppers ;-p
  11. Retired mechanic, he's ancient nowadays lol
  12. Oh god who let the geriatric back in
  13. We don't generally drink beer before lunch time It's whiskey from 6am
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