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  1. anyone ever used honey as a glug/dip just a thought
  2. yeah plan to stop blanking seriously i'm planning more water ob's ( leave dvd at home) and like you walk the water not go for nearest swim to car-park
  3. where you get pigeon conditioner from plz ?
  4. must admit to never stopped using chick peas as they are so versitile and can be coloured and flavoured( natural boillies ) remember using butter beans years ago too (never did any good though )
  5. hey guys just more of a searching question, would be interested in you views............................ does anyone still fish with "old fashioned baits" by this i mean par boiled spuds, tinned spuds, butter beans etc. if so do they still work like sweetcorn does
  6. has anyone fished at Tillington Court Farm ? not much info on their web site about the fishing. looks nice though
  7. on my club water there is a ground bait ban, so one guy decided to ball in paste, got found out and warned. if there is a rule some people will try anything to get round it while most of us take rules at face value and put our energies into catching the fish not comming up with snide tactics
  8. i'm up for it , sounds great, date/distance dependant though
  9. tackle bag tidied and sorted out 6 times, rods,reels and delk's cleaned, oiled and serviced 4 times.. "i cant take this any more i need to be fishing not going screwy watching what i wanna be doing on bloody telly" they're comming to take me away haha
  10. When i said teaching him i ment to say he stopped about 12 yrs a go, so it's just bringing him up to date with rigs/tactics. Hey linear has to be better than where he wants to go (horseshoe) he saw mr hayes on telly and fancies trying it, so wanna find some where thats as picturesque as h/shoe but where he got a chance of bending his new rods
  11. went up for a look about 3yrs ago just as the new owners had taken over and were just finising stages on bottom pool. they had restocked silvers into 'match pool' and ended up with a huge fish kill( they were all carp, and insisted it was'nt KHV) had also been told the sturgeon was already in the top lake, but after talking to one of the friends of the owner it appears they were taken from another lake without EA permission. this is not posted as to rubbish this fisery but just to pass on what i know
  12. going to be trying linear in the spring, and teaching a mate to carp fish at the same time( he can pay peg fee's ) and suggestions/advice for getting a few out/ which lake's are good for a few runs
  13. acorn carp fishery in somerset, kingston seymore. single and twin huts.
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