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  1. Thinking curry Friday evening and BBQ Saturday what you guys think
  2. Oh god not two scousers, better keep all my gear in the truck, and leave my wheels alone lol
  3. Right I'm going to organise a social at Horseshoe lake in Lechlade , I'll post dates and cost as soon as I have them, just seeing who's up for coming ( it'll be fri to sun) Interested so far Me Stoogi InteraX Nige Chillfactor (permit holder so in name only) Welder + Alan Steveo +1 Malc1850 Muftyboy Leggs ? Doug moon Beza Simmons Muscle20 Miltz308 Dayvid Jonezy Hoping for around 16-17 so shout up More details as I have them
  4. I've been asked to compile a list of names and email address of those who have applied to join, if you have could you please Pm me. Many thanks
  5. Tim paisley has been a member of the board while all the shenanigans have been going on so what's changed?
  6. Applications will be considered in June
  7. **ROD LICENCE REFORM** Three-rod option and free junior licence for under-16 from April 2017! Fisheries minister George Eustice has confirmed proposed changes to rod licences from April 2017, including “a full year rolling licence rather than a fixed single season; a licence for a maximum of three rods rather than the current two, and a free junior licence for anglers under the age of 16.” These will be advertised formally in the spring. Carp-Talk editor Simon Crow said: “The vast majority of fisheries up and down the country only allow carp anglers to use a maximum of three rods. It therefore seems a waste that we need to buy two two-rod licences to cater for this. It would be so much more user-friendly if a third rod licence supplement was introduced, and I’m delighted that this long overdue reform now looks like happening.” Lee Jackson, former world carp record holder, added: “Excellent news and not before time, too. It will be of great benefit to anglers, especially carpers, and how brilliant it is to be able to get youngsters into the sport without having to worry about a licence. Well done to the Government, the EA and the Angling Trust for applying common sense.”
  8. Mine came too, AGM usually in March
  9. It already is ( on paper at any rate)
  10. That would achieve nothing, and be the same as selling, the membership would have no say and the AT would have an asset to do as they please with . No it should remain the same as it is although a couple of changes in personnel at a higher level would benefit
  11. The whole idea is to stop any sale not cash in on one and to keep it as is
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