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  1. Yes the board will be able to reject memberships, if they only get 10 but, they'll have a hell of a Job explaining why they rejected a 100, especially as it's a membership based society
  2. King fish was superseded by Royal Marine so is not available any more ( got 10kg in freezer ) I personally use monster red all year round. From Simon Scott's Twitter I ALWAYS carry White Scent from Hells ! Then in the cool - monster red and when it's warm Atlantic Heat
  3. https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/videos/1502472713393455/ One of these please
  4. 25kg tiger nuts, 20kg maple peas, 25kg maize and 20kg hemp Whole lotta cooking going to be going on
  5. Been seeing posts saying small particle blocks the release pin or can prevent it engaging correctly and opening mid flight
  6. Seeing lots of negative stuff about them being pants, glad I ain't got one
  7. andy52


    Nowt to do with me either:(
  8. It's part and parcel of carp fishing and being on the bank all night
  9. The possibility to sell it to develop is a non starter, not enough dry bits only the headland which would make it unviable
  10. dunno but if you get the delivery manifest ...................im in Shhhhhhh
  11. That was the thread Ian , no longer have link though That's not the video though, the one we were sharing was a more professional one using carbon fibre not bic biros lol
  12. There was a link going around a couple of years ago showing you how to make Elstow Bobbins a lot cheaper than the Korda ones. Don't know if anyone still has it
  13. I don't boil pigeon condition, get a freezer /cool box, put parti in it cover with boiling water, put lid on and leave for 24hrs. Job done without boiling
  14. andy52

    Mark Holmes

    I see Paul Forwards giving Holmesy a right slagging on social media
  15. Posted link on your line clip thread that could be of use for this problem also
  16. I think stink bags have a lot to answer for, people just throw them in their tackle shed and don't dry their gear properly
  17. 2 weekends on the bounce in Churn, that's just greedy
  18. could be genetic, like mother like son/daughter so to speak
  19. Err haven't seen a can of sweet corn by any chance?
  20. http://www.total-fishing.com/fishing-news/94lb-catfish-landed-river-severn-barbel-angler
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