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    andy52 reacted to ianain in May catch reports   
    Well in, congrats Andy
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    andy52 got a reaction from kevtaylor in May catch reports   
    After carp fishing for over 30yrs I've finally caught a 30
    31lb 8oz to be precise, but who's counting it's not the numbers when they look this good
    Oh and obviously a new P.B
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    andy52 got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in May catch reports   
    The other side
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    andy52 reacted to rosstheangler in May catch reports   
    I forgot how handsome you are!
    Well done mate. Long time coming.
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    andy52 got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in May catch reports   
    After carp fishing for over 30yrs I've finally caught a 30
    31lb 8oz to be precise, but who's counting it's not the numbers when they look this good
    Oh and obviously a new P.B
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    andy52 reacted to welder in What is your newest purchase   
    Just won three Fox Horizon rods in 3lb test on eBay. I noticed that they were in the wrong section and weren't getting much attention.
    Arrived today looking like brand new for £87-50, delivered. My son will be pleased when I give them to him tomorrow as his elderly Outcasts are undergunned for his casting ability at 2.75lb test and are well past their first flush of life.
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    andy52 reacted to nigewoodcock in Horseshoe - May 2015   
    Well, it’s May and by now, I have normally done my spring fishing on Horseshoe for the year. This year however, I have been so busy elsewhere. With 3 socials already done and dusted, Christenings, Weddings, loads of jobs done at home and actual works itself; it hasn’t been till now that I have had chance to get down there.
    It’s been a bit of a nightmare for me looking at the pictures that are being posted on the Horseshoe facebook. Since I started fishing there, around 8 years ago, a 30lb plus common has been on my tick list. Along with obviously the big mirror, Patch. All I seem to have seen this year is loads of big commons coming out along with your standard, amazingly beautiful Horseshoe mirrors. I thought my chance had perhaps gone for another year.
    I got down to the lake late afternoon/early evening. I went straight round to where Mick had pitched up on the left hand spring swim in summer bay. The lad on the right had just returned a 33lb mirror and was getting off early the next morning. Mick’s plan was to switch sides when he left. I had the option then of following Mick into the left hand spring if I did the night somewhere else. I then went up to the 50’s to see my mate Dave who was fishing with his pal. He was just playing a 29lb mirror so I stayed for a chat for a bit. They had 8 fish between them so far and the wind was pushing across to them but was due to change over the next day before switching back and two over the weekend. I decided not to fish that top part of the lake, hoping that I could get them on the new wind. That left the corner of summer bay as a solid favourite. The lad in there was going home in an hour so I could jump right in behind him. He had bagged 3 fish over the last 4 days so there was obviously some about there. Unfortunately, I was too late getting back round to them and the lad that was in the lagoon had packed up and dumped his kit in the corner ready to follow the guy in who was off home.
    That made my choice even easier! I could get into the lagoon, with the wind due to push in there tomorrow. I belted it round there and chucked my quiver and tackle bag in there pretty sharpish! Literally 5 minutes after I was in there, a chap pulled up asking if I was coming or going! Phew!!!!!
    I went round to the far margin and peered into the snags. There was a few fish sitting in them and on flicking some Salami Cream boilies at them, I had them taking them on the drop! I have done well mixing B5 with the black snail but wanted to try the salami. I mixed this in with some black snail and added a good dose of hemp oil and rock salt. I also added around a litre of hemp and a couple of kilograms of my magic pellet mix. The initial boilie going in was probably 2kg. You can’t fish into the main snags here and it is roped off. The fish just love to stay in them and feel quite safe sitting under the trees. My plan had to involve drawing them out to an area I could safely fish for them. I baited a trail to the main bed of bait that was a rod length off the far margin tucked in between two trees. If you look hard enough, you might be able to see the white carrier bag I placed in the bush to aid my casting.

    It was a do able cast, at around 110 yards but with the fence right behind the swim, I had to get in the waders to make it. This did however mean I could work it so that the cast was bang on 100 yards making it a bit easier and also easy to remember on the wraps. I got the rods out and it didn’t take long for a take to materialise. Unfortunately, I lost it but it filled me with confidence for the next couple of days.
    It was a bit hairy getting the rod back out now though as the light had all but gone and it is a very dark backdrop to cast to at night, bearing in mind that the gap in the trees that I had two rods on was only 10ft across at the most!
    I got my head down and had an uneventful night. At 5am I got up and contemplated redoing the rod that I had cast in the night, just to be sure it was on the spot and fishing. It’s very weedy all around the small area. I decided to have a brew first, and as the kettle was just boiled, the alarm beeped and line was trying to be taken on the tightly set clutch. I was right on the rod and started running back as far as I could on lifting into the fish. This got it away from the initial snags but it was giving me a hell of a run-around and had me thinking it had bumped off more than once. I managed to get it in to the near shelf where it decided to stay in the deeper water running left to right and back again a number of times. Eventually, I coaxed it up into the shallower water where I was waiting with the net and scooped him in. As soon as it was in the crystal clear shallow water, I knew that it had a chance of going 30 plus – and it was a common to boot! I unhooked it in the net and got it onto the mat and in the sling. 32lb on the nose!!!!!!!! I gave mick a call and he kindly wound his rods in and came round to do the photos for me.
    I have just got myself a new camera and also a wide angle zoom lens. I wanted to try this out for trophy shots but they make the fish look way out of proportion so I think I will stick to the 50m prime lens!


    Back to a more subtle lens!!


    After releasing it back into the water, it stayed with me in the shallows, swimming round my legs for a good while whilst I was stroking its back. A very surreal experience but quite enjoyable being able to spend more time with a fish that meant so much to me. A target achieved at long last!
    I wound in the other two rods and went back round the far bank and put in another 2kg of boilie and hemp. On casting back out, I made a slight miscast so whipped the rod back up as soon as the lead hit the water to retrieve it. A pike took the tictac square in the mouth! I chinned it in the margin and at a guess, it would have been close to double figures!!!!
    Then, as I was doing the other rods, an angry swan charged me and chased me out of the water! I was set up right next to their nest that had four eggs in. I could see Miles laughing at me as he was stood on the decking to the lodge!

    At 10am, the same rod was away again, this time, just as I was pouring the boiled water into my pot of porridge! Miles came round as I was playing it and helped out with the pictures. It was a similar battle to the first but I could tell it didn’t have the weight behind it. The dial was pulled round to 22lb8oz and As I was in my waders, I got back into the water to release it and get a final shot.



    I put the rod straight back out hoping for another take without disturbing the swim by winding the other two rods in and going round and baiting up. Miles put me on a little spot down the near margin up to the rope where the fish sometimes use as a route in and out of the snags. The rod was put back out on there and a few salami’s scattered around it with the throwing stick.
    Mick came round at 12 for a chat (read that with an ‘s’) so I took the opportunity to let him watch my rods whilst I went round to top up the spot with another kilo of bait. I mentioned to mick that I thought the one rod that was left on the spot that had done the bites, wasn’t fishing but I decided against winding it in thinking that I was just being paranoid.
    At 5pm I pulled the rods in to go round and see Mick and to my horror, the one rod had been sat in weed all this time! Always trust your instincts!!!!I hadn’t done a decent cast all day. At 6.30 the rods were put back out but I wasn’t happy so at 8.30pm I got them all back in and spent the next half hour trying to get them in the gap of the trees in a massive cross wind. I finally felt happy with them just as it was getting to dark to see. The wind was getting right on my nerves now, making a difficult cast twice as hard.
    Nothing happened in the night again, only being woken at 3am with the wind tearing right into my face so I quickly got the front zipped on hoping that it would hold out as the stock pond was right behind me and I didn’t fancy shipping the brolly out of there in the pitch black!
    9am came around and I was trying to decide if I should go and bait up. I decided to leave it until 11. Winter bay was now full of anglers and knowing form previous visits, I had a feeling that a few fish, more than the last couple of days, will head into the snags to sneak some comfort from all the lines and bait flying in. If this happens then I could be in with another chance.
    I lasted till 10.30 sitting on my hands and got the rods in to go and check the snags and bait up. As I peered in to the trees, the snags were teeming with fish, big ones at that! There were some right units in there. There were some having a feed, a few using the rubbing posts and a lot just cruising round in the roped off bay.
    Absolutely brimming with confidence, I put in a full 5ltr bucket of hemp and boilie, trickling a trail back into the snags as before. I gave them a bit of bait under the trees to try and get them interested. They mopped it up straight away, scoffing the boilie as soon as it hit the bottom! I rushed back round to the swim and the three casts went out perfectly first time – I had got my eye back in now, and by 11.30 I was settled. Just then, the wind picked up again and was still hitting me head on. I sat back under the brolly and poured myself a coffee. There is no reason that one of those rods shouldn’t tear off now!
    An hour later, one did but it got me snagged up and spat the hook. I went round in my waders to check that the fish wasn’t tethered and to my joy, it wasn’t. I could see the hook but it was embedded in a large branch up to the curve, just out of reach. It couldn’t do no harm where it was and I decided to leave it to rust away in the branch safe in the knowledge that no fish was hung up and that it couldn’t be taken by any other fish.
    By 4pm, I was getting a bit fed up thinking that I should have had another take by now so I went back round to check if there was still fish there. They were and they were still having bait so I turfed in a load more salami cream and black snail and got the rods sorted just before Mick came round with fish n chips.
    Just before 8pm, I had the take that I had been waiting for all afternoon. After another long dogged battle, I had a lovely fully scaled mirror in the net that went 19lb2oz I just love the fish in this lake!

    The rod went back out sweet as a nut. I had decided to move the near margin rod back out to the far bank where all the action had come from. Then, just on dark, a fish crashed right over the spot that I had been baiting with no interest. I had a little wrestle in my head between moving a rod back or leaving all three on the far bank until I got too fidgety and moved one back onto it.
    I dint get a beep during the night again and when I woke at 6, I decided to stay in bed to watch the water and was just drowsing when Mick sneaked round and gave me a few beeps on the alarms! I suppose someone would get me soon with the amount of people I do it to!!! We had a good chat and just as he was about to leave, I had two beeps which turned into a decent run. I was sitting by the rods whilst chatting and so was on it straight away as soon as it tried to take line. Again, I ran backwards with a tight line to keep it away from the snags but this one took some pressure before I finally turned it. It was almost a carbon copy of the fight with the first fish. First trying to get under the ropes then heading right across the swim to the trees on the far left margin. All four fish have gone up and down the shelf and with micks netting skills, I was able to coax it in as soon as I got it up into the shallows.
    Mick then did the photos again for me and on putting the fish onto the scales, it surprised us both by going over 18lb. We had both guessed at 15/16!
    The cast was made first time again and I was happy that I might get another chance before I had to pack up at around dinner time. Unfortunately, that chance never came and I made my way round to say my goodbyes to Mick.
    It has been a bitter sweet session for me. I have ticked off a massive part of my wish list with regards to venues and fish from them but I feel with all the fish that were there, I should have had more out. Maybe if the two I lost had of come in then I may not feel like this as that would have been a six fish haul in three days. That’s a figure that I sort of class as an alright result on Horseshoe if you can get somewhere near the fish. Still, I can’t grumble and I’ll be back out on the bank the week after next, trying my luck again.
    See you soon Shoe!!!!!
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    andy52 got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in Is soaking enough for this bird food mix?   
    Put your seed mix into a cooler box, pour over boiling water from kettle . Put lid on and leave for 24hours. Job done no need to boil
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    andy52 got a reaction from dalthegooner in Is soaking enough for this bird food mix?   
    Put your seed mix into a cooler box, pour over boiling water from kettle . Put lid on and leave for 24hours. Job done no need to boil
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    andy52 reacted to chillfactor in baa members   
    Been otters up and down the lower Severn for decades. .. remember seeing a breeding pair at Severn Stoke back in the late 90's .
    but like I said after the BAA killed what was a healthy head of good carp with there actions, wouldn't buy a ticket again.
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    andy52 reacted to chillfactor in Boilie Choice?   
    it was a cc moore fruit ester pop up that you caught on mate well done again great to catch up
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    andy52 reacted to Turnip in So who's done the research?   
    If you get the chance - read Tim Richardson.
    His knowledge, combined with that of his partner, is commonly renowned as being second to none.
    He has 3 e-books available, and with nothing to gain other than to shed light on the writings - worth every single penny. You certainly wont be disappointed.
    His delving in to nutrients, nitrates, ph, acids, sugars et al is mind-blowing and is deserved of his rank as numero uno. (although his partner deserves much of the credit)
    As for paying for quality baits - the adage of 'you get what you pay for' goes out the window when tales of catching a 22lb'er on a cigarette butt, or an 18lb'er on a jelly baby are facts, but if you want to have the greatest pleasure (other than reading that Katie Price is moving to Australia), then buy the best that contributes to the fishes dietary requirements.
    Back in the day, when cheese was known as a great carp-catcher - arguments were abound on the best cheese to use. Some swore by Cheddar - some swore by Blue Vinny. Nutritional value virtually zero, but it caught fish and still a potent tool to have in an armoury - but is it?
    Is it right that we as anglers go to lakes and pollute somebody's dream/back yard/living with any old thing?
    Not wishing to sound purist - far from it - but respect, not only to the venue but to the fish should be paramount. Sadly, too many fisheries nowadays fall foul to rancid baits that should go to the closest land-fill at the earliest convenience and certainly shouldn't go on shop shelves or in a water.
    As for cost - 'I'm not paying a tenner for a kilo of bait' - said how many times by the same angler who is prepared to have an Indian meal delivered to their bivvy from the local takeaway,... no where to place the Madras and umpteen other containers other than on the floor or on the 2 x 12 pack of Carlsberg, yet complain on paying for quality bait.
    Then you have the angler who refuses to buy decent bait which has been tried and tested, yet is very happy to be in the position to claim they have bought 30 kilos of boilie at a 'bargain' price off 'ebay'.
    Angling has lost its way over the past decade what with the internet affording many the luxury of a 'quick fix' of 30 kilo of what is no more than semolina and colouring, and when the angler has spent his 30 kilo into a lake for a short period of time, possibly caught 2 maybe 3 or 4 carp off of it, he/she packs up and leaves a happy bunny because they didn't blank. Not a single thought to the lake occupants other than the general plan to catch a fish/get a bend in the rod.
    Thankfully, fisheries and lake owners are getting wise. That is rather loosely put, as many have been aware of the detriment poor bait brings to lakes, but a man has to earn a living, right?
    Not all lake owners, it has to be said, are in the game purely for financial gain, although it would be silly to say that money doesn't play a big part, but some, especially the good lakes, have decided to ban shelf-life for very good reason.
    It's an anagram of carp.
    Research the bait you intend to buy, or better still - read as much as you can - spend 18 months and a few quid on developing your own. It isn't as expensive as many make it out to be.
    30 kilo of very high quality base mix could cost as little as £230 (excluding rolling) but the mix wont go off any time soon and gives the angler the opportunity to roll the quantity he/she requires for their given trip.
    The obvious drawback is initial outlay but chances are high that most anglers will go through that amount during 'their season' without even realising it.
    Lastly - how many carp do you know that can read a magazine or who has access to the internet?, or should that be - how many anglers get 'caught' out by the pen being mightier than the sword*
    Code Red, Maple 8, The Cell, Active-8, KG-1 et al are fantastic baits but do they beat a quarter of Red Leicester, a tin of Sweetcorn and a stick of Pepperami?
    You get what you pay for, or moreso - you pay for what you get!!
    The debate will continue to be debated - as it has ever since man/woman dropped a line in to the lake, but at the end of the day, the truth is, in todays market of mega bucks marketing - many anglers will fish with what he/she reads about in the monthly magazines. What they don't read is how the field testers spend hours trying to catch a carp on their 'new' bait - blanking multiple times until they hit a bank whereby the fish go crazy for a new flavour.
    Take Ian Russell and Chris Lowe for instance: when they, and the other testers at Sonubaits, first cast out the latest 'best bait in the world' - they spent months upon months tweaking their rigs and the ingredients until the bait started to catch fish at an acceptable rate to go to print. You wont read of the hours and hours spent up on St Johns, Oxlease, Manor to name a few, where they couldn't pay for a bite. No mention of the hundreds of kilos that went in to the lakes prior to the fish 'getting on it'. Now though - read an edition of a Carp magazine and one would be left under the impression that a Carp will die unless they have the 'all catching' miracle bait that is, Code Red.
    Ian and Chris are two of the most knowledgeable anglers out their - or at least, in this decade - certainly two of the nicest, approachable anglers you could wish to meet on the bank - but they have a living to earn, so one would expect nothing less than the fawning of their utterences towards their bait.
    Ask them what there new venture is - 'we're working on a new bait'.
    Why? Isn't Code Red the best bait ever?
    In synopsis - learn, read, practice, learn, read some more, practice some more, but most importantly - have confidence in what you use and make it nutritional.
    *(own knowledge and hard work)
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    andy52 got a reaction from rosstheangler in Uhhm Ok Then   
    I ain't going to Norwich just for some sun , might bump into Nick lol
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    andy52 got a reaction from dalthegooner in Hello   
    Hi John , welcome aboard

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    andy52 reacted to chillfactor in New syndicate around Worcester Tewksbury   
    edit just realised your the zig man !
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    andy52 reacted to courtz in Zig fishing is simply fly fishing without a fly rod and line   
    I've posted once in the last three years.
    Felt the need to log in to tell the original poster he's talking out his backside.
    See you all in another 3 years 
    P.S. Hi Kev! Hope you're still banking some whackers!
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    andy52 reacted to muftyboy in All inclusive catfish and carp trip   
    look at catmaster tours on the ebro, do mixed tours all equipment supplied, I'm going in a few weeks☺
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    andy52 reacted to ianain in Hello to all members   
    Tim found out he'd ordered his boilies from the wrong place


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    andy52 got a reaction from pooter in View from your bivvy door.   
    This is what I found outside my bivvie this morning,
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    andy52 got a reaction from chillfactor in What is your newest purchase   
    New 175ltr chest freezer, now to fill it with chests erm I mean bait
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    andy52 got a reaction from Ray Hall in What is your newest purchase   
    New 175ltr chest freezer, now to fill it with chests erm I mean bait
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    andy52 reacted to welder in Plans for the year.   
    Tim, one day I'll tell you a story involving Little Farriers lake, a curry, Mad Andy and a Muntjac deer at dusk.
    I'm grinning as I type this...........
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    andy52 got a reaction from snowmanstevo in Plans for the year.   
    Just spoke to Guy, bad news he's up for it
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    andy52 reacted to stoogi in Plans for the year.   
    Talk of the Devil And he's sure to appear..........
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    andy52 reacted to welder in Plans for the year.   
    It would be lovely to see Guy again. Appropriate, too. The first time I met him was at Merrington on a carp.com social. How many years ago was that?
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