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    andy52 got a reaction from newmarket in One Mans' Mud Hole   
    Think they may have been stocked  
    And if near flowing water/flood plain they shouldn't be there , beware the EA
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    andy52 got a reaction from newmarket in One Mans' Mud Hole   
    Agree with the above posts, the only reason for stocking 2 more 30's would be financial, good advertising ( we got at least 5 30's)
    Why would you stock sterile f1's no free fish from spawning ( only for high bag weights)
    Why would the EA look into anything , don't understand
    I agree a lot of the biggest fish we've seen were stocked fish but at low 20's or less. Not 30lb
    Barston smacks of all I hate about commercial fisheries , instant big fish waters = instant carp anglers who've never had the thrill of gudgeon bashing on the local cut
    Sorry carperbell not my cup of tea mate, good luck on your hopes for a thirty though ( really mean that mate)
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    andy52 reacted to bivvystreet in One Mans' Mud Hole   
    reckon there's only 1 thirty in barston mate honestly i've seen the size of fish that people have put up with pictures and some of their guestimates are embarassingly way off the mark 
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    andy52 reacted to smufter in starting fishing times   
    I'd rather have a hot bacon roll these days....

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    andy52 reacted to Phil in starting fishing times   
    It's not somthing I talk about, but since this is a public forum.....
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    andy52 got a reaction from Phil in starting fishing times   
    Mist rising in your bed ? Didn't know you were incontinent ;-p
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    andy52 reacted to blanksalot in starting fishing times   
    I've joined that exclusive club of anglers that like to have a lie in,
    I usually rock up at the lake around noon, look for a swim nearest the car park, if one is not available i'll slip in between two other anglers,
    dump the gear down, open a few tinnies of super strength lager then start making camp,
    Always use a proper hammer for bivvy pegs, none of those silly rubber mallets,
    get the marker out and cover every inch of the lake in view, strangely enough the guys either side of me always seem to get a take whilst i do this, i must be bringing them luck although they seem to lose the fish when i bring the marker in.....noddies!!
    Then i'll get the spod out and build an island out of particle and boilies knowing the carp will flock to my bait,
    Hard work done, have another can, spark up a doobie and fall asleep with my alarms on full pelt to the next day,
    god i love fishing
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    andy52 reacted to salokcinnodrog in Nearly ready to go carping   
    I think Dal's post sums it up nicely. You help someone fish, and he helps you. You are not in the slightest bit ungrateful, but if you do feel worried then perhaps ask your friend nicely if he would mind if you made a donation to charity in his name. That way, you put something to some good, and in a way, you are paying fairly for it. If he won't let you, then you are a very lucky gentleman, and I take my hat off to you and your friend
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    andy52 reacted to dalthegooner in Nearly ready to go carping   
    You're helping an old boy go fishing. I know you're not doing it for reward, but I bet the old boy would rather give you the tackle so that it gets used after he's gone, rather than go to waste.
    You need to keep your current, and correct, attitude, but don't feel guilty if the old boy is helping you out. 
    Sounds to me like you've met a decent old bloke who is enjoying more fishing than he ever thought he would, and who is enjoying passing on his experience with you. 
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    andy52 reacted to fudgecat in Nearly ready to go carping   
    While i have been fishing i have met this old chap of 76 who disabled, Who can not get out much, I see him struggling a few weeks ago trying to unload his car and load his fishing stuff on the bank. I walked over and helped the old chap unload his fishing stuff and set him up on the bank. Anyway we got talking and he can not go fishing much as he needs someone to help him load and unload his fishing gear from his car. Anyway i replied i can always help you unload your car when you go fishing and gave him my phone number, as he only live about 6 miles away from me. So the last few weeks when i ever i go fishing have met up with the old chap and helped him unload and load his car. We go fishing about 4 or 5 times a week and when he catches a big fish i have to help him land it as he can not do it. I enjoy helping the old guy as he teaches me loads.
    Anyway he now has started to give me his fishing tackle which has been a chair rod stand, fishing bag, and a few other items. I have told him many times please i do not want your fishing gear, Ok he has loads of fishing stuff all top quality he has his own chair but has given me a real expensive chair that he no longer uses. I feel so bad when he keeps giving me stuff i always offer him money but he wont take it. He replies if it was not for me he would not be able to go fishing. He has said he wants me to have his fishing gear before he dies he has loads and loads of fishing stuff. But its making me feel like iam being a ponse. I keep telling him you dont have to keep giveing me presents just because i help you. I know this nothing to do with angling but thought id share this with everyone.
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    andy52 got a reaction from dalthegooner in Meet Charles   
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    andy52 got a reaction from fudgecat in Meet Charles   
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    andy52 reacted to nigewoodcock in British Carp Angling Championship   
    Finished second. Jamie lost one last night and one early doors this morning. That would have put us well in the lead but it's all about qualifying.
    We came out second last in the draw and only had two rods that had a realistic chance of catching so very happy with the result.
    Thanks for all your well wishes.
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    andy52 got a reaction from dougmoon in British Carp Angling Championship   
    Getting close again
    Rank Pairs Weight Fish
    1 nigel woodcock / jamie cooper 35lb 6oz 2
    2 Callum Gutteridge / Karl Palmer 29lb 1oz 2
    3 Tim Cook / Dave Colclough 11lb 12oz 1
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    andy52 got a reaction from salokcinnodrog in F1 Hybrids   
    Horrible things, matchman fodder even worse than Simmos ( tin hat on, duck, incoming)
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    andy52 got a reaction from LukeWS in Newbie from Leicester   
    Hi Luke , may the force be with you
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    andy52 got a reaction from pooter in View from your bivvy door.   
    This is what I found outside my bivvie this morning,
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    andy52 got a reaction from newmarket in Hi all   
    Hi perry, welcome you gotta Rhino?
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    andy52 got a reaction from Highy in View from your bivvy door.   
    This is what I found outside my bivvie this morning,
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    andy52 got a reaction from nigewoodcock in British Carp Angling Championship   
    Just want to wish Nigewoodcock and Jamie coops all the best for next week at Bishops bowl
    Tight lines guys
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    andy52 reacted to Phil in Nearly ready to go carping   
    Wicked stuff, well done and big thumbs up to the fishery owner for helping out 
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    andy52 reacted to ouchthathurt in 360 rig   
    Rob maylin also outlined the dangers of the bent hook rig in print too, once they became known. The 360 rig is attributed to dave lane who stated it was a "big fish" rig where the likelyhood of doublehooking/stitching the hook is less likely. Some mouth damage will be down to poor unhooking, refusal to cut the hook if required (or even not being aware this is an option, how many people truthfully think to snip a hook?) also using the 360 rig out of the context to which it was origionally designed. I think that its use on smaller fish, high stock runs waters (for which it wasnt designed) is another reason why mouth damage may be encountered. Personally i think there are other pop up rigs out there that are just as effective.

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    andy52 got a reaction from welder in I'd love a social   
    If there are decent suggestions for venue, and there's enough interest. I could be coaxed
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    andy52 reacted to ouchthathurt in Otter Petition 2014   
    I watched a grown man weep today, why? Because he was the baillif for a small intimate 2acre lake that had a good head of carp - over 400+ fish from 8lb to over 20lb and everybody could fish it on a day ticket and leave with a dozen carp to their name at the end of the day, then 2yrs ago, it all went wrong, so what happened??

    In a word, OTTERS. the EA had facilitated the release of otters into the nearby river which is a known trout nursery area for the avon, but they soon demolished all the trout then followed the feeder stream into the pond where they have eaten the carp leaving about 30-40 carp, although its feared its even less. The club approached the EA for assistance to protect the handful of carp they have left, but the EA wont do anything to help, so my licence fee is going towards protecting these otters?? What about the 350 odd carp the otters have attacked, dragged onto the bank, eaten their heads and left their bodies for the rats?? We found a headless 17lber earlier.
    You really need to sign this if not already done so, get all your friends and family to sign as well.

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    andy52 reacted to blanksalot in Weighing Fish   
    My bad i was reading oz's not pounds,
    that's my hundredth 40 then 
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