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    andy52 reacted to theobeeus in Am I doing this right or wrong?   
    load of rubbish mate, the cooking liquor is the best bit of all, let it stew and steep and even go rancid in its own cooking juices, it will get better and better and better
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    andy52 got a reaction from Dannym506 in Bank Sticks or Rod Pods ?   
    Generally use single sticks, but have a pod for when I can't get me sticks in ( does this make me half a nod?)
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    andy52 reacted to grangemilky in Back to fishing.   
    Hello. In the carp world we still buy line by breaking strain, (wrongly IMO) and lots of the boilies some of use use are the same recepies from the 80's!! I don't think down to the roots things have changed all that much, but everyone is on thebsame pagebthese days, therebis information everywhere, and safety has come on in leaps and bounds! Welcome back!
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    andy52 got a reaction from superfly83 in Hello from Cornwall   
    hello welcome aboard, do you know anything about Rhino's?
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    andy52 reacted to cyborx in Entirely new to fishing...   
    Hi jon, If i can give one bit of advice, i would say "avoid the syndicate route " at least until you have mastered a few techniques and got all the right kit around you.
    join a good club first, most clubs have a web site so they are fairly easy to sort thru. look at the club galleries to see the sort of catches they get ( they sometimes have a section on the bait used to catch that particular MONSTER too lol)
    i myself took some bad advice and joined a syndicate with a more experienced mate in my first year of 'carping', it wasn't long before i had been reported for using an undersized landing net, 36" instead of 40" also given a warning by another jobsworth about the size of my unhooking mat, again 36". i now have a 5ft 'doggy bath' type. either one of these could have been a quiet word to put me right but the people involved decided to show their superiority with a put down, this sort of thing can demoralise a "noob" but most clubs have the type of client that will put you right with a bit of sound advice.
    as for alternatives to boilies, most pulses will do the trick. i have found chick peas to be a good alternative, especialy when glugged in a bait oil like hemp oil, strawberry, halibut, tigernut oil they are about the same size as a boilie too.
    gonna wrap up now with a "welcome to our world" and best wishes for the future
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    andy52 reacted to theobeeus in Boilies aint for me any more   
    These days in my carp fishing I find myself carrying a bag of unusual naturals and various pellets rather than worrying at all about expensive boilies. 
    I do much better on pellets, maybe that is just the lake I fish, but it is very true. Also I never 'fill it in' any more, just top the swim up with a few handfuls of pellet and cooked particles etc. after action only. 
    In my opinion mass baiting ruins your swim and ruins things for everybody else. It is just a fad started by the marketing machine to get us to spend money. The lakes where the top boys fish are often virgin, having seen little pressure or bait for years. They also get sponsored so can afford to chuck it out. 
    In short, more people need to realise that there is a huge difference between the ultra pressured ordinary places we fish and the places the elite prance about on in the name of the carp marketing machine.
    I think people get too obsessed with using boilies and miss out on a lot.
    I don't think they are 'all that' at all.
    With bait, just as with rigs, KEEP.IT. SIMPLE. 
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    andy52 got a reaction from Brookesy in Hello from down south   
    Hi Paul , welcome
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