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  1. Another shockingly bad rig. As long as they get that trophy shot, some muppetts just couldn't care less about the fish. I found a cracker of a death rig discarded on the bank at one of my lakes a few weeks back - a helicopter rig on 3 feet of leadcore, with a buffer bead and then swivel attaching the leadcore to the mainline so that under no cricumstances could the hooklength ever come off the leadcore. Lovely
  2. I've got the Cyfish Mark II, 2 man – so not talking about exactly the same bit of kit here. Anyway, mine's a good solid bivvy, plenty of room – though so far have only used it on my own – the girlfriend hasn't plucked up the courage to join my for a weekend yet. Good quality, but quite a chunk to lug around – adds a fair bit of weight to the barrow (not sure how that translates to the one man version though). It's adaptable, the front zips off, can be used without groundsheet, you can put a clear window panel in the door. It's easy enough to put up, but not the quickest. Have to admit I fi
  3. Obviously the bloke was bang out of order. No-one on a lake has 'their' spot and if you bait an area up, you always take the chance that someone else will get there first. Also really poor fishing in my opinion if there's only one spot on the lake he feels confident in catching from - he should take the opportunity to learn a bit about another area of the lake. Anyway, as with any other walk of life there are a few idiots on the banks - I bet just about all of us on here have suffered from some numpty turning up opposite us and casting three quarters of the way across a lake into the spot
  4. escrimador

    Short and Sweet

    Kev, Yeah, probably a stockie, certainly not an old looking fish. Really well proportioned, a classic shape. The only slight flaw - a chunk about 3 inches long by an inch wide out of the bottom of the lower lobe of the tail. Pete
  5. escrimador

    Short and Sweet

    Well fished mate, nice looking mirror. Does look like it's spawned recently - they were spawning there a couple of weeks ago. Picture's fine though you do look a bit serious. Not that I can talk - in about three quarters of my fishing pics I either look really serious or am gurning like an idiot - thinking more about holding the fish up than what I'll look like in the picture. I've managed a couple out of there this year, biggest 16. Last time I went I took photos of a 27lb fully scaled for another angler - one seriously good looking fish! See you soon Pete
  6. It could well be line bites: I had a similar problem last May. I kept getting what I thought were runs - sometimes only tentative and lasting only a second or so, but also some that I thought were definitely proper runs, screaming off, but each time I lifted into nothing. I chatted to some other anglers on the lake who were getting the same thing and feeling equally frustrated. One sunny day I was fishing with one of my rods cast out to the top of a bar and it proved to be particularly prone to these fake bites. However, on that occasion I could see a number of bream chasing each othe
  7. Great way to get back into it mate, that's a real beauty
  8. Well, I certainly think a 34lber is possible on a pole. As to there being 4 30s in your lake and it happening there... The owner could be telling the truth of course, however, been to a few of day ticket waters where the owner claims there's a mysterious 30 or two that no-one else has ever seen or caught and their claims just don't seem credible. Who knows with your lake, but it does sound a little to me like you're getting a bit of an owner's "fisherman's tale".
  9. Wow, what an amazing brace! That must be the best ever uk brace for Mr Nash, congratulations to the man.
  10. Some fantastic fish this month Well fished all
  11. At first it does seem a bit wrong, sticking the lead and everything in the bag, but I gave it a go, the results have well and truly overcome any doubts I had and I often use solid bags now. At first the method must also have seemed a pretty bizarre approach, for pretty much the same reasons, but look at how effective that has been on some waters (and certainly not only runs waters). For all the reasons mentioned above, solid bags do have their advantages in the right circumstances - compactness and lack of cartwheeling on the cast, ability to smash through marginal bushes or fish in weed, bein
  12. Ross, yeah that's why we all do what we do isn't it - that flutter in your stomach at the idea of getting one of the big uns, even more so when it's on the end of your line and the elation when you finally get it on the bank. Look forward to hearing your tale when you get one of the biggies out of your lake. Cheers to you all and I'll catch up with some of you on the bank soon.
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm still smiling about it now
  14. Fished my third session this weekend on my new water and had yet to catch. I set up in a broad bay, which is really little more than a gentle concave curve to the main bank, with the blustery wind pushing into my face and slightly to the right. It seemed a likely area for the fish to visit at some point over the weekend. I set up a good spread of boilies at about 40 yards, past the straggly weed that dominates the closer and shallower water in this area of the lake, fishing one bait directly over it, another in a solid PVA bag with broken boilies, groundbait and pellets about 10 yards to t
  15. Well fished mate, some crackers there!
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