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  1. So most clubs are about a £100 a year. Most 24 hr sessions in Surrey are £25 plus. How many days you fishing a year ? 4 days and your memberships paid.
  2. lake one at twynersh is good for a run usually as its a days only lake. royal bershire has 3 smallish lakes again generally good for a run as days only.
  3. days only or 24hr ticket ? twynersh , might be lucky to get 24hr but day ticket no problem HWAS lakes in yately. tickets from yately angling. only days royal bershire new farm maidenhead
  4. check out the insurance premium. hire vans often wont insure you abroad so any damage is down to you .
  5. Have a look round for sonik sk3 buy 2 get one free for about 130 quid total . Good value good rods
  6. ive got the nash trax cargo with rear wheels. ideal for flat ground and when you get the knack you can make it turn corners too. any rough ground just give it a lift up and over.
  7. stoogi you may only be 5 foot nothing but your a strapping lad. lol
  8. I reckon mine did 3 yrs with an average of 50 24hr sessions over that time. so yes with the covers off. that would go down if you actually catch fish .lol
  9. I also had these . far too sensitive used to keep me awake all night with false bleeps. there just sitting in my garage .
  10. do these not have a locking collar on the outside to keep the thread solid ? if not that's what you need to put on them
  11. battery life should be the same in both att versions as they have only moved the position of the led. they will run down if you don't fit covers when not using. like phil mine last ages and you can pick them up off ebay real cheap. I keep spares and a small descent screwdriver in buzzbar bag. receiver tends to last about a year + on a Duracell AA. my guess would be you should get 50 days + on a battery.
  12. looks like somewhere I`d like to fish in the future. nice one nige.
  13. take a look at the Mitchell avocast 7000 and 8000. easy to get in the uk and really good price . miles better then the tf range. I use them on my long range set up. super smooth tf are awfull. no quick drag too
  14. just spoke to my contact at gardner. yes the Ronnie rig has sent the hook sales well up with barbed 6 s being sold out. all other sizes in the new dark covert are available to be ordered from stock, but new supplies were probably going to be a while though.
  15. You only want to be in waders when you need or may need to enter the water.
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