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  1. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Make the most of it. Truly a rare site on most lakesat this time of year.
  2. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Things can only get better. Hope the lake pays you back with a kipper or 2.
  3. Rod Shots

    Get them I did. 33lb 15oz. Not seen a fish since though.
  4. Rod Shots

    Hopefully get at least one more. After landing the fish i moved to the opposite side of the lake as the wind turned, second guessing or hoping the fish would follow it. 3hrs of seeing nothing but last 30mins seen about 25 shows to my right about 80yds. If they keep coming to my corner I've got 3 traps nicely set. Come on fish.
  5. Rod Shots

    It's no secret. It's on my camera so will try and upload it when I'm home Sunday. Only a small one, 30lb 05oz
  6. Rod Shots

    of coarse I caught hahahaha
  7. Rod Shots

    Not a bad sight to be waking up to. Even managed to get a kingfisher in flight in the shot.

    Who's results are zilch? My mate this winter had 17 fish from mid November to new years eve. He's not fished since due to an operation but I'm sure he would of caught more. Not from a put and take lake either. My best season only resulted from an excellent winter period. Not being big headed but I had 10 fish from November til March from my old syndicate one winter. 1 x 20, 4 x 30 and 5x 40. Winter fishing can be excellent. Effort equals reward. As long as the lake hasn't got a lid on it then you've got a chance in my book. And I keep doing the same thing in winter as I do in summer. Fill it in. Mainly boilie but some particle if the birds are a problem and maggot now and again but it normally use them early winter.
  9. April catch reports.............

    Cheers mate. I've been very fortunate in what I've caught. I'm certainly doing something right, mixed in with a nice slice of luck.
  10. April catch reports.............

    Got down after work today and saw a few fish topping at range so launched a single hookbaits as far as I could and within a couple of minutes the rod rattled off resulting with this 23lb 04oz mirror.
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Where from mate?
  12. April catch reports.............

    Finally had my first bite of the year. 43lb 14oz
  13. do I stay or go ????

    I work outside. I got soaked Wednesday at work then went baiting up straight from work still soaking. Got soaked again at work yesterday and then again setting up yesterday afternoon in hail, rain and wind. Just got to get on with it. It's only a bit of water. Be prepared, I always carry spare clothes in my van. 2 lots of waterproofs and a poncho. Effort equals reward in my book.
  14. What is your newest purchase

    I picked up 2 sacks of hemp last night. The lake I'm on has a load of blanket weed over the bottom so need to clear some holes.
  15. do I stay or go ????

    one other thing, man up