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  1. Thought for the day.

    Well I'm set up with the wind blowing straight at me. Fortune favours the brave I say. Only problem I have is the fish are showing at about 140yds and I'm struggling to hit 100 with this wind. Nothing last night but maybe tonight they come a bit closer on to my spots. I know one thing , I won't catch them at home.
  2. Thought for the day.

    In my experience it doesn't affect the carp. I've caught and witnessed many fish put on the bank on fireworks weekend. Get the rods out.
  3. Snowman set up in Silt

    ive been using the snowman quite a lot recently. i use a 14mm hardened bottom bait with a 10mm pop up on top. i tie this on a korda krank hook which when placed in the water it sinks nice and slow and settles on top of any debris,silt, weed etc. the only thing is, is all pop ups vary in buoyancy as will the density of the bottom bait so a little experimenting will be needed.
  4. Last big feed

    The only way to approach the bigger fish and be certain of catching the bigger fish is to stalk them out from spots where you can clearly see what is feeding. It's not my style of fishing if I'm honest as it really is an art in itself but I've seen a fair few anglers come and go from lakes having landed their targets in very short time doing this method. And contrary to belied it's not just a warm weather tactic.
  5. Chasing the numbers

    I'd say we all want to catch big fish, be that a 20, 30, or 40 etc but they aren't the be all and end all. All of our fishing is different from one another's and each having our own expectations or targets. Being happy in your fishing is the main priority, whether that's blanking whilst chasing a lump or getting a bend in the rod on an easier water. At the end of the day you can only catch what's in front of you, if you're lucky enough that is.
  6. Spod rod and reel

    i to have the big bertha dd, coupled up with an emblem spod reel and hit 100yds plus with relative ease. had this rod donkeys years and its still as stiff as when i first got it. some rods definitely soften up over time but not this one.
  7. October Catch Reports

    i had last week off work and had a bit of a result. had 5 fish in total, biggest being a mirror of 40lb 13oz . been a while since i posted a pic so you might see it or might not with my track record haha.
  8. How often do you check your hooks?

    my biggest let down is this and its stupid because i know it and still don't do it enough. ive lost a few fish in recent weeks because ive not checked the hook. infact one i did check and said to myself "that will do", knowing full well it wouldnt ,just too lazy to tie up another rig. very bad angling on my part. on my old lake i only done this once and learnt by it as bites were hard enough to come by as it was. on my current lake im getting regular bites and think ive become a bit well over confident i suppose, once again bad angling especially when its the time of year when the big girls are due out. my school report would definitely read, must check hooks more lol.
  9. Freebies

    ive fished over premier baits randoms before and its not stopped me catching. sometimes i think it can give you an edge, especially on maybe tricky waters as the baits are all different sizes, shapes and flavours so throwing a lot of confusion to the carp, at least thats how i see it. that said 99% of my fishing is done fishing the same hookbait as my freebies. come to think of it im catching quite well fishing over 2 baits at the moment. my current bait and also my chosen winter bait which im putting in with my fishmeal to get them on it.
  10. Ethics

    i am on a water that was stocked back in the day with leney's and to this day there are still 6 known original leney's in the lake, possibly more. i have been fortunate enough to catch one at just over 28lbs but size really is irrelevant when you are holding a carp that is 60 plus years old. my mate actually had one of the other ones the other day. last known capture was 4 yrs ago. the fella who runs the syndicate thought it was no more but was more than happy to see it on the bank again. so to answer you, who knows if amount of bait or pressure will affect their life span as it certainly hasn't harmed the remaining ones. the one my mate had was actually 4lb up in weight from its last known capture.
  11. How you choose a Boilie!

    so on this thought provoking morning, i have explained myself so i wonder can anyone explain to me how "hype" catches carp?
  12. How you choose a Boilie!

    maybe i'll show you my carp album , you won't need to question that. and not one fish caught on the cell haha i use premier bait and have done for near on 20yrs with the odd spell of rolling my own here and there and would recommend it to anyone even a cell user. as for questioning me, thats what forums are for. just what i needed this morning with a hangover, its sorted me out no end.
  13. How you choose a Boilie!

    now now, we all know the carp don't eat just cell and i certainly didnt advocate that they do. most of the syndicate caught carp that season on all different baits. cell isnt the be all and end all with bait and i know that as do you. as for what baits were going in there were, fishmeal baits, nut based boilies and a team on homemades. it was probably a close call as to what went in the most, the fishmeals or the nut based baits.
  14. How you choose a Boilie!

    i was on one of the baiting teams that put in 500kg plus that year, thats how i know. there was a team on the B5, sticky krill, ABS, premier to name but a few and when you are on a syndicate you all talk with each other. i was on premier if you have to know and still am to this day. we knew who was putting what in and how much. not being big headed or anything but the 4 people on the bait i was on have probably caught more big fish this than the whole forum put together and from some of the most famous carp lakes we have from yateley to the colne valley etc, they know their onions when it comes to catching a carp as did most of the syndicate. even when this angler couldnt get on the fish or the lake switched off for a bit he still nicked a bite. and its no mainline promo article, its fact. like i said the bloke is an excellent angler but the carp still have to eat his bait to get a bite and he had plenty that season. and again, i know the angler so i know exactly how much bait he used and it was no more than 80kg. sponsored doesnt instantly mean free bait, he still has to pay for it but obviously not the same as joe public. every time i post i do so on fact and actual fishing scenarios that have taken place, question it all you like, i know what ive witnessed. we all have our own opinions and experiences in fishing. and for the record i dont use and never have used cell.