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  1. I had the 4 magnet rollers on my nevilles and I'd never have them again. You get some weed on your line with a bit of chop on the water and you'll have constant beeping, drives you insane.
  2. Had a set of 3 for years now with the V2 sounder box and never had a single problem . I've had delkims, stevie Neville alarms, top of the range fox alarms in the past but wouldn't swap my atts' for any of them.
  3. There is also stevie Neville, though he isn't that cheap. I've had loads of stuff from him in the past, f his alarms and a lot of his stainless F/O range.
  4. Should just add a bit of water to the crumb and form balls. Leave them to stiffen/harden up then you can throw them like a ground bait ball.
  5. Is this an on the bank drink or a drink you just have in general in winter? If I'm on the bank in winter then I have been known to like the occasional coffee made with baileys or whiskey. That said once I've had one the kettle is always on after that Haha. If you mean in winter in general, then I'll drink anything. Just like I do in the summer.
  6. Looks like you might need a washer under the spool. Are there any spare washers in the box that the reel came in?
  7. as an ex-serviceman does "help for hero's" not offer any councelling etc for you or any other service men/women?
  8. who says rancid particle doesnt work? a well regarded angler i spoke to at a show once told me how he leaves his maize for up to and over 10 months at a time. that must smell disgusting, but he swore by it.
  9. Just seen this steveo, really sorry to read this. You just don't realise how many people are going through personal battles. And very wise words, you are never alone, although you may feel like it's just you, it never is. Help is out there, you just got to reach for it. Stay safe mate.
  10. I was pre-baiting one close season with my chosen particle mix and boilie in a marginal snag and could clearly see the bottom. Well after a few weeks it was clear for anyone to see that this spot was being baited (glowing like a beacon). Well I turned up one day to see the spot covered in chopped boilie(not mine). I decided to still bait this spot and on my next visit to inspect the spot, it looked just like it did before I put my bait over the spot. They, in my opinion and because i could clearly see the spot had literally sieved everyone of my boilies and all the particle and once again left all the chops. If i recall this bait was there for a few more baiting sessions and only got mopped up once the bream had found the bait. I also knew that my bait, if not eaten would pop up after between 3 and 7 days , depending on water temperature. So if a Carp doesn't want to eat something then it won't, regardless it being a feeding spot or not. I dread to think how many times you go into a swim , find a spot and fish over someone else's bait without knowing.
  11. Totally agree but You also need the fish to want to eat it and find it an acceptable food source. After all you can put any bait you like on a spot but If the fish don't want it then they won't eat it, simple.
  12. One of Mike's recipes is in my current bait. Been using it for over 15yrs now and it's still as good now as when I first used it. And yes a very good chapter indeed on bait.
  13. Maybe the finding's didn't warrant writing about, I don't know. but I'd be quite confident it's been done and if it worked the carpvine would have been buzzing as nothing stays quiet for long in the carp world. On my old syndicate, one of the members had a bait brain second to none and was a regular contributor to big carp magazine years back. I tried reading it and it fried my brain. I used to say that he knew too much as he was always concocting this or that and on paper he had or should have had the best bait in the world but he used to blank his butt off. I've also read an E book by Tim Richardson (think that's his name) and that will fry your brain too. And if I'm honest I put a few things into practice and it didn't make a blind bit of difference.
  14. This ph lowering or highering has probably been flogged to death. And if it had worked ,then some clever so and so would have marketed it by now. Sometimes you can look/try too hard when just keeping things simple and going fishing is all it needs. Good luck in your quest but when I go next I'll take my trusted bag of boilies and be 100% confident.
  15. I lost my best mate when we were at the age of 16, in the following 6 yrs I lost 2 more mates, all 4 grand parents, 2 aunties and 2 uncles. And like you say us men are deemed insensitive and I did indeed hit drink and drugs hard. It was fishing that ultimately took me away from all that which is why I owe a lot to fishing and i hope and like trying to give something back, be that with advice on here, helping mates you meet on the bank etc. And totally agree, a permanent thread like this could be invaluable. Just knowing you're not the only one suffering, going through things that others have or are enduring can help massively.
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