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  1. What about the emblem pro's? They look the same as the emblem spod, not sure what the retrieval rate is though.
  2. Chopped worm and casters, devastating combination.
  3. Just start a composting area. You'll have red worms and denroabaena worms in no time. You won't get so many if any at all of the earth worm (lobworm).
  4. A mate of mine told me to use the curve shank with the multi rig years ago and in my opinion it's a game changer. Had a few hook pulls with chod style hooks on the multi but changing to curve shanks I've had no problems. A few of my other mates now use this hook pattern and don't suffer hook pulls either with this rig.
  5. Same here. I Just need a kick up the $%#@ 😂
  6. The thing I struggle with is what to eat at work. I'll take salad to help with a diet but get bored of the same thing after a week of it. I just need the discipline. I know that some things I eat are not good. One of my worse traits is having a snack late evening, it just sits on your stomach so can't be good.
  7. I know where you're coming from regarding weight gain. I was always 15st 8lbs, that was until the first lockdown. I put on 3 stone and having been back to work since September I've not lost a pound and yet I'm a landscape gardener so I do a physical job. It's not helped by the fact that I drive past a certain fast food outlet every work day morning that has a drive thru, combine that with me being weak when it comes to food, I am in there most days. Not good. It's quite simple I guess, calories consumed far out weigh the calories I burn. I need to change something.
  8. As with any additive/ingredient you need to know what affect the boiling process has on it. Might be a very good addition but it also might be a complete waste if the heat/boiling process runs it.
  9. Well since my venture into sea fishing over the last 3 years I've stumbled across various hooks and patterns from makes I'd not heard of. One particular brand do a chod style hook and it's the sharpest hook I've ever got straight of a packet and at £2-45 for 10 they are cheap as chips. No carp tax on these. I've just got to use them carp fishing now 😂
  10. I used to sharpen them but I hadn't noticed that I had any more or less fish on the bank than before. There was no difference in hook pulls, you always get one for one reason or the other so now I just them straight out the packet. Before it was fashionable to sharpen hooks I'd use the same one/rig for a whole weekend and often had multiple catches with the same hook so who knows
  11. I used to use these many years ago. I used to pull a 1.5 inch piece of shrink tube down the rig that I'd pull over the eye and then steam. Can't for the life of me recall what the make of shrink tube was but it was very stiff. I basically made the bent hook rig, which was banned pretty much everywhere by then. I smashed the lake up I was on at the time for a short while until a bailiff clocked my rig when I was unhooking a fish. Told me the bent hook rig was banned to which I argued that it was shrink tube and not a bent hook. I was told to stop using it or I'd be banned. I wouldn't have min
  12. Sorry if it seemed like I was aiming it at you, I was trying to generalize it. At the end of the day if the individual is happy in what they are doing then that is the main thing. I know I've gone fishing just to get away from the rat race for a day or 2. I just pitched up, went to a swim that I knew I'd get piece and quiet in and it was great. No fish, good food and a few drinks and i loved it. I did this another time on a lake I fish in the colne valley. I jumped in a swim on the shallows, I saw no fish and thought perfect. I'd just finished 15 days straight doing 16hr days and was abso
  13. For me watercraft comes with time learning on the bank. You can't learn watercraft at home so any time you spend at the lake , no matter how short amount of time you are learning or at least you should be. Its seeing the small things that improve you as an angler. A showing fish, a fish sheeting up are the 2 big signs. Without these 2 signs a lot of anglers are stumped. Of course some are naturally better at watercraft than others but you have that in all walks of life, kids who are naturally intelligent, one is better at football than others etc etc.
  14. Time is only any good if you use it wisely, so making the most of your time is essential. The saying "1hr in the right place is better than 24hrs in the wrong place ", rings very true. How long do you spend walking your lake on arrival for a 24hr session say? Do you or rather would you walk it for 23hrs to guarantee you had 1hr in the right place? Let's be honest ,most people would like to say yes but in reality 90% wouldn't do it. A lot of it boils down to how much effort you're willing to put in. I know and admit that my last few seasons on dinton I caught next to nothing and that w
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