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  1. Absolutely spot on mate. 👍 Each to their own on how they fish, where they fish, what they fish for etc but like you @yonny, it's all about doing it for yourself and hearing that alarm sound . What a buzz. As for all this tech, so you find the spot ,you find the fish, it still doesn't mean you will catch.
  2. I've got a custom built stevie Neville F/O stainless pod, weighs a ton. Though the stability is spot on. Can really put my drags on tight knowing the pod isn't moving. That said I rarely use the thing because it is so heavy, other than if I know I won't get bank sticks in. My preference is for cork screws bank sticks as they are so much lighter.
  3. Cracking session so far, fair play. Nice looking lake.
  4. I've no experience with those rods but all my rods are predominantly Harrison blanks and have nothing but praise for Harrison rods.
  5. For me it's simple, its horses for courses. Any amount of accuracy is all down to the angler and their ability and what equipment they are more comfortable with. Someone will be more at home with a 10ft rod than a 12ft rod. I use 12ft rods for all my fishing. I did once buy a 13ft set but literally sold them in a month as I just didn't get on with them. I didn't feel I had balance etc and most certainly lost accuracy with them. Went back to my 12ft rods and could hit a tree line or marker with my usual accuracy. So I'd say its down to the individuals rather than the fact it's a 10ft or 13ft rod or whatever. This is also why I only ever buy custom built rods for my carp fishing. They are built to my specifications. The real seat is situated on the rod blank to suit the length of my arm/reach . This aids massively in getting the balance right. Infact as I started beach fishing last year I brought for the first time, off the shelf rods. I didn't like them but I needed them for my sea fishing so put up with them. I got chatting to my rod builder friend who told me to take them to him. I did this and he moved the reel seat, first cast with the rod and easily gained 30yds on my cast. So balance is a massive thing to aid with distance and accuracy in my opinion. The thing is, when I left his house I'd ordered a pair of custom built harrison beach casters.
  6. In my opinion the arc of the rod has no bearing on it. When you let go of the lead will determine how high the lead goes, whether that's a 6 foot rod all the way up to a 13 foot rod. So casting under a tree canopy at 40yds is all down to the individuals casting technique, not the rod.
  7. You ever used it mate? A mate of mine used it years ago and done really well.
  8. Pretty sure its that one that's called that. My mate used that with another essential oil and I recall him saying devils dung . Obviously stinks something rotten
  9. Asafoetida oil, is that known as the "devils dung"?
  10. No I haven't used molasses. Stick with that recipe and you'll be just fine. Well you might need spare batteries for your alarms Haha
  11. Add some marmite and premier baits fish goo to the belechan and you've got a flier mate. Put the marmite in the microwave for 20-30 seconds so it goes from a goo to a liquid, makes measuring it out easier. Also measure out your oil first (assuming you're using some, will help you rolling as the belechan can make the mix very sticky) then once oil is measured put the marmite and goo into the same measuring pot as it slides out easier with the pot having the oil in it first. Add this to the eggs and belechan in the blender and blitz. Yes its messy, yes it stinks but the fish love it. Been using that recipe for years now, me and my mates have rinced lakes with it. You'll also find a very similar recipe in Mike Wilmots first book. He rates it massively.
  12. Put your eggs and flavours in a blender , then grate the amount you want in your mix and blitz. Simple.
  13. emmcee

    July catches.

    Fair play on a pb. A proper buzz.
  14. Spot on. Find them, fish for them and catch them, Simple.
  15. Pretty sure that's the one. Not seen it in a while.
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