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  1. I totally agree mate. Yes I was peeved but not the end of the world. More to worry about in life than a swim. I soon got over it. End of the day we all pay the same money so can fish what ever swim we like. Normally some etiquette or decency is shown but not on this occasion.
  2. I just fished elsewhere in the end, sadly I blanked but so did he. The fish backed off the cold wind, which was freezing if I'm honest
  3. My thought for the day, Don't trust no one, not even a "mate". Baited up 3 times this week. 12kg of boilie all told. My "mate" was walking the lake one of the times I was baiting up. I turn up this afternoon, guess where he is? His first words were, "loads of fish here mate, hope you don't mind" What can you say to that ? Words fail me. Not sure if to laugh or cry 😂😪
  4. Proper lump mate. Well in.
  5. I'm not knocking the size of your fish mate. A carp is a carp, 1lb or 50lb I treat them all with the same care and attention. It was just an observation that I couldn't see a mat/cradle. Tight lines
  6. Nice fish there fella. I have one negative comment though, where is your unhooking mat?
  7. I would have got someone if it had been a 40 for sure. But a 26lber I'm not fussed. Also it's bite time so wouldn't expect anyone to wind in for that, unless it was a proper chunk. I'll have to replace the battery in my remote then I'll be ok.
  8. Funny you say that, 2 other fish caught. One of those was 26lb haha. The other a stockie of 10lb. Waiting for the chunks to come out.
  9. I've caught that one before. If it had been a 30 I would have.
  10. A nice wake up call. 26lb 15oz
  11. I've just commited a school boy error. First fish of the year and my remote battery has died. So a mat shot. 26lb 12oz mirror.
  12. Was chatting to a mate on my old syndicate the other day. He reckons there have been 60 plus carp caught since mid Feb, all but one as far as he's aware were on zigs. That shows you just what you can be missing out on if you don't use them.
  13. My view this morning. Motionless bobbins sadly.
  14. A mate of mine has got the cyprinus Brolly system which I think is a copy of the Aqua fast and lite. He can't fault it. I had a Brolly overwrap from them, easily 5 yrs old and never leaked in that time.
  15. Unless you've banked half a dozen 40's and countless 30's from some of the top waters no one will take any notice I'm afraid. Just go fishing and enjoy it. If you start catching regularly and if they are a decent size (30lb plus) then start sending them into the mags ' and see how you go. Sadly every man and his dog wants to be "famous" now and unless you stand out you'll never be noticed.
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