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  1. A mate of mine does very well with prawns for big perch if that's any help
  2. emmcee

    June Catches

    These may well be harsh words and I may be totally wrong as I don't know you at all, But if you've tried several different baits and you've still not caught then chances are it's you. Out of the baits you've used there must have been one that is decent so it then lies with you. I've been there, the hardest words I heard that it was me but looking back it was the truth. I was fishing terribly. Once I realised that then I was back catching in no time. No offense by the way. Good luck
  3. emmcee

    June Catches

    How long exactly are you giving these baits so see "if they work"?
  4. emmcee


    On my old syndicate lake that was on a country park had bad litter problems. I said to the head ranger once that why were there not more bins around the park. Because it would cost more money to go round and collect them was his reply. And yet they have to go round and pick all the rubbish left by picnics etc anyway. False economy if you ask me. And yet if an angler went in to a swim full of litter left by picnics etc it was their duty to clear the swim. Used to make my blood boil.
  5. lI'm always doing it. Go to tackle shop needing a few things. Whilst in there you pick up a few more things that you think you might be low on , only to find you've got loads or you brought it the last time you were in there.
  6. you wpn't regret it. cracking bait on its own and it certainly won't harm your catch rate being glugged or gooed
  7. Had the same last year, from June onwards I started sea fishing and absolutely loved it. Different surroundings, different species, different everything. Was a breath of fresh air. So yes change it up a bit. You won't fish to your full potential if that's how you feel and just be going through the motions
  8. Well just taken delivery of 20kg of premier baits finest. Should last a week or 2. Also in the same courier van came some sea bait, peeler crab , black lugworm and ragworm. All ready for carping tonight and beach fishing sundsy night.
  9. I use the chod when , 1, I know it's thick weed and the bait needs to be presented above/on it. 2, when I find fish feeding/ showing and I have no idea what the bottom is like. And I'd say 90% of the takes I get with chods are absolute 1 noters. Infact I don't recall too many that weren't 1 noters. Also I can honestly say I very rarely have hook pulls. I use size 4 hooks with a 12-14 mm pop up and they are nailed in the bottom lip. In my opinion it's a very good rig, when tied and used safely and in the right circumstances.
  10. emmcee

    Leonard- Rigs

    The written word can sometimes be misinterpreted. Some posts come across as "you have to do this because" , and I'm not singling out one person here but any post read or taken the wrong way will ruffle feathers. The odd post from the aforementioned was or at least seemed like that to me and maybe others , hence the replies he got to some of his posts.
  11. Nice undie' mate and smoothie. Back of the isle of wight is that?
  12. Oh you are a long drive to the coast. I had a few small smooth hounds , probably a pound or 2 at most. I did have a 9lb undulate ray last summer. Absolutely cracking creature. Wouldn't mind a few more of those
  13. Been fishing long enough and caught enough to know my onions thanks. Luckily the circus lakes I've been, done and got the tshirts on, so will leave alone. Unless as you rightly say I can do midweek sessions, but with my work that's impossible. I only thought of going back to these waters as all the big fish I had are now deceased and new ones have come through.
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