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  1. Lead forcing the hook home?

    i was going to say that the feel of the lead is what makes them bolt but the more i think about it i'd say its the fact they have a foreign object in their mouth that they cannot dislodge. i say this as ive had and seen fish pick up a rig and carry on eating even with the lead being towed about. the chod rig fished with a mega slack line, smallest lead you can get away with and with say 3 or 4ft between lead and top bead and you can have absolute one noters which again isnt down to feeling resistance to the lead as there isnt any until it bolts. a mate of mine has for a good few years now been using 5oz leads and his takes are absolute screamers. im pretty sure he is the only angler on his lake using 5oz leads and he is regularly in the top 3 to 5 anglers on his lake and believe me he isnt the greatest angler but is doing something different by using the heavier lead. another mate was fishing a very big lake where they used boats to drop their rigs and most of the anglers were 'done' especially when fishing at long range with your average 3 - 4 oz leads. my ,ate then decided to use 10oz leads and had as many takes in one week as most do in a season so the lead definitely played its part in that situation.
  2. What is your newest purchase

    Yes mate. I've got the Fox one at the moment but it's got stuck at full extension and just fits in the van and is a nightmare on the barrow haha. The drennan one seems far better.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    Got myself a drennan extendable landing net pole, retains stiffness even when fully extended (no pun there lol) , a must have in my opinion if ever a fish is snagged on your other rods or a weed bed and they always seem a foot further out than you can reach. Not anymore.
  4. Why am i not catching?

    You say there are no features in your lake, so does your lake have no margins?? They are the biggest feature on any lake. Bait a few likely margin spots ( near over hanging trees, deep margins etc) and watch for the fish. Once you get them feeding with confidence then it can be lie taking candy from a baby.
  5. Yeast extract Boiies

    If the yeast extract is to thick you can blast it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time til the right consistency is achieved. I've had excellent results using 30ml of yeast extract along with an ounce of yeast powder. Add to that an ounce of belechan and 30ml of oyster sauce and you're on to an absolute flyer
  6. Mass Baiting

    On my old lake they used to have a draw for swims 6 weeks in advance of the start of the season. So my plan was to bait heavily whatever swim I got irrespective of where on the lake it was. The opening night was to be a Friday so I decided to bait Friday nights , Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Every baiting session would see 30kg of prepared particle ( hemp, pin head wheat, small amount of corn and a couple of " extras") along with 5kg of boilies. After a Friday nights baiting I would go down the lake at first light to watch for signs of fish. For 4 weeks I didn't seeso much as a bream. But after a Sunday baiting up session and a back holiday Monday the next day I once again got down the lake at first light, not expecting to see much but you never know I thought. Well that morning I saw in excess of 100 shows on my baited spot. That gave me a bucket of confidence for the start of the season. So 2 more weeks of baiting til the start and then the opening night saw me bank 6 fish before anyone else had even had a take. Mass baiting works. In my opinion you can condition the carp to visit certain spots/areas with mass baiting which then makes for easy fishing, even on the toughest of waters.
  7. How do I know MY bait will work?

    if there is one part of my fishing that money doesn't come into then its bait. i accept the op is 18yrs old so money may well be tight but don't scrimp and save on bait. after all its the one thing that you need the carp to like in order to get a bite, (ok a good rig to nail them on as well but a bait they are willing to pick up first and fore most). making your own bait and indeed catching on it is a massive buzz but only if it is accepted by the fish and can work out just as expensive trying to find that out. a couple of sessions tells you nothing about how good your bait is. i know of a bloke who had his own bait firm back in the 90's and he would test his bait in his pond which held a number of carp. now he used to feed them for 6 weeks and if they still accepted it after that time then it was a goer. now on more than one occasion the fish would a eat a certain bait for 4 or 5 weeks then all of a sudden not even sniff it. so it goes to show even if it is accepted to begin with it might blow in a few weeks. now if there is all that bait going in from other anglers and you know what it is then why not take advantage of it. if money is tight then 1 pot of cell pop ups and a kg of bait should see you catch your share (if you are on the fish that is). as for your base mix, its ok and will more than likely catch fish. as for your attractants i like a lot. in fact you are very close to my attractant profile and the carp love it. good luck whatever you do.
  8. Weighing

    they are all special to me. i weigh and photograph every carp i catch. the main reason for this is the syndicates i fish want fish weights and pics so they can gauge how the fish are doing etc and get some ideas on fish stocks etc.
  9. What is your newest purchase

    well i've just purchased probably my most important piece of carp fishing equipement. a new carp mobile as my old one was nearing its sell buy date and costing me a fortune and more importantly costing me my weekends fishing. look out carp, im back on the road
  10. New bait

    as nick has said let the fish tell you where to bait up. there may well be an area of the lake that always holds fish and if there is that is where i would bait or if they follow the wind on the lake be sure to bait where the wind blows etc. as for amount of bait i would be hoofing it in personally when you are not fishing. i want as many fish as possible eating my bait when im not there without being hooked and gaining confidence on it. once you have that its like taking candy from a baby.
  11. Multi rig critique

    they look good to me. since changing my hook pattern to the curve shank pattern similar to yours ive not lost a fish and every time they are nailed bang centre of the bottom lip. well more like an inch or so back in the mouth. don't be afraid to use bottom baits or wafters/ critically balanced baits with this rig either. id say 90% of my fishing is now done with this rig.
  12. Boilies

    depends whats in your mix. if there are bird seeds, egg biscuit etc then they will absorb moisture and therefore dry/stiffen your mix making it very difficult to roll.
  13. Chichester DAS is what you want. a number of waters to go at. something like a 12mile radius as to whether you can get a ticket or not so i believe.
  14. Mainline Balanced Wafters

    ive heard on more than one occasion that the size 6 kranks have been known to open up and drop fish as a consequence. i use the krank hook a lot but only in size 4 and never had a problem with them. the bigger hook may also help with balancing your rig better. when i use the krank in size 4 i use 18mm waftas made by premier baits and they are spot on.
  15. bed chair , light n comfy ,

    im also after a new bed and this one sounds good. can i just ask how low is the bed to the ground? a low bed is not good for my back so the higher the better for me. cheers