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  1. Never be afraid to move. Numerous times I've moved after catching fish. Most times its paid off but there will always be that time when you should have stayed. I recall one time on my old syndicate and I'd had 3 fish one morning. The wind turned and as soon as it did I was packing away. Another member questioned why move after 3 fish and I just said i know the fish will move. He wanted to know where I was going as his gear was on his Barrow, naturally I said nothing. He said, well I'll jump in here then when you move, I just laughed and moved. I got to the swim I wanted, cast my 3 rods. Half hour later I saw the first fish show about 70/80 yds away to my right. I had 3 fish in the following 2hrs. The other bloke set up in my swim and blanked. You can't catch if the fish arent in front of you, it's that simple.
  2. Can't beat a few extra bits and bobs, got a few in mine. Infact I've been piling the bait in my current lake and my mate who is on the bait with me has had 2 40's in the last 2 weekend's. Both fish at their highest recorded weights. Well chuffed for him. They certainly know there stuff at prem '
  3. The 'G' seems to be doing a lot fish, tony told me he's had lots and lots of feed back from anglers with 'G' in their bait and it's doing the business. Actually had my bait made with some in it, sadly not going to get to use it for a while due to family circumstances.
  4. Carp goods are shining down on you then mate and rightly so , well deserved.
  5. Same as mate. Been using them about 20yrs myself and not a single negative against them. I know when I'm on the lake if I'm not catching then the chances are it's my fault and the bait will be the last reason I'm not catching.
  6. I've got the straight harrison stick and the diem stick. Harrison one is naff in my opinion (not sure if they do a curved one now?). As for the diem one, I found mine to have ridges internally which in my opinion lead to baits splitting. If you want a carbon stick then my mate has the century one and swears by it. He fished a lake in france and was getting 20mm baits 140yds to an Island (it was still most of the time with occasional light winds aiding him). He also has I think a Frank Warwick stick (ACA stick) which he also rates highly.
  7. emmcee

    September catches.

    Nice chunky common mate. Big blank for me. Normally the lake I fish, you get big shows early morning, i was glued to the lake and didn't see a single fish show in the 2 nights. Not a good sign after the water tests we had done shined a light on an issue. Hope the water quality recovers quickly. Still I've got a week down the coast next week and after this weeks big winds I might be a bit luckier.
  8. I used to fish with john on my old syndicate, nice fella. His bait is more orientated towards the European market, don't hear much about it over here, well at least I certainly haven't.
  9. Though it is down to the members to keep it up to scratch and maintained
  10. Well it's not mine as in I own it but it's the lake I'm a member of I should of said.
  11. Got 2 nights on my lake. Not holding out much hope though. Had the water tested last week and apparently it has high levels of metals in the water. Mainly copper and selenium. Been fishing tough of late, the fella who did the test said that would be why. It's been treated with special clays today and something put on the feed pellets to help heal the carp which have been showing signs of illness due to this. Grey patches on gills and fraid ends on the rakers . Hope the treatment works. Still , I've got a bait in the water so got a chance.
  12. emmcee

    September catches.

    Caught over your DIY goo?
  13. Exactly, no different to a bucket of hemp. A lot of individual food items but can be polished off in minutes by a group of hungry carp.
  14. A gallon of maggots is nothing really. Add into the equation perch, roach, tench and bream and it soon goes. Some will be scoffed on the drop by silvers etc. And I dread to think how fast a 20,30 or 40lb carp can demolish a gallon of maggots. In reality a 10kg bag of boilie laid out on the floor isn't a lot of bait, especially if you have half a dozen 20's or bigger munching.
  15. Exactly how I've used them in the past, normally a gallon straight in and then top up as and when. And spot on, when the fishing is tough it's one of the best methods there is.
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