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  1. I'd say a large spomb and a 5.5lb tc rod you should easily hit 100yds. It's all about compressing the rod combined with technique. Use a finger protector if you don't already.
  2. You also have Rockford which is that way, holds some good fish I recall.
  3. I think a lot of those chichester lakes hold big fish, especially on the lakeside holiday village. Runcton is the lake you want. The biggun died in vinnie' ( the seaside simmo as Id known it). Not sure how you go about getting a ticket for it mind.
  4. My comment wasn't aimed at you fella, it's just in carp fishing in general. Though I did 100% agree with yonnys reply to you..
  5. Absolutely Spot on mate. Too many people worry about what others are doing and not what they are doing themselves. It is my biggest bug bare in fishing. "He's doing this, he's done that etc". Who cares, god it winds me up 😤
  6. Not sure who runs it but there is a lake on hayling island, sinah Warren i think it's called. I was going to say about the chichester lakes that you've mentioned. Some good fish in a few of those, some very very good fish in one particular lake.
  7. Fish zigs. That way your hookbait is nowhere near the bottom where all this uneaten food is.
  8. If spodding is not allowed and you want to achieve mass baiting then the groundbait sling/pouch is the way to go. Attach to your spod rod and away you go. It takes a bit of practice but you can hit 100yds with ease with the right technique and consistency of the groundbait ball. You can prepare the balls at home before a session so they harden slightly then at the lake its bombs away. Better with 2 of you, one on the rod and one loading the ball behind. Just don't make the balls to big or they sometimes stick in the pouch Haha
  9. I wouldn't worry about it mate, get the rake out and give it to them👍🤣. I remember on My second ever night on dinton I was next to my mate who turned up the day after me. He found his spot and started to introduce his boilies by throwing stick. About half a kg in and the bloke opposite shouted "what are you building a ....... gravel bar" haha. I said to my mate we are new here he is trying to be intimidating. With that I got my stick out and launched another kg in just to shut him up. 🤣
  10. I was going to say I wouldn't use it with anything less than 50lb braid. 👍
  11. Hope you've got some strong line to go with it mate?
  12. My mate swears by the dot spod. I use the spomb and on the odd occasion it won't open just like on the odd occasion it will open as you cast it, but it's my preference.
  13. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong in casting 100 plus times to find/ get on a spot. I'd rather do that than think "that will do" when it won't do. As for casting in a cross wind I would rather set up facing the wind if possible, you get a much better feel of the lead down. And when you say bare lead was you feeling for a drop or seeing if you could slide the lead once it was on the bottom?
  14. Well it's been a while since I posted the progress of the carp spawn that i collected at the end of May. My last pictures showed that many had hatched and I had around 100 tiny fry. I had the tank situated on the edge of the pond so one of my air stones could go in to the tank for oxygen. I obtained the correct food but for whatever reason I started to lose a few a day. I did partial water changes and everything else that i was supposed to do but i continued to lose them. Now a month on and I have 3 survivor's. Now the 3 survivor's seem to be doing ok 🤞and touch wood etc. They are about an inch long and starting to form nicely, looking like mirrors with very few scales. Hopefully they continue to grow and once they are a couple of inches I'll release them into my pond.
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