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  1. emmcee

    Strange happenings on the bank.

    When I fished on dinton pastures black Swan lake I had a rather unnerving episode one night. The lake has boating on it and an activities centre. Anyway it was Halloween and none of the anglers were told there would be Halloween night boating. So I'm tucked up in my sleeping bag when I hear the sound of a canoe, so I thought one of the anglers had boated round to me for some help with a fish or something. So I heard the boat beach and got out the bag. Head torch on and out the bivvy only to see 2 blokes all in black and both wearing those scream masks. Back in the bivvy and grabbing my peg mallet proceeded to get rather abusive hoping to scare them off. I scared them alright, they quickly removed their masks and said it was a Halloween hunt , they were looking for 2 boats full of people. So after a few more expletives from myself they thought best to leave my swim, which was lucky as I needed a change of pants haha. Looking back though it was very dangerous as that night I recall being very very dark and I for the life of me couldn't see any boat full of people yet it was actually 100 yds in front of me. Lucky a 4oz lead wasn't coming there way.
  2. emmcee

    Fish finders

    Use your eyes, the only fish finder you will ever need 😉
  3. emmcee

    well the van is packed

    Good luck and safe trip fella.
  4. emmcee

    June catch reports

    Well after moving this morning on a new wind I finally got my reward and hour or so ago with this 34-10 mirror.
  5. emmcee

    Fishing whilst spawning??

    My old lake had the traditional close season on there up until my last few years on the lake when it was changed as the majority of the time the fish didn't spawn til after June 16th. Nowadays it just shuts as soon as spawning starts and closes for a month. Personally I think lakes should close for spawning but sadly more don't than do. I'd never intentially fish for spawning fish though I've seen some anglers ( very very well known anglers some of them ) fish right in amongst them.
  6. emmcee

    May catch reports................

    Had this linear today at 24lb 10oz. Also had a common of 16lb and a mirror of 25-12. Been seeing a few chunks in the last hour or so, hopefully the night will bring me more than rain and thunder.
  7. emmcee

    May catch reports................

    Turning into a nice return to the lake for me. Topped up with 2 x litre buckets of particle and 2kg of boilies after the first fish and it's paid off with this 43-05 mirror
  8. emmcee

    May catch reports................

    Well first time fishing for a month, managed to prebait a swim last night and as soon as one turned up there were fish showing over the spot. Suffice tio say it didn't take long for one of the rods to spring into life with this 32lb 06oz mirror
  9. emmcee

    Fishing for Love

    My love affair with fishing began when I was 5 or 6 when we was on a family walk and I found a float. I asked my dad what was it used for so he explained. Since then I've been hooked ( pardon the pun). I said I wanted to fish. I can even remember the first day my dad took me. Armed with a 10ft glass fibre Shakespeare rod and reel we went down our local brook. My dad set up the rod with the float I'd found and first cast my dad caught a roach, I'll rephrase that, he caught a whopper haha. That was it, he was the best dad ever catching a fish even though he was never a fisherman himself I might add, but for me it started a passion and one that I can't see stopping anytime soon. As has been mentioned, some of the sights we get to see are simply breath taking. We see things some people will never see. Nature at it's best, be it mist rising off the lake on a summers morning or a cold crisp frost on a winters morning. And if we are lucky a fish to go with such sights and sounds. I love fishing, fact.
  10. emmcee

    After spawning tactics

    Fill it in, especially with particle rich in lysine 😉
  11. emmcee

    Ice cream sauce

    Give it a go, what have you got to lose? I've used a strawberry flavour that was used to actually flavour the ice cream, turned out to be an excellent winter flavour.
  12. emmcee

    May catch reports................

    Shouldn't your shoes be facing out ready for when you get a take?? Haha.
  13. emmcee

    May catch reports................

    Yep. You pick your week but you can't pick the weather sadly. Still got a week at the end of the month. Hopefully they would of spawned by then and not when I'm off for my week.
  14. emmcee

    May catch reports................

    nice fish people. gutted i can't fish for the whole of this month, my favourite month at that. then a week off work and then another 30 days straight at work. i'll be having withdrawl symptoms without a doubt.tight lines people.
  15. emmcee

    How to get a 20lber?

    Well you've answered your own question. If your water is full of singles and doubles then you're not going to catch a 20. You can only catch what's in the lake. If there are 20's present then in my opinion you have to play the numbers game. The more you catch then the more of chance of banking one of the better fish.