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  1. I've been sent plenty of april fools but sadly none would be allowed on here 🤣
  2. I've cleaned all my sea fishing gear, rods and reels cleaned and serviced. Rig tying next . Then once that's completed it will be the carp gear. Not touched it for over 6 months so will need a good sort out. Luckily I've plenty of time so it seems.
  3. Quality fish mate and what a session. That 45 is a proper barrel of a fish, Perfect proportions.
  4. emmcee


    Well said 👍. Fingers crossed for your dad mate.
  5. Yes they do now and have done for a while but I was using my Neville's before these came out.
  6. Exactly haha. At least then you can still look the part whilst blanking.
  7. That^^^. Chances are you'll have more smell from your fingers/hands tainting your hook link than a marker pen.
  8. They only crack if you tighten them up to much. I use leather washers under my alarms and don't have problems. I had Neville alarms and as you say "on and off", simple as that. I only changed as they were too loud and when trying to be secret squirrel they weren't ideal. I had them before the remote ones came out. I did buy the extension lead sounder box in the end and taped the alarm heads up, painted out the l.e.d's and taped up 2 thirds of the sounder box head so only I could hear it. It worked though.
  9. Have you read Micky gray's book "a merry old dance". The best book I've read by a mile. No airs no Grace's, told exactly how it was. I couldn't put it down. Read it in a weekend. Martin Clarke's book is ok (his first one I've read). Mike willmott Nigel sharps book, living the dream
  10. Regarding his books, like you say they are ok. Something to do to while away the hours. But as a person I found him to be a top bloke if I'm honest. When the rumours were about that he would be going to dinton when I was fishing there I just thought we don't need anyone like him on the lake. Though one angler who i knew and knew him well said don't believe all you hear and find out for yourself. And I found an all round decent bloke. One night on the lake a few of us were having a social with him and he was openly admitting that in his past he was a right ****.. and because of that if anything bad was said about him he was guilty full stop, yet it was a lot of the time made up to smear him or get him banned. Stories made up by numbers of anglers on certain lakes all backing each other up, he didnt stand a chance because of his past. Though he treated dinton and its anglers with full on respect, so can't knock him at all. And the man is one hell of an angler. I can safely say I've met other "named" anglers on there who are a damn site worse than Shelley.
  11. I always take in the surroundings, the wildlife, the fishing is a bonus for me. And this isn't because I'm older, my family are all nature lovers though none of them fish apart from me.
  12. Dongles are a waste of money in my opinion. I got a set years ago ( the attx ones) and i don't rate them at all. So I got The attx alarms and they are pukka
  13. Whereabouts are these waters fella? What kind of stock do these waters have?
  14. I've sorted the garden out, fixed the fence that had blown down in the last storm. Going to paint the kitchen next. Give the windows a good clean. If I had acted faster I'd have got materials in for building a new shed but I'll keep that on hold for now. Then I'll sort through my carp and sea fishing gear. New rigs for both etc.
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