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  1. emmcee

    Rotary (Lead systems)

    Thanks BC, as you have rightly said not much can be added to what has already been said. Personally I have only used in line leads (both normal and drop off style) , lead clips and helicopter. I use in lines only when I'm stalking and lowering baits onto a spot and these will mainly be flat pear etc so as to not be to in your face on the lake bed. I used to use them for my everyday fishing when in first started carp fishing but did get a lot of tangles, but then I can tangle a choddy so it's not surprising. Lead clips I use for pretty much 95% of my fishing. This is whether I'm on a clean bottom or not. That said most of the lakes I fish are very weedy and dropping the lead is for me essential. Now I know mates who have fished lakes that allow boats have witnessed there rigs/leads being 30 or 40 yds away from there original spots due to fish picking up the rig and dropping it again. One mate stopped using lead clips altogether after seeing this but another mate just switched lead size. As he was rowing his baits out he went from your normal 3 - 4 Oz leads to 10oz leads and simply ripped his lake apart. On my old lake nearly everyone used 3 - 4 Oz leads and you was often being done. So I switched to 1oz leads and started turning the usual single / double bleep on the alarms to full blown runs. I belive this to be down to the fact that animals get used to or get round things by learning just like us. Nearly every man and his dog used 3 or 4 Oz leads on that lake and I firmly believe the carp got used to dealing with the weight of the lead and using it to eject the rig. Helicopter style I only use when chod fishing which I must admit is nowhere near as much as I used to. So for me it's not so much the lead system that can let you down but the weight of the lead. Always try and be that different person who uses a lighter or heavier lead than everyone else and you'll see an increase in takes. I won't nominate anyone but if anyone can offer more advice then im sure we would all like to hear.
  2. emmcee


    Well I never bet on my own team (arsenal) but this year I've backed them to be in the top 4, be above spurs, to win the league ( only a small wager on that one haha) and to finish exactly 2nd or exactly 3rd. I'm hoping the new manager can sort our leaky defence and if he does we have the attackers to cause most teams some trouble, so who knows.
  3. Every year since I started "proper" carp fishing i have always had the same week off to fish. The week in question is the week of the autumn equinox. I'm pretty sure it's when the daylight hours are the same as the hours of darkness, a signal to not just the carp but nature in general to get ready for the coming winter. This occurs around the 22nd or 23rd of September. I read an article by dave lane about the week in question and recall he stated it was a big fish week. I recall in my own fishing that the week in question was most definitely a big fish week. On the odd occasion I've been lucky enough to bank one myself but nearly always big fish were caught around the lake I've been on at the time and most definitely the carp mags are normally full of big fish captures around that week. Now I've heard of the harvest moon and one of my mates calls it the 40's moon. It's a fascinating subject but one I'm sure we may never understand.
  4. I've just been chatting to a fella on my "no publicity " water and we got on to bite times and moon phases, especially after last night's blood moon and he said he was told to look at the tides. I did look at him strangely but he said it's surprising how many fish he caught were during the high tide. Now obviously high tide is the best time to sea fish, and hour before and an hour after being the most productive. Now I said about the fact we are miles from the sea and just along the south coast alone the tide varies a lot, in some cases hours different between the various ports/ beaches etc but he said as the lake was just outside London relative speaking he took the thames tide as his gauge and over the coarse of a few years he saw that he had many more bites around high tide than any other time. Now the moon affects the tides with its gravitational pull so would it have any affect on any lake? The bloke has certainly got me thinking.
  5. I normally carry out the same routine. For some unknown reason I always walk clockwise around a lake, god knows why but I do. Once walked and I have a picture in my head of the swims I'd like to concentrate on I will return and map out each swim with a marker rod,not so much for the depths but more to get a good idea of what the bottom is like. I mark down any spots I find and will start baiting them asap. After each session or any spare time in between sessions I will map out all the other swims,I will aim to have this done in the first couple of weeks of getting on the lake. It certainly pays off in the long run. I can go in any swim I see fish and make a couple of casts and know I'm on decent spots. Better to do that than go in there blind and lead the granny out of it when the fish are showing there.
  6. emmcee

    bigger baits!

    They can roll bigger baits than that if you ask nicely 😉
  7. I thought I had found the recipe for success on my old lake regarding moon phase. I had the majority of my fish especially from September onwards on or around ( 3-4 days) either side of a new moon. I recall one autumn/winter on there when 9 out of 10 bites came on a new moon and always in the hours of darkness. I found out another angler was also getting a few bites so asked him whether they had been on the new moon. He said all his had come on or around a full moon and yet I couldn't buy a bite on that moon phase. Whether that was due to me fishing shallowish water and he the deeper water. At the end of the day I've found that being on the fish is the biggest influence on getting a bite, what time that bite comes is anyone's guess but you certainly won't get one if you're not on them. That is stating the obvious but it's shocking how many anglers blame everything other than themselves for blanking. Another thing that helps with getting bites is confidence. You go fishing lacking confidence and chances are you've blanked before you've even got to the lake. I know I've been there in the past.
  8. Thanks yonny. As you have said yonny ,the best or most productive time for bites is around first light. Now why this is so is anyone's guess. I feel that it may have something to do with your bait being washed out having soaked in sufficient lake water over night and therefore becomes more acceptable to the carp. This is thrown into doubt as there are times when instant bites occur no matter what time of day. Another possible reason for the feeding spell being at first light is due to little or no disturbance by anglers. Everything is settled from the evenings bombardment of leads and spods etc. On one of my old syndicate lakes bite times varied depending on what part of the lake you fished. The shallow end predominantly day takes and the deeper parts would generally be night bites or first light. Why this happened , again a mystery to me and most other anglers who fished there. Although it did influence you on where you fished depending on what time you had to fish. Another lake that I now fish was days only but is now fish able at night. Now back when it was days only when you had to be off by 10-30pm the liners would start about 10-20 and when or if you had bites occurr they were so close to 10-30 it was unbelievable. The fish certainly new the score on that front. Winter bite times I found more predictable (on the lakes ive fished anyway)with probably 95% of my takes being in the hours of darkness. This seems somewhat different to what yonny has experienced with him saying the bites are in a one hour period and potentially being when temps are at there warmest so I assume during daylight. I personally believe that the fish in winter feed when they have acclimatised to the drop in water temperature. Whether this takes days, weeks or longer obviously depends on how settled the weather is. Up and down then they take time to acclimatise, prolonged cold snap and it can take months. Then again this depends on lake size , stock etc etc. In some cases you can influence bite times. On a lake I used to fish in the close season I would bait up every evening just before dark. Then I'd do either the night or after a while just a few hours into darkness and I always had a bite normally half hour into dark. The fish knew when the bait would be there and promptly turned up ready for a munch. I certainly can't pinpoint one specific reason for varying bite times only that to be successful you need to suss them out on your chosen water. I think I'll pass the baton on to @B.C.
  9. emmcee

    Self Awareness

    Believe it or not but banging in bivvy pegs doesn't bother me one bit. On more than one occasion whilst doing work parties on my various lakes I've seen fish roll no more than 10yds away from where we have been banging in scaffold poles or fence posts for new platforms etc and these are some right clued up carp. I also like to be on my rods when possible. I don't want a carp getting up a head of steam if I'm bivvied up a few yds from my rods. The lakes I've fished are mainly public park lakes or boating lakes so maybe the carp can take more disturbance than carp in member's only lakes etc.
  10. emmcee

    June catch reports

    Cheers mate. It's certainly going well. Effort equals reward in my book and I've put in plenty of effort and not to mention a lot of bait and I'm getting my rewards.
  11. emmcee


    I'm in. Share the knowledge I say.
  12. emmcee

    The Fondest Of Memories

    It's just come to me, my fondest angling memory. My first ever fishing trip is my fondest memory. My dad taking me and catching first cast. He was my hero and most certainly that was the reason I still fish now some 38yrs later. If it was fondest memory in carp fishing then that's so tough to answer.
  13. emmcee

    The Fondest Of Memories

    Blimey, that's probably the hardest question to answer. First carp, first 20, 30 or 40 or bigger if you've been lucky enough. One you've caught in extreme conditions, one you've targeted for years, the list is endless. Need time to think about this one.
  14. emmcee

    July Catch Reports

    I've only managed a 4hr morning session and an overnight session on Saturday just been so far this month. The 4hr session was on my syndicate water and after half hour of looking I found a lot of fish topping 30 yds or so out in front of a particular swim. So got the rods, just the 2 as I was only there for the morning. Launched 2 baits about 80yds and then wound them in to where the fish were showing 30 yds in front of me, lowering them down so making little if any disturbance. 30mins later and left rod goes and netted a decent mirror then the right rod goes straight after. 2 in the net, a 37lb mirror which was a repeat so unhooked and weighed it so the bailiff can keep a check on weights and a 17lb mirror. The disturbance pushed the fish out to about 50 yds so once again launched my bait long and wound them in to the distance the fish were showing. Another 20mins and left rod goes resulting in a 20lb common. This commotion then pushed the fish further out beyond my reach so called it a day. Good mornings fishing though. Then Saturday night I fished my other water for a night, my first night this year. Only 3 anglers on so pretty much the pick of 20 acres of water. I had noticed a lot of fizzing in one swim and it seemed to be moving left to right so jumped 2 swims down anticipating them moving onto me in the night or early hours. First bite was at 2 am which was a scraper 20. This was followed by 2 takes in 10mins at 8-00am , another scraper 20 and a pretty 23lb mirror. No pics I'm afraid as it's no publicity. And the morning session I done I had left my camera at home on charge. 😣
  15. emmcee

    Boilies, Pellets, Particle or All

    Same as yonny, I'm primarily a boilie angler. Although I do use particle , mainly just after spawning. This is a mixture of hemp, *********, ************** and ************. Oh for some reason it's not spelt it out, nevermind, will just have to remain a secret I suppose 😉