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  1. emmcee

    New challenge

    Try synah. Think that's how you spell it. It's on hayling island down near the "inn on the beach ". If you go to micks tackle at hayling then they may help you more regarding tickets
  2. emmcee

    Bluewater lakes france bait and tactics

    I've only fished there in September. April I reckon will be a good time. the best peg is usually the point swims. if its warming up then that could be a good area. failing that lakeside 2 or woodside 2 will give you deep water and shallower, so best of both worlds
  3. emmcee

    Bluewater lakes france bait and tactics

    might be a bit late but I've fished there 3 times and I've always taken premier baits matrix Robin red with garlic. premier used to supply the lake with bait a fair few years back and they still like it. every year a group of premier users go over there and normally give it a spanking. talk to Tony at premier and he'll see you alright.
  4. emmcee

    Boilie over runs

    chances are some of the randoms will be the bait I use. 100% confidence mate. they also do random pop ups and wafters
  5. emmcee

    Boilie over runs

    I think the randoms are £35 for 10kg if my memory serves me right
  6. emmcee

    Boilie over runs

    as has been said, premier baits randoms. excellent for pre-baiting
  7. emmcee

    Southern venue

    you have a few lakes on hayling island, think one is called Synah. also the lakes up the A27 at Chichester. never fished them but know people that have.
  8. emmcee


    cheers, had that fish 3 times in total from my time on dinton. 32lb, 42lb and 44lb. sadly no longer with us. funny thing about that chapter in the book, some of what is written isnt correct but thats another story
  9. emmcee


    yes mate that is me. that was when i had my really good winter. jim who wrote the chapter took the pictures that morning, didnt know he had put it into the piece until he told me and kit was printed. not that im bothered.
  10. emmcee


    i've read numerous carp books and without a doubt Micky Grays first book is the best i've read by a mile. had me in stitches and at a point a lump in my throat and knowing some of the anglers mentioned within i know its not been air brushed. what is written is exactly what happened and knowing and having fished a long side some top anglers and read their books some are not quite true to their word.
  11. emmcee

    October Catch Reports

    I've felt like that for over 2 weeks now. Had my week off at the end of September and only done 3 nights out of the 7. Had no energy to move or nothing and consequently had a nightmare session. Nothing worse than being rough on the bank. Good luck
  12. emmcee

    Winter flavours

    Fruity flavour combined with an essential oil. That's a winner. An ethyl alcohol based flavour preferably as it's a thin liquid and better for leakage. My current flavour for winter is premier baits tropical fruit. It's very thin and has superb leakage.
  13. emmcee

    September catch results..........................

    My week off starts tomorrow and if it gets to be half as good as yours sounds I'll be more than happy. Well in mate.
  14. emmcee

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    If you know your stuff you will know not all nuts are nuts 😉
  15. emmcee

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Well my current bait choice is a custom rolled bait by premier baits. I've been using it now for well over 10 yrs , more like 15yrs but I have also rolled a bit of my own in that time. Mainly milk protein for winter fishing when I do it or a nut bait that my mate designed that was and is doing very very well. I've rolled these different baits not because I felt that the premier bait wasn't good enough but because I knew the other baits were being used to good effect on the waters I was fishing so if it ain't broke don't fix it. As for particle, I do use it but only when I feel I need to. This will mainly be after spawning and if I'm on a new water. The particle mix I use had once again been designed by a mate. When I first got told about it he told me to bait up with it in advance as the fish take a while to get on it. I thought he was full of nonsense so started baiting a snag tree on a new water so I could see the reaction. He wasn't wrong. First bucket load took 4 days to be eaten, could clearly see it hadn't been touched until the 4th day. This went on until after a couple of weeks they were smashing it up as soon as it went in. It's a simple mix pretty much with only 3 particles, ooops I meant 4 and the 4th one is the one that does the business. Works extremely well where nuts are banned, and yet you won't find a single nut in the mix. I've had bailiffs root through the bucket before now and they don't find a single nut either and yet over a quarter of the bucket is nut. A very clever mix but sadly can't say what it is or I'll have to k**l you 😂