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  1. Do the fish have hard or soft mouths? If you get burred over hook points I'd say hard mouths, maybe they've toughened up due to feeding over gravel. What hook size are you using? I fished a lake many years ago, suffered hook pulls, burred points. Switched from my size 4 straight point hooks to beaked point hooks. After trials I ended up with size 10 beak points and if I recall only had 2 more hook pulls from over 100 fish.
  2. Nice to see you're slowing down ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿคฃ
  3. Sounds like you've got them rocking with 3 fish last night. I wouldn't be slowing it down. If you can't fish then fair enough but try and keep the bait going in. It's only going to get better at this time of year.
  4. Good angling mate and cracking fish. ๐Ÿ‘
  5. No it never happened. It got a free feed so next time should be easier to catch.
  6. I'm guessing the carp don't see that much pressure so a standard hair rig will do just fine I imagine.
  7. What kind of venues are you targeting? Lakes , rivers? As an all round line you probably can't beat daiwa sensor line. High abrasion, high knot strength and cheap. Once again you should easily be able to obtain it in China. On the other hand there will be numerous makers of braided mainline over there. Hooks is a personal thing. I mainly use korda hooks but also have some hooks made for sea fishing called chinu, these are ultra sharp and very strong for the thin gauge. Once again, all should be easily obtainable over there.
  8. Surely you can get hold of daiwa rods/reels or shimano rods/reels over there. You probably won't find better reels than these. Rods on the other hand, century or Harrison are in my opinion the best rod builders.
  9. As for tigers, look up "whitetigerfishing". Not the cheapest but by far the best tigers you will ever use. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Loads of anglers doing well on it. Nigel will do well on any bait in all fairness.
  11. I know a few people on this, they rate it very highly. In fact one of my older fishing mates has always made his own bait. He got to know the fella at Blake's and last year took some as an alternative bait to france. He was top rod for the week, all on Blake's and not a single one on his bait. He's always slated readymade bait but he now uses Blake's. That for me is high praise from this fella. If for whatever reason I stopped using prem it would be who I'd use.
  12. It was showing every 5 or 10mins so I just sat there with phone in hand with camera at the ready.
  13. One of those things. Was my first night back for a couple of months . They get a free feed so not all bad.
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