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  1. I see maggots have been mentioned, I've found they can be devastating at this time of year. My personal preference is for reds. I take a gallon of them and have caught some right whackers on them at this time of year. They can certainly buy you a bite if things slow up.
  2. I'd say it depends on the venue you chose to fish during winter and weather conditions that you are fishing in. High stocked venue then I'd fish lead clips to semi tight lines and fish for liners if I can't find them. 12mm - 16mm baits and I wouldn't be afraid to give them some bait. On my syndicate water I used to go the opposite regarding bait size, 18mm - 24mm baits. The bigger baits for pre-baiting to hopefully stop the tufties scoffing them. I would have also been baiting a swim or 2 for a good few months by now with particle and boilie. Plumbing the spots every now and then w
  3. Love him or loathe him take a look at how Shelley does his chod set up. It's how I've always tied mine and set mine up and never had a problem with this way and never dropped the lead. The lead staying on is what enables the hook link to come off the leadcore/leader. If the lead is dropped then its harder for the leader to snag up and therefore the hooklink can't pull off.
  4. Firstly I'd lead about the area where you pulled the bloodworm in from and hope to find "a spot" or better still "the spot". And also lead about other swims/areas you might intend on fishing into late autumn/ winter. Failing that I'd happily put a chod anywhere. I know the way I set it up is safe so have no issues casting it anywhere.
  5. That's the gear, ive snapped bait drills on hookbaits glugged in this stuff.
  6. Where do you live?
  7. Depends if you are someone who hits the clip hard, if you are then you could snap your line or the clip. If not then the emblem spod reel is what I go for. Brilliant reels in my opinion
  8. Personally I'd change over from an inline lead setup to a helicopter set up. You can then set the top bead to the depth you feel is adequate. A critically balanced hookbait or pop up for the rig.
  9. Was thinking just the same. That weed bed has to hold a few.
  10. So you didn't threaten the entire forum then? Or am I THAT thick that it actually wasn't a threat of violence by you towards us ALL to put US in our places.
  11. So this isn't a threat then? You've threatened to put this entire forum in its place. 不不
  12. Ratted me. To who, your mummy and daddy不
  13. He's not a wolf, he's a little lamb bless him. Can picture him now sat at his laptop, glasses held together with a plaster, woolly tank top on, face as red as a raspberry where he's getting so angry as no one gives a flying xxxx what he thinks 不不
  14. No I'm not tough and I didn't threaten you. It's so easy to misinterpret the written word. But I thought you'd know that with your superior knowledge of the English language and being that you were writer.
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