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  1. It was hilarious. I've got more pics of it some where. I'll try and dig them out.
  2. Makes you wonder how it can be that cheap when all the top brands are twice that. Either the top brands are ripping people off or the quality of this one isn't as good. I don't use a bait boat and never would but I know people who do and it comes back to the same old thing, buy cheap buy twice.
  3. I was sorting a cupboard out and found some old pics. One made me chuckle as if I'd not had the picture no one would believe it. It's not super imposed as one mate reckoned. The pigeon was a racing pigeon that landed in front of my mates bivvy and was obviously very tame. My mate took it home in the end and it flew off the next day. Anyone else got pics of things you didn't expect to see on the bank?
  4. Snugpak are the dogs danglies in my opinion. I use their sleeping bags and have the softie shirt and sasquatch. Amazingly warm. I wouldn't use anything else.
  5. Don't get me wrong, amongst the "known" anglers he's still very much at or near the top.
  6. That is always happening. I've seen numerous "sponsored " anglers catch fish on a certain bait only to put in the mags' it was caught on his sponsored bait. I kind of expect it from some of them but one of them I couldn't believe had done it as I held him in high regard and thought everything he said was always accurate. In fact this one particular angler also represents a tackle manufacturer (esp,ecially end tackle, you might guess who from this) but his hooks were from a totally different company stating that they were much sharper than the ones he was sponsored by. I stopped buying magazines from then on.
  7. Ive only used hydros. Be that krill, salmon, shrimp and a shore crab one. I've used them all and no one is any better than the other. I've blended them also. The only thing I noticed over a few seasons were the results were better in the spring time using these glugs. And it's not just the hookbaits that were glugged, all my bait would have been glugged (boilies I mean).
  8. If I'm honest, I hardly ever use a marker float any way. I just lead about. I don't need a marker. I just use a far margin point of reference and how many wraps and Job done. As long as you are in line with said reference point and clipped up you will hit the same spot each time. Simples
  9. Totally agree nick. I'm not fazed by a bit of weed nor a lot of weed for that matter. But I'd say most people use a marker to show where a clear spot is and a large ringed swivel might just let the float up in an area there is some weed etc. Its also another reason I don't use a boom section for the lead, a boom will keep the float out of any weed and potentially misguide the person into thinking the area is clean when in fact it isn't. . And as with most things, if everyone is finding/ fishing clear spots then I'm aiming to do the complete opposite anyway.
  10. If or when I've used a marker the last thing I do is put a large eyed swivel on. I just use a regular swivel simply because the large eye swivel might let the float up even if there is some weed/rubbish on the lake bed. If the float comes up with a regular swivel on then there's a much bigger chance that the area is clear.
  11. You've met a right character there in Fat Al'. He catches them though. But he's certainly right.
  12. That's Simon's fish for you. As a lot of us said who fished dinton, his fish are born with a brain. On white and no doubt on black there are fish that Simon assumes have died and they come out many years after their last capture. The fish known as triple row in white, my mate caught it at 8lb many years ago and then appears next at upper 30. The surrounding ponds on the dinton pastures country park are all full of whackers. Un fed and just left to grow. Every now and then some one will be tasked with catching one to stock into white or black. A very good stocking policy and very well run. Just a shame it's become so pressured.
  13. yes simon knows his stuff for sure. i had a gold card for a couple of seasons and like you fished mainly black in those couple of seasons. both hold special fish indeed.
  14. Yes you have spike and saddle back, both upper 40lb linears if not 50lb. God knows how many 40's now to back them up. All the big fish in there were all mid to upper 30's or just hitting 40 when I was on there. As for white swan, possibly 3 x 50's and numerous 40's . Most of which are proper stunners. I left white hating the place. When I first joined it i Ioved it but it became full of fish at all cost anglers, desperate wannabes. My name is on the list for white again but can't see me rejoining, unless I could fish mid week.
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