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  1. Winter thoughts

    i think, well i know from personal experience that winter can be a very very good time of year to fish for carp. endless freezing cold nights and the lake freezing over for a week or 2 then thawing out and that will see my rods hung up til mid feb' weather permitting.the main thing that stops me from doing as much winter fishing as i used to is my asthma gets a lot worse in the cold so i tend not to go as much as in previous years. but if you get a mild winter then your fishing can be immense. if you work at it then the rewards are most certainly there to be had with the fish being at their biggest weights in some cases and they look just stunning in their winter colours. years of fishing and winter fishing has taught me when to keep going and when to stop and ive got it pretty spot on regarding my own fishing. must admit this year ive got it wrong. decided to hang the rods up but my mate has been doing very well, that said ive missed the last 3 weeks with this flu bug thats been going around. i bait up during the week putting in 8kg throughout the week and he fishes the weekend and he has had some cracking results up til this weekend. who says fishmeals dont work in winter. i would never put anyone off winter fishing, weather i think pays a huge roll in whether you have a chance or not. some older anglers i know always say once the lake freezes over then hang up the rods. ok there will be some instances where you will still get bites but on average it will be that much harder with the water temp being very low.
  2. Right from personal experience with some of the profile plus range less is definitely more. I would steer well clear of 5ml per 500grms. My mates used it at that and caught for a few weeks then it just died a death. I use 1ml in 6 eggs when I was doing a baiting campaign and caught consistently. I used to put the same amount in a 1 egg pop up mix too, so 1ml in 1 egg. That's more than enough believe me. I've used the sweet plum, fruitella, pineapple and juicy fruit. The later being my favourite, especially in a birdfood / milk bait. There has been the odd advert in carpology I think about the profile plus range and one quote I always remember from it was " you don't need to use a lot, a little goes a long way" . Or something along those lines.
  3. So What is sheer luck

    You can plan a campaign but there is still luck involved as to what you catch surely? Unless of coarse you have stalked your target then that is not luck. Carrying out a planned campaign will undoubtedly give you an edge over fellow anglers . Now on my old syndicate or even my new one there are and were a few 40's to go at. So my current lake for example, roughly 150-200 fish and 5 maybe 6 40's in there. So catching 1 for me is lucky, 2 is lucky at least this is how I saw it. But after managing 4 from my new lake and a fair few from my old lake does that mean I'm a lucky angler? I've found a spot and fished it and from there on its pure luck as to what picks it up, isn't it? Now maybe it isn't just luck. To catch the big fish consistently surely there is more to it than luck?
  4. New Moon or full Moon?

    From my fishing experiences and the lakes I have fished I have without doubt had better results on a new moon. Pretty sure I can count on 1 hand the fish i have caught on a full moon. That said my mate calls a full moon a 40's moon.
  5. The Magic Of Fishing

    Totally agree with everything you've wrote there. Going through the " apprenticeship " as it were was brilliant and a proper learning curve. I remember screaming when I caught a gudgeon all those years ago, it was "whopper". Still get as excited with a fish today.
  6. The Cheating Thread

    Yes it was mind blowing if I'm honest. I remember that season very well. I was invited onto a baiting team and a bait that for some few years previous had done some serious damage on dinton white swan. Though this particular season the bloke who designed the bait decided on using a milk protein bait all year. We struggled throughout the summer and autumn but my mate did say " wait til winter and the bait will come into its own" . Well he wasn't wrong was he. Like you, my current lake is probably 95% or more are fish supplied by Simon. Just a handful of old original leney mirrors and the odd wild carp still remain from original stockings. He certainly has some cracking fish and any lake with his fish is certainly worth fishing.
  7. The Cheating Thread

    i had my best season on white swan thanks to an awesome winter on there. don't get me wrong it was a very mild winter but like you say most had pulled off. half a dozen of us had the lake to ourselves and kept all captures quiet (even from simon.) one of the lads let a couple of our february captures out the bag and that was it, everyman and his dog came back and rammed out the lake. annoying as that was i couldn't complain. i had 10 fish from november through to march (1x20, 4x30 to 38 and 5x40 to 46) i was more than buzzing to say the least . on white you always had the same 4 or 5 regulars that fished right through. i do recall a couple of times the last fish came out mid november or maybe mid october one particular year then nothing til mid to late february so it could be a head banger. once the lake had a lid on it then that was it for the winter normally, nothing would be out til mid feb'. as for black i think thats the same. a handful stay on with the odd one doing a bit here and there but the majority waiting for a call to say something had been out then they return for a few weeks, blank and wait at home for the telephone once again. if i ever rejoined white swan i think it would be on a winter ticket, quiet banks, lovely.
  8. The Cheating Thread

    you'll have to let me know when your down next and if im not busy ill pop down
  9. The Cheating Thread

    totally agree with you there. i'll be honest and say that i had it in my mind to go back there in 4-5yrs time. and yes the fish that i know of are absolutely worth catching now. god only knows what the stock will be in 4 or 5 yrs, especially with some of the growth rates that have been going on in there.
  10. The Cheating Thread

    I certainly saw one of the big girls. It was alongside a common which had been out only a few weeks previous at 41lb and this mirror dwarfed it. Once again I'd say at least 10lb bigger. The unit is a fish that could well keep growing. I had it at 38lb. And yes the linears are a sight to behold. Must admit talking about the lake certainly makes me wish I still held a ticket but one walk around it on a weekend would soon put me off again haha. Certainly unfinished business for me on that lake. I will return one day. You fishing right through the winter on there?
  11. The Cheating Thread

    Glad you've enjoyed black and yes it has got a special stock of fish with still some I believe uncaught whackers. They've been seen but not banked, as far as I'm aware anyway. If black wasn't in the middle of a country park and only accessible by anglers then I'd still be on there now, well unless id caught the ones I wanted haha.
  12. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    I'm still in two minds what to do in 2018. I've held a ticket for proper history lake in the Colne Valley for a good few years now which I keep meaning to do a season on instead of just going there now and again. Or a mate has joined a small fishing club mainly for the rivers it has access to but he has stumbled across a lake it also runs which he has found out holds a couple of 40's and numerous 30's and the first night he fished it which was 5 weeks ago now there was only 1 other angler on it. Heaven. So I'll fish on my current syndicate til the ticket runs out end of March and then see. Still one fish in there that I'd like to catch but singling it out from the other 200 is needle in a haystack especially as stalking isn't an option due to the wake boarding boat on there.
  13. The Cheating Thread

    . I managed a season and a half on black. The public fried my brain on that lake. I spent many seasob on White swan though. Was a lot less busy with public but being a weekender the angling pressure was your enemy. The fish in there made it more than bareable though.
  14. The Cheating Thread

    How long ago did you fish dinton may I ask? I fished it myself for a good few years. As for difficult it could have you scratching your head for sure, especially as there is a good stock of fish. I reckon simon used to teach his fish how to avoid getting caught before stocking them.
  15. The Cheating Thread

    Ive read in your recent posts in this thread that you have fished for the black mirror and the eye and im assuming you knew they resided in them lakes and youve just said that you also fish somewhere that you think holds big fish. So out of curiosity, how long would you fish somewhere that you think holds big fish?