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  1. Carpy, as in "that looks carpy". Hate the word.
  2. Yes exactly, the different species at different times of the year makes it interesting. Let's face it, you never really know what will pick your bait up next.
  3. It can be as simple as that for some I guess but for me personally there is a lot more to it than that. Scouting the beaches you intend to fish at low tide to look out for snags, any gullies the fish might use as the tide comes in, whether there are any worm casts and which casts, mussel beds etc, this can point you to which baits will work. Learning the tidal pulls, learning the tidal strength as the tides build day on day to "spring tides" then the reverse when they drop to "neap tides". Some beaches can only be fished 2hrs before high tide to 2hrs down from high tide. So learning depths
  4. Where abouts is this can I ask? I fish the south coast, west Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset.
  5. Any hounds about where you are?
  6. I started beach fishing 4yrs ago now and since then probably only been carp fishing 20 times In that time and now not carp fished since may last year. Like you say, guaranteed a spot on the beach, never know what you might catch and it's free to fish, what's not to like Haha.
  7. Yes you can do that. You'll cast far enough if you need to. I wouldn't do it on big pits though as the undertow will drag your line/hookbait out of position. As for needing the lead for setting the hook as mentioned, not necessarily. I use the naked chod and it can run 5ft between lead and top bead. I can honestly say the lead 9 times out of 10 doesn't set the hook, I do.
  8. Are you allowed to use braided mainline on this lake you mention? If so that along with 3.5oz leads will see you cast over this fallen tree you mention. Another reason for braided mainline is that there is no stretch in it so bite indication is pretty much instant. With mono' mainline the amount of stretch in the line at 20-23 wraps would see the fish take you into this snag without even registering a bleep on your alarm.
  9. Why does it have to be beefed up? Why not try a washed out or flavourless hookbait, it might just be more acceptable to a carp than a hi attract hookbait.
  10. Thieves also like a shed, make sure its fully secure.
  11. Save your money. A mate of mine brought this and it's a load of tosh.
  12. I always use the chod with a leader, a leadcore leader to be precise. That's just my preference and I've never had an issue with this set up.
  13. Good point, although I use predominantly 4oz leads and use 15lb line straight through. If you're concerned there is a tapered mainline on the market so no knot.
  14. If the suns been hitting that part of the lake all day then I'd be on the zigs. The fish will be up in the water for sure.
  15. And the anglers name wasn't Marty, unless of course he went back to the future 🤣
  16. Pretty sure the 2005 record carp at 83lb was from Graviers and not rainbow, but then if I'm reading your post correctly, you caught it so I guess you'd know.
  17. Can anyone relate to this? All of us at some point i reckon Haha
  18. If you want to pre bait with boilies then take a look on premier baits website. They do something called "randoms". £35 for 10kg.
  19. Well I've just been on their website and for me I personally wouldn't touch it.
  20. Well hopefully our government put a stop to the french coming over here for a while so we are not put back under pressure regarding covid over here.
  21. Best way to keep your lawn/grass cutting to a minimum is to pour plenty of beer on it. It comes up half cut 🙈
  22. Are you sure the fish are still in there? Predators, poachers etc
  23. I'm definitely glad I've had the jab also. Sounds a bit familiar your side effects to a couple of people I know. Obviously affects some people differently to others.
  24. Well had my vaccination jab on Monday which I was pleased about as I'm an asthmatic. The side effects I had I wasn't so pleased about. Had it monday at 9am, 9pm that night I was dripping with sweat and feeling nauseous. I only started feeling better around midday today. Anyone else had the jab and any side effects?
  25. Not used them myself but seems to be a good company from I read on there
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