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  1. I don' know if this is any help, it's a quote taken from another forum: "There have been some rumours doing the rounds about Boyers Pit. Becontree & District Angling Societies water in Dagenham Essex none of the rumours have any truth in them. The society as from today 20th. December 2013 has secured and signed a new lease for 15 years. The water will remain members only with a restricted carp section as has been the case since 1984. Application forms are usually available from Robertsons Tackle Oxlow Lane Dagenham Essex . The society has had control of this water since 1930. "
  2. That's not quite true; the Anglers Conservation Association (now Fish Legal) were approached by the Nation Rivers Authority (now The Environment Agency) and the Nature Conservancy Council (now Natural England) in the early 80's and the ACA opted not to enter into discussions. I am wholly in agreement with you that detailed studies need undertaking NOW.
  3. Your assumptions are based on what? well just look at the amount of anglers that have signed it, if you offset that against the amount of anglers in the uk. its as clear as the nose on your face...... they cant be bothered, and assume the problem will go away . it gets left to the few dedicated anglers to make the right noises. its always been the same in this country you get the "doers" and the talkers who are full of bs and leave everything to everyone else and wont stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers....... so thats how i base my oppinion, and if you dont like it i make no appologies.... So you're basing your assumptions on the fact that it's mainly carp anglers that have signed what is essentially a pointless petition. I use the word pointless loosely because in truth aimless would probably be a better term. As when all said and done, IF the petition's author had even a shred of evidence to back up his claims, he'd be told the same thing regardless of the number signatures he gets. Go to the relevant authorities!! So if the main signatories being carp anglers shows you they care most, then so be it, I'm not going to try and change your mindset.
  4. So far as I'm aware, any UK citizen can start a Government E petition and within reason it can be worded how you like. I'm not knocking the petition's author but he has started numerous ones. Whereas if he sat back and nailed a 'good un' inciting real support/backing and with clear concise aims/goals, he'd achieve so much more.
  5. Your assumptions are based on what?
  6. I emphasise this is not me having a go, especially not at you cobleyn but I'm actually shocked at how much support this appallingly worded petition actually got. Its opening line: "The illegal release of otters is posing a potentially disastrous threat to Britain’s wildlife." It's an absolute joke starting off with such an unprovable statement! Does anyone have any evidence at all to support this claim, no matter how tenuous it might be? Then there is this: "These hand-reared predators have no fear of man." Again, is there evidence to support this claim, I think not? Is it not plausible that otters have shed their fear as a result of them having no need to fear us? The closing sentense: "We also urge the Environment Agency to tackle the existing population of otters in the best way possible." Well sorry but the EA will simply state the best way possible is to see how things pan out. Whereas had it asked for thorough investigation into the effects on fish stocks (both river and stillwater) where otters are a 'perceived' problem. I can't help but think it would've gained greater backing and actually have served a useful purpose if it was worded better. On a positive note; once a few 'names' got involved, look at the momentum it gained.
  7. It certainly did . What I don't get is how you asking "Who do YOU rate as experts?" can be confused with a self proclamation of expert status, not that I've met anyone so arrogant as to make that claim. Its true to say a lot revel in the glory when others award them a tag like that. But for balance the likes of Terry Hearn, Tony Miles, Chris Turnbull, Chris Yates all smile and say something along the lines of "I wouldn't go that far" Safe in the knowledge they're very accomplished fish catchers.
  8. Very interesting post for 2012.................................Why? Without Walker it's doubtful we'd have bite alarms (I know he never made them himself but he was intrinsic in their development). No Maddocks and Middleton - no hair rig..... Can you imagine todays experts without alarms and hair rigged baits? Yes I can, as I talked to Lenny about it on Darenth in the 80's................Nice Guy too! One thing is certain; without the hair rig and alarms, a heck of a lot less carp would be caught. But todays expert carp catchers; Terry Hearn would defo be on most people's list.
  9. Very interesting post for 2012.................................Why? Without Walker it's doubtful we'd have bite alarms (I know he never made them himself but he was intrinsic in their development). No Maddocks and Middleton - no hair rig..... Can you imagine todays experts without alarms and hair rigged baits?
  10. Dick Walker, Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton.
  11. Thanks guys for your opinions, I think I'll leave long shanked hooks well alone, except for on the Bristol channel and cod are my target species.
  12. Some of the various Animal Feed Pellets are dangerous for Carp. Ewe Pencils for Pregnant Sheep may have an excess of Copper in them, Sugar Beet Pellets, read the Sticky at the top of the Bait and Bait Making. Some of the Pig Feeds have a large amount of Steroids in them to speed up Pig Growth for the Table quicker. Ok Pigs are mostly only farmed for the Table, but there are early deaths from "unknown" causes. If its killing Pigs then the same feed cannot be good for Carp. We all know the risks of using Steroids in Humans. A Maggot Farmer in Suffolk was using Pig Flesh for Maggot Breeding. The Maggots he was producing were twice the size of maggots fed on Fish or Chicken Flesh The other thing that people may not realise is that an excess of some Minerals can be Poisonous. We have a basic requirement for Vitamins and Minerals, yet to go past that to excess can be dangerous. Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Sodium (Salt), and Copper Now I'm not saying that we should only Buy Pellets from the Tackle Shops, I don't, they can be too costly. Yet every time I buy Pellets from an Animal Feed Supplier I ask for the Data Sheets on the Pellets I buy, with a full list of ingredients, Nutritional Values etc, which all reputable Suppliers will be only too happy to do. I did get some Pig Pellets years ago (early 90's) that were Rapid Breakdown Fishmeal Pellets, even then I was checking the Data Sheets on suitability, and testing them before I used them as Groundbait or even grinding them down and using them in Base Mixes. The other thing about buying pellets from Tackle Shops is that they can be pellets bought direct from an Animal Feed supplier and re-packaged or weighed and sold neat. How long have these pellets been in the shop? Has the Oil gone rancid? Are they Trout, Coarse, Salmon or Halibut? Even CSL Pellets could just be Ewe/Sheep Pencils re-branded. Its far better if not sure on Pellets to buy those specifically designed for Carp and Coarse Fish! Just for clarity; the usage of steroid growth promoters in pigs was banned in the early 70's. And usage of antibiotic growth promoters for all animals was outlawed on 31/12/2005. It is still possible to have meds as an infeed inclusion (wormers, antibiotics to treat a specific ailment, zinc oxide to prevent scouring), but these all require a vetinary prescription - so can not be bought over the counter from your local farm supplier. All that said, I'd very much encourage erring on the side of caution when using any unknown products, especially if designed for a totally different species of animal. That and like us, most fish require a varied diet to provide them with all their nutritional needs - so too much of a singular food type WILL eventually leads to malnutrition. It needs adding, that at least the animal feed industry has full transparency and traceability - shame we can't say the same of the fishing bait industry!
  13. You are right, they are curved shank hooks but essentially they are based on the known benefits of the bent hook-rig. I'm just a bit worried that with that length of wire chaffing around on the carp's bottom lip, it will cause damage, same as many found with the actual bent hook-rig of old. I fully accept you never experienced damaged mouths but others certainly did.
  14. I'd attribute your findings to the fact that nigh on all backwinders tend to be older, more experienced anglers, so have a better conception of how much force to exert on a fish. Clutch all the way for me. When tench and barbel fishing there is no other option, as I use a Penn Slammer (anti-reverse is permanetly engaged). And I will add; if your clutch is set correctly, you get ample feedback as to what's going on with the fish.
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