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    Fishing, writing and Rugby
  1. Ye thanks for that, Jes and Stoogi I will get myself down to TFM and get some and give it a go on Appely Lake. Cheers. Jim
  2. Can anyone in Shropshire area please tell me where I can by Red Band Pigeon Conditioner? Cheers. Jim
  3. I use dipped pellets in marmite on my local runs water and have always caught on it. Mind you, I am not sure it has given me the edge because I have I have caught just as well without dipping pellets.
  4. Took a 12ib common out of Appely during week. Nothing above 8 on Dandy last weekend.
  5. Cheers welder, I will. I reckon the key is to have a critically balanced rig on method feeder on my local runs, but will have to think about keeping the smaller coarse fish off it.
  6. Yes...must admit to carp mag overload, trying new rigs, buying latest rig bits etc and ye, it cost a fortune but did not make much difference. One thing that does my head in is the constant introduction of new boilies, which have allegedly been tried tested and produced the goods. This year I want to use naturals as well as HNV boilies. I think we under estimate maggots so I am going to give them a go on my local day ticket runs water.
  7. Would love Delks TXI's but is it really necessary to replace my EV's?
  8. I am going to take a lot less kit with me, especially terminal bits and pieces which costs a fortune. Keeping it simple is also going to be a strategy for 2010.
  9. Hi all, names Jim just joined, live in the Telford area. I would definitely be interested in a social so look forward to hearing more info once you have decided on date location etc.
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