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  1. So apart from a good old shag,what have we to do to evoke a feeding response from mr and mrs carp,if they can utilise an abundent natural supply then given a consistent supply of baits giving off the same signals would surely be the way forward yes? Or would it?
  2. Damn,your real good then! I wouldnt have time to eat an after eight!
  3. Good luck chaps,lets hope it all goes well!!!!
  4. The trouble is fella,its the life of the bait that causes all sorts of problems,having been down the liquidised squid and liver route and me being one who hates preservatives and will not incorporate them into a bait,its just not a viable option for me!
  5. A friend of mine was breeding his own snails to incorporate into a bait,not sure it would have the desired effect tho?
  6. Yes and it WAS the stickiest most horrible mix to roll EVER!!!! But....DAMN did those fish like it!!!! Its a shame that some of the greatest meat baits out there cant be mass produced without drastically altering them!
  7. 6.50 mate Anyway,this is not a UCN thread so lets get back on topic shall we chaps!
  8. Its done through volume fellas,we dont do as much as most companies but its going down to 10.50 this week,then again the baits just been dropped by 1.50kg,have i got to drop me pants also?
  9. Sausage meat is a sure fire winner,the seasoned meat that is produced by butchers,their own meat,is far superior than pre-packed meat,Great summer/autumn bait
  10. Why thankyou kind sir! We aim to please
  11. Ok,i can relate to that...... Good point!
  12. Really? So are you saying that a carp will learn to avoid AMINOS because its in a little round ball?or a chop? And that they will ignore their natural "EAT ME" signal?
  13. So,now we know that a carp will readily accept aminos as a safe food signal,how would we best utilise the power of AMINOS.Enzymes? Bacterias?natural fermentation? Or a combination of all 3?????
  14. Because a carp has relatively poor vision for one,you only have to look closely at the positioning of the eyes and the way they approach to feed in shallow, clear water to observe this.They are more reliant on their other sensory organs.
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