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  1. christian97

    Bait floss.

    Thanks very much Nige, but I still have 150m of the unwaxed floss so it might be a while before I need anymore.
  2. christian97

    Bait floss.

    Yonny, It was more about the unwaxed stuff gripping pop ups better than the waxed variety when you tied them on...as you say I wouldn't think the wax affects the fish it's the physical properties that were important
  3. christian97

    Bait floss.

    Back in the day the view was that the unwaxed was the best, but I've not seen any about for ages, but not too much of a problem as I stocked up when it got. Interestingly now the unwaxed is not readily available the tackle firms are saying waxed is better...yeh right, no it isn't.... but currently beggars can't choosers
  4. Very well run club, good waters but remember it's days only.
  5. christian97

    Blackfords Progressive Anglers Society?

    A very good well run club but not a carp club as such and no night fishing other than a small number of night tickets. They have three well stocked waters and the other has the bigger fish but all are mixed fisheries.
  6. christian97

    Quality Baits

    I only use them for ingredients and have to say they are as good as any other suppliers.
  7. christian97

    Trakker X- Trail Gravity Barrow

    I have one and can confirm that the principle of putting weight over the wheel and being able to lift the handles high to allow the weight to work for you works very well on flat solid ground, in soft ground and up hill it takes more effort to push and you really need to put more weight at the handle end. Easy enough to do but you need to plan when you are loading. Only negative point for me is that I do not find the barrow very stable at all and you have to be very careful to distribute the weight, think a wide tire would help.
  8. christian97

    Stiff hinge rig

    I have been using atomic jelly wire as the boom section this year with some success.
  9. christian97

    Extracts and Attractors

    It is very true you can make a very successful bait with no synthetic flavour. It is equally true that you can trick (atrract) a carp to a pick up a very ordinary semo/soya comination by using an attractive synthetic flavour......So why not get the best of both worlds....you may have to be careful with the flavour level to ensure they continue to eat the bait but eat it they will.
  10. christian97

    Shimano Mag's V Basia qdx

    I took the plung and bought some shimano mags this spring. While I have grown to love them there are a couple of issues. The first is that they do not have a line guard. There are some stick on velcro type strips that they come with, these definately help but do not cure the problem completely. I have have gradually learnt to keep everything tight when the rods are out of the water and rarely have a problem now. The other issue is the "quick" spool which in my opinion is anything but. It says they go from loose (baitrunner) to full clutch in half a turn....no they don't...but again you get used to it. Engineering wise they are solid and very smooth, and they are so light which was what I needed/wanted
  11. christian97

    tfg force 8 bivvy

    Yep, force 8 bivvy, bought it when they first came out probably 6 or 7 years ago and as I said had three years of hard use out of it before the poles started to soften and even then it was perfectly fine in all but really strong winds.
  12. christian97

    tfg force 8 bivvy

    I must be the only person who has owned one of these and used it extensively over three years and never had a problem with it. Yes there are better bivvies but for the price you get a twin skin bivvy, which means no condensation which is easy to put up (less easy to take down) and stands up to to the wind very well although the fibreglass poles eventually started to soften. It proved a good buy for me.
  13. christian97


    I do the usual, soak for 24hrs+ then boil, but after this to speed up the production of the slime....keep them somewhere warm. In the sun (if we ever get some) or on top of a radiator. Can get them slimed up in 12 to 24hrs like this. Buts what the matter with using them fresh....I cannot see any difference in catch rates.
  14. christian97

    Base Mixes - Home Made v Shop Bought

    I have been making my own baits for over 20 years now, its all part of the fun. Nowadays I formulate the base mix and additives but get them rolled for me by a local company. However I have never done it as a money saving exercise. Yes I could produce a bait that would catch for £5/Kg including the rolling but it only takes a few grammes of a powder additive to bump up the cost, add in a good liquid food and flavour combo and the price will be more likely £6-7/kg It don't half feel good when you come up with a bait that makes the bobbins fly, the more you do it the more likely this is going to happen as you start to get a feel for what works and what does not...and yes I do make spectacular mistakes as well thnkfully not for several years now! I usually try a couple of different baits each year, one for winter/spring and one for summer/autumn. This isn't because this is strictly neccessary its because I want to.
  15. christian97

    Delkim Playing Up

    Just thought I would give a positive word for the delks. I have a had set of original txi's for over 10 years and used them in all sorts of weather week in week out and they have never and I mean never missed a beat. Of course I cannot speak for the newer txi plus's, but I don't plan on changing my alarms anytime soon.