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  1. Hi Tobs, Check out Emporer lakes, Milemead fisheries or Stafford moor. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi guys, I don't often post on here but always have a good read through picking up bits and pieces along the way. Anyways I thought that the following deserved a mention. Last week I ordered 5k of bait from the Bait & Feed company (first time I had used them) the bait was delivered quickly but there had seemed to be some problem in the rolling process and the bait the was delivered was the wrong colour After a quick phone call explaining that I had recieved the wrong colour bait they apologized for the muck up and are going the send out the correct bait ASAP These guys obviously understand the importance of good customer service so thankyou for quickly rectifying this problem and I now have 10k of bait for the price of 5k I shall definitely be using them again!
  3. Not had any problems with mine and been out in some pretty nasty weather over the last year.
  4. I did wonder with the color of the zip, stops me becoming completely lost in the undergrowth, lol. I too read that they were a touch on the small side so ordered a size up and apart from the length it fits fine.
  5. Hi Rafa, I own the Diem ATV jacket (similar if not the same, i think) and am impressed with it for the price. It has a thin fleece type lining which is more than adequete for keeping you warm on chilly spring/autum evenings and has kept me dry through all the rubbish weather of last summer. It has zips under each armpit (never used them but suppose if you got hot would help) and plenty of pockets to keep bits and bobs in whilst wondering about. My only complaint is that it is quite long (i'm only 5ft 9") but just tuck it up under itself which solves the problem. I think you can now pick them up for £35 so all in all would highly recommend
  6. Have a look at stafford moor in Devon. Bit of a drive from you but lovely lodges and plenty of lakes and species to go at! They did have some late deals on but not sure if they are still on offer! Hope this helps
  7. I buy there 10k post free deal. Order 10k of thier own Monster Crab boilies, tub of pop ups, paste and dip all for £55 I'm down in Devon and recieve my order within a few days, fresh and stinking of fishy goodness Had carp upto 25lb on them so far this year. Great company and would def recommend
  8. I spent a bit of time down there a couple of years ago but not really fished it since as it's not my thing though a mate of mine does fish it every now and again. Theres a big bar that runs from the island to the smaller islands on the left hand side of the lake (from the shop) and this can often be a good place to start putting a bait at the bottom rather than on top with a boilie that they sell on site. My favourite peg was 10 which has the main island and a deep hole off to the left to fish to (always done ok here.) A bait boat is an advantage if your fishing to the island as the fish tend to mainly take baits that are very close to it. Carp wise i'm not sure what the biggest fish is but the average around 13lb. They can be quite moody fish at times but I think this is probably due to the pressure. There are quite a few cats present though I only ever managed a small one of about 7lb. I think they go upto 40lb ish but am not sure. There's no dead baiting allowed but the cats will quite happily pick up Halibuts and Boilies and I believe the record came out on corn Its quite small around 1.5acres and muddy in colour. It's quite well looked after and Jerry the owner is a nice bloke and will help you out where he can. Hope this helps
  9. Hi Andy, used to fish it a bit in my younger year! The lake is very deep so stick to the margins with really smelly bait due to the colour of the water! The fish like to hang around in the snags so that's always a good bet. Fish wise not sure on numbers but believe they go to around 24lb. Simple silt type rigs because you at right the bottom is pretty much very soft clay! Hope this helps
  10. Simply just to get out more than I was able to last season
  11. My wife treated me to a Diem ATV lightweight jacket, all I need now is some time off work to try it out
  12. I got rid of my pod because I just never used it but my mate has the Nash H Gun and it performs well for the price, looks good to IMO.
  13. I've had mine for a year now and so far so good cast well and are nice to play fish on.
  14. Really like the mushroom one Nice pics
  15. Awesome fish. Congratualtions on your p.b
  16. My season was hampered a tad by the small matter of getting married so didnt fish from pretty much june through to september. When I did manage to get out I learnt an awful lot about a new club water i'm gonna fish properly next year I managed to snare a few and enjoyed every minute on the bank. So even though I didnt manage much fishing it was still a good season for me
  17. It's a really nice little well run fishery. Can't praise it enough. Have fun down their
  18. Hi mate. Think I work with your mate Chris from Honiton? Ya cant go far wrong with the far margin mate, as tight as you can get it. Keep rigs simple and don't over do the bait. It tends to fish better at night. This time of year Red Maggot tends to fish well but in the spring the fish love baits from the Mainline range as this is what the shop sells and what mainly goes in. If ya do know Chris i've passed on what I know to him
  19. tel90

    Winter Rigs

    I'll keep my rigs the same, maybe use a flurocarbon hooklink if the waters really clear. Tactic wise the deeper water tends to be where the fish hold up in the colder months on my club lake, not to hopefull though, it did 1 fish last year through dec, jan and feb mind you saying that it was a paticually nasty winter, brrrrrrr.
  20. So would I be with news like that Hope it all works out.
  21. I tend to make my own rigs as it works out quite a bit cheaper but fish with a mate who buys the vast majority of his and our results are pretty much the same
  22. For day sessions it's Rod bag, rucksack, mat, chair and bait bucket, rare overnighters tend to be more but since I am carp porter-less I can still usually get it all to the swim in one load. Clothing wise, combat trousers (army surplus), T-Shirt and camo hoody (asda) total cost about £20 though the wife did treat me to a ESP fleece about two years ago which cost a bit more.
  23. Sounds like you've got a gooden there MrDevon
  24. I do a bit of bass fishing on an estuary in devon fishing a live sandeel freelined or trotted down under a bubble float, awesome fun on a summers morning. Most the fish are under sized and go back to fight another day but still provide some good fun on light gear. I also have a dabble at the cod in the winter on the Bristol Channel and on the famous Chesil beach, though difficult it can be rewarding if ya get on the fish. This winter my target is a 8lb cod and with the season only just around the corner? who knows whats to come
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