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  1. thx alot..im gonna b headeding out this aftenoon...got a lil mix made...hope 2 catrch couple nice fish...
  2. Hi .. Im new to this site and was curious of how u guyz r making your *Pack Bait* and what you r puttin n it ?...Ive got some soy bean and turkey feed plus some cocanut kid i make but was hoping 4 some nfo on how 2 make it a lil betta? any info would be greatful...thx alot
  3. Im from the downtown Indy area...I do mostly catfishin but love 2 fish 4 some carp....I know their r a few diff paylakes with some nice size carps in them...good frien of mine caught a 51 pounder outta of 11-0-11 paylake plus ive caught some nice carp outta Ace lakes/Pine lakes/Wagon Wheel/ catch the big one/ those r a few hope they help ya.....
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