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  1. This thread wasn't supposed to be political so give it a rest chaps! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ BTW business as usual at the borders (carp anglers are not getting specifically targeted for bait!) and drive in pcr tests close to most ports on the way back! results normally in a couple of hours! here is a link https://www.sante.fr/cf/centres-depistage-covid.html
  2. Thanks Carpe Pecher good adviceπŸ‘ on the plus side I am assuming no more speeding tickets will be coming my way I had 4 last time and a couple of them were a bit of a stitch up in my opinion only 5km over the limit!
  3. Ok thanks carpe pecher I think you understand my interest now! lol have you heard weathers its fines or just boile confiscation? πŸ™‚
  4. A bit off topic chaps I was asking about the situation going through the ferry ports or euro tunnel
  5. Hi forum I'm just wondering if anyone has been across to France this year? if so what was the situation with customs were you asked at customs if you were carrying bait or meat and dairy products etc or did you have to fill out a declaration form any reply's will be greatly appreciated thanks S18
  6. Sevenslayer m8 we might be on our own but thats the way I like it!(on my own on a big lac with the wind in my face carp crashing out in front of me!)lol joking aside I think you have summed it up nicely I agree with everything you say! (big respect!) Montereau! I think i know the lake you on about up by the old dream lake I heard some rumors myself! theres still some big fish in that area but so few and far between its not really worth it unless your prepared to sit it out for 1 fish! At the end of the day the the main reason why I fish the public waters is it gives me the same type of fishing i used to experience in england 15+years ago! fishing for unpressured fish in their natural environment! (unfortunately there a whole generation of carp anglers that has never experienced it!) and if someone was half the angler he makes himself out to be then he would be agreeing with me rather than making narrow minded comments! well slayer m8 hopefully we have provoked somebody into thinking outside the box! obviously I'm not going to name waters but its all there on the internet for people to find! All of the French environment agencies have stocking policies and most of the public waters are well stocked!(another thing the pay lake crew dont want you to know!) so if any of you get fed up of fishing the stock ponds for their boilie bloated mud pigs you know what to do! This is my last post bon chance!
  7. Hit a nerve have I? I have my own lake but after carp angling for over 43 years [coarse angling for even longer than that] and fishing some of the English circuit waters during the 70's to 90's I wouldn't consider myself a day ticket specialist. I was merely asking how many of these 50's and 60's that you suggest are everywhere, you managed to catch. I fished the Saone for a few years and my best out of that river is 40.02 lb so no monster and took a lot of hard work. There lies the rub. Most anglers have one week's holiday per year and want to use that to give themselves the best chance of catching some big fish. The river Saone, Seine or Chanty/Orient don't offer that kind of fishing. No you haven't hit a nerve Keith I just live 15 Miles from bicester so I know you and know where you fished! I have been carp fishing for 25years, I know some of the biggest and oldest names in the sport and before you started fishing at linear no one had ever heard of you! coops M8, I can appreciate what your saying, I have friends that fish them and indeed been temped myself! but personally I couldn't give a carp from a pay lake the same credibility as a carp from a big lac or French river and thats one of the reasons i don't fish them! Also just because i spent 6 weeks in France last year don't mean i do it every year! when i used to fish the seine in the 90's we only went for a week or maybe two a year! sevenslayer i must know you? I too fished the seine in the 90's we found this very special swim near montereau and had some very good catches! we normally had at least 20 fish a week (between 2 anglers) 20's 30s 40's and i personally caught a 55lber which was and absolute monster in them days! then a pay lake crew got on the stretch and within a few short years all the fish were gone!(and thats one of the other reasons i dont fish pay lakes) This thread has gone off topic a bit originally it was about French rivers! but it now seems to have been hijacked by some self appointed carp guru and his m8s trying to get publicity for his lake!!! bookings must be down! SAD!
  8. thats the sort of response I'd expect from day ticket specialist! it just all lb's and oz's to some people irrespective of the venue they come from!
  9. Hi forum, I'm glad to see theres still some old schoolers out there still fishing the public waters! last year i spent a total of six weeks carp fishing in France i must have visited at least 10(public lakes) circuit waters from the 80's and 90's and all of them were receiving very little pressure all of these waters contained carp to 50lb+ and some 60lb+ I also stopped off at the saone for a couple of nights and it was full of carp! it beats me how some people would want to sit shoulder to shoulder on some little puddle of a pay lake all trying to catch the same 60lber! when they could be fishing some pictueque river of 2000 acre lake! well at least pay lakes keeps the crowds off the proper waters!lol
  10. Hello Alan I like your website you got a lot of very good information on there m8 well done! mill house I have some maps of night zones for the seine yonne and marne pm me if you want them (its somewhere to start) I know this is going to sound obvious but fishing the rivers is totally different to fishing lakes you have running water to deal with! you got weed and snags floating past, barges and boat traffic, you need strong tackle,snag leaders and heavy leads,you may need large rock hard boilies to combat crayfish, possion chat and other nuisance fish!" Its not everyones cup of tea! but once you get its sussed it becomes quite enyoyable! you probably wont see another carp angler and your be fishing for some uncaught fish! Good luck!
  11. Hey Guys no need to go all defensive? I'm just saying it as it is! This website is heavily PayLake orientated you have only got to read all the posts to see that!and if you have lake owners/managers answering the questions and posts in this section! well its not in their best interest to be putting people on the fish! come on chaps lets not be naive!
  12. I dont think your get much help on here m8 unless your going to one of the pay lakes! I asked a simple question about permits and no one could answer it!
  13. Hello Forum, Hopefully someone might be able to help me! If i was after a carte de peche A l'entente halieutique du grand ouest. How many stamps would i need on my carte de peche and what would be the total cost? Last year i had the club halieutique interdepartemental stamp but im not sure that it covered me for all the 66 federations on the back of the permit! any advice welcome thanks Striker18
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