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  1. Hi all, Would appreciate some help finding out some info on the above syndicate. Have been looking at the place from the road for a while now but am keen to find out more about it! Are there spaces and contact info would be a great start!! Thanks in advance, Nathan.
  2. Just on the point of the Sonik sk3, is there much difference in the original/updated versions other than the obvious change in reel seat?
  3. Thanks Salokcinnodrog, Last year i was on the cell but it didn't produce any carp, only catfish so looking for a change. The feeding between fresh/shelf life makes sense though!
  4. I will be picking up new reels too, possibly Sonik tournos in 8000 or maybe diawa windcast x. Need to view them both and have a play. Reviews for both are really good!?May even stretch to the windcast z if I can get round the wife!
  5. On our French adventures we fly an so end up renting tackle at the lake. But last time the gear was shocking. My rods are Fox es in 2.75 and are well past their best, hence the up upgrade plans! The other thing with the Sonoma is the 50 mm butt ring. Is this just a passing fad or worth a look?
  6. The value for money is the main reason I am looking at them, down to around £60 a rod now if you shop around!
  7. Cheers for the advice! Unfortunately the lake is in France. Have found a company to roll 'fresh' Techni spice for next time so may prolong its effectiveness? Any suggestions for a second bait?
  8. Hey all, hope you can help! Looking at picking up a set of sonik sk3's but torn on test curve. Fish mainly medium sized waters, 6-12 acre and do a yearly trip to France. Big fan of PVA bags and will be fishing at between 60 and 120 yards. Any thoughts?
  9. Hey all, Have a week long trip planned this year and am trying to decide on my bait. On my last visit I fished Nutrabaits Techni spice with some success but it always seems to trail off later in the week. Any tips for keeping the carp keen and my catch rate up? Cheers.
  10. Hi all, i am looking for some local carp fisheries. Ideally somewhere around the a27 between brighton and eastbourne. Night fishing is a must as this will be the main time i am able to get on the water! I do get the odd weekend off (from the missus) so weekend venues that dont get toi packed would be an option! Also looking for some advanced coaching, watercraft, spodding etc. Cheers all Nath.
  11. Hey guys, Have any of you had any experiance of taking bait through airport security/ customs? Flying from southhampton to Limoges. Just regular shelflife boilies, groundbait, and some glug. Don't want to get tied up at airport for hours when there's carp waiting!
  12. Generaly i find the answers to questions without having the need to write my own thread. I know research beforehand is the way to go but unfortunatly the trip was booked by a friend who currently lives in sweden. To be honest i wish it was mirror pool!!! Anyhow it is not and i will make the best of the trip. As the above post says info seems to be rather hard to come by so i was hoping to get some first hand accounts of the lake! surely someone out there has fished there!?
  13. hey guys, first attempt at a post so please help! Myself and some mates have booked Mirror lake in Limoges at the beginning of april this year. Having trouble finding info on the lake. The website is rather poor if i am honest. If anyone can give me some info or tips on the lake eg. lake bottom, recomended baits/rigs and methods etc. To be honest any comments or info would be welcome! cheers stew.
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