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  1. crusian

    What is your newest purchase

    Hi Yonny I guess from another of your posts that you are using HydroTuff in 20lb to give you a line diameter of 0.40mm as the Rig Marole only goes up to 0.37mm ? . 😀
  2. crusian

    What is your newest purchase

    Hello Commonly I've just bought some HydroTuff in 15lb , I'm quite impressed so far ( I've not actually caught anything on it yet , of course ! ) ; what do you think of it ? . Sad to read about your mates m & m's 😔. 😀
  3. Top advice Cyborx . 😀
  4. crusian

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    Ta very much Yonny . My Ronnie hook holds have always been in the scissors , which is o.k. I suppose , but I would prefer in the middle of the lip as some of my scissor hook holds didn't leave much margin of error . However , I have been using sz. 6 Muggas so I'll try 4's - would that be too big for mid doubles and 20's do you think ? ; I never catch singles he lied 🙄.
  5. crusian

    Kebab Rig for Carp

    Thanks Dave . 😀
  6. crusian

    New water

    Hello Lumey In addition to what the others have said , ( i.e. location , location ,location and why the fish are where they are ) , as there are two of you why not have one of you on a pink pop up while the other one tries white or yellow ? ; personally pink has never really worked for me , but white seems to work on the few waters I fish . 🙂
  7. Hello Brutus There will be members on this site that will appreciate that you have had an " apprenticeship " into fishing rather than jump straight into just fishing for Carp . Wellcome . 😀
  8. crusian

    View from your bivvy door.

    That's one hell of a big lake you can see across the road from your house , Cloud ! . 😀
  9. crusian

    Hi all, just joined today

    Well certainly nuttas Smithy .
  10. crusian

    Looking for a couple of bits

    Love the colour of your finger nails , Buzz 😁
  11. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    Not sure I'd want to buy a car from a salesman with dirty teeth . I guess when you next catch a lump from your lake you'll have your mouth firmly shut giving one of those moody disinterested looks ? . 😀
  12. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    No mat , and not looking at the camera ! . 🙄
  13. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    You're a better man than me Smufter , I look on the Facebook page of my club water and part of me wants to see some fish coming out , but then when I see someone holding a big fish I'm jealous ☚ī¸. I hope your Wife will not think the two of you can saunter down your lake at midday in blazing sunshine and expect to catch ! . 😀
  14. crusian

    Bayswater Essex

    Strewth ! , Bayeswater won't know what's hit it , bound to give up some whackers with your combined talents ! . 😁
  15. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    Don't worry Smufter , you're saving yourself for Sept. , and as it says on another thread the good feeding times are in front of us . 😀