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  1. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    Well of course that's why I don't do quick overnighters - the thought of having to leave feeding / soon to be feeding fish . My aversión to quick overnighters has absolutely nothing to do with ingrained laziness ! . 😁
  2. crusian

    deeper pro plus

    I discipline myself to turn the Fish Finder off , although the fish icons aren't to scale as I understand ; I did turn the Fish Finder on one Winter session which saved me casting into the margins as the fish were shown as grouped up in the middle of the lake . Also in the Winter when the lake was empty I very quickly mapped a small lake . Occassionally I may make a single cast well past where I intend to fish to quickly check out the lake bottom , and yes I grimace at the splash , but then is it as bad as 2 x 3ozs leads with maybe pva bags plummeting into the water ? . πŸ™‚
  3. crusian

    Can I ask a favour?

    Spontaneous answer , different fish . You'll just have to have repeat captures and take some more 'photos as Nick says . πŸ˜€
  4. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    Another beauty Gazlaaar . That's the size and looks that I would like to target . Would you like to say where you are fishing , you can PM me if you wanted , or after all your hard work do you understandably want to keep it to yourself ? . πŸ™‚
  5. crusian


    If I have my way this will be a Bovril free forum ! . I have relatives in Solihull , don't you know . πŸ˜ƒ
  6. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    Oh my Yonny ! , just to have a fraction of your energy , drive and enthusiasm . Do you add a little something to your fags and / or tea ? . πŸ˜„
  7. crusian

    Stuck on scales

    I love my Avons , getting exciting when the dial goes past the " white " and the colour changes in the little window . Yes I'm old and sad ! .
  8. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    It would make my season just to catch that beautiful Carp once ! . πŸ˜ƒ
  9. crusian

    Dogs and fishing

    Good for you jh92 , you persevered and it came good for you . πŸ˜ƒ
  10. crusian

    August catch reports.....

    Are those the " unofficial " new rods , that Smufter perhaps had delivered to work ? . πŸ˜ƒ
  11. crusian

    July Catch Reports

    I won't be casting over your lines then ! . 😳
  12. crusian

    July Catch Reports

    Congratulations on your first fish from Bayeswater , Scott , but you've gone fuzzy again , and in this heat ! 😱
  13. crusian

    July Catch Reports

    Like the others have said , what a gorgeous looking Carp . πŸ˜ƒ
  14. crusian

    July Catch Reports

    Are you The Viking Angler as you look like you should have an axe in one hand and a rod in the other ? . 😁
  15. crusian

    Where Are The Carp In This Hot Weather

    Never mind the fish , I love my Tiger Bread ! . πŸ˜ƒ