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  1. Have a great time , Ginger , stay warm and dry . You may have seen that the chaps on the forum that are out fishing at this time of year aren't catching much , but still enjoying just being out on the bank . Having seen 'photos of you , your " old man " is probably around my age you cheeky young wippersnapper ! . 😁
  2. A water near me has a scaffolding pole driven in where there is a gravel bar , but I'm sure you'll be a lot more discrete ! ; maybe trees as markers , and just hope they don't blow down . 😁
  3. D'oh ! , and I thought I was being clever ! 🙄
  4. Thanks , Yonny . So maybe this is why there is a disparity of answers ? ; Hook on the bottom ( with the wafter floating just above it ) as Marker suggests small hook ? . Pop Ups a big hook , i.e. SZ.6 ? . 😃
  5. I think , Steve , that there is a school of thought that says a bigger hook with a small bait creates a better hooking potential . Personally I use a SZ.6 with a cut down 12mm wafter , but I'm not fishing much / getting many bites at this time of year to prove the theory . 😃
  6. Well you wouldn't expect to catch with miss matched rods , Blue , whatever were you thinking ! 😮. I'm guessing a pair of Cardinal 55s , a Sharpes Scottie 9ft. 6" , and the " Wal " rod ? . I was going to go fishing today , but felt ill during the night and chose not to 😢.
  7. So I guess you will otter fence your project , and take detailed 'photos of the lakebed before it fills up with water ? . Sounds very exciting . 😁
  8. As an extreme example , if you sat up all night in a Deck Chair and had a bite wouldn't you be painfully slow to react because you were so stiff and aching ; a comfortable bedchair would hopefully have you ready to spring into action ! ? . 😁
  9. Hello Ginger , wondered what had happened to you , and sad to learn you are injured . I'm sure you must have thought about Suffolk Water Park - Jacobs Creek . I've never fished it before , maybe Nick has ? . 😃
  10. Kev. , would you use a Deeper to quickly get a rough idea of the features of the lake , if you then got your Marker Rod out to confirm your findings ? . I find that I need more experience with my Deeper to get the most benefit from it , as Carpepecheur says . 😃
  11. Well nobody would be ringing your bell without permission , Dayvid ! . 😁
  12. Good on you to be fishing in those conditions , Highy . Just out of interest , if those are your new ATT alarms , are they lit up as the rain hits the line ? , and is your receiver constantly buzzing ? . 😃
  13. crusian

    January catch reports

    Hi Highy Don't know which is best , the carp , or your lovely happy smile - you usually look a miserable b****r . Well done . 😁
  14. Well I use my Deeper for Map Making Spot Finding I use the Deeper on days when I'm not actually fishing , but just want to be at the lake / only have a few hours available to me / the weather is too cold and/or wet . I wouldn't use the Deeper if there was anyone on my part of the lake as I wouldn't like it if I was fishing and someone was casting their bolt rig out every 5mins. 😃
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