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  1. Pop-up advice....

    Hi Yonny This is very interesting . Just to make sure , the 3 inches is measured from the Putty / Shot resting on the lake bed to the bottom of the Pop Up ? . Ta .
  2. Hello From Plymouth

    Took me a while .
  3. Hello From Plymouth

    You mean the " nutters " haven't put you off ? , oh well you've had fair warning ! .
  4. April catch reports.............

    My wife's just said " Aah , bless him ! " Well done Ginger .
  5. April catch reports.............

    Well that's just cheating , Nige , your little lad is clearly wearing his Carp Seaking Antennae ! . 🎣
  6. April catch reports.............

    Or " I'm playing all the right notes , but not necessarily in the right order ". 😀
  7. What is your newest purchase

    Hello Zeddedhed So are you going to mix the Sweetcorn with the Marmite ? ; surely you're not going to actually eat the Marmite yourself ! 🤢
  8. Pop-up advice....

    Well one of my most important pieces of equipment is my old 2L semi translucent ice cream tub ; this tub doubles as my refresh water container to splash over any Carp lying in my Carp Cradle , and my Pop Up tester . I am a putty user , it's a lot more fiddly than a weight , but you can fine tune the balance of your pop up ; I also like to wrap the Putty around the tag end of my last knot . I also like to position my Grip Stop opposite to where the hook barb ends . Oh , I'm a Ronnie Rig user . Hope some of this rambling makes sense , Smufter .
  9. Worth a watch...

    But I was going to shake those roosting Carp down from the tree , and catch them in my waiting landing net !
  10. Worth a watch...

    I've just thought , having decided to pay more attention to the nearside margins I guess , having watched Simon Scott I shouldn't be fishing under Oak Trees ? .
  11. Worth a watch...

    Well for me that definitely was " worth a watch " , thanks very much B.C.
  12. Proswaders

    Thanks , Greekskii .
  13. ABS

    Hello Banjo " and it will be interesting to see how you get on with the Hydra-K. It's a great bait by all accounts. " As Smufter says please report back with a review of the Hydra - K . Ta
  14. Proswaders

    Thanks B.C.
  15. Hello Everyone I was finding that I needed to go out deeper than my Thigh Waders would let me - it's a little disconcerting as you watch the water creep up towards your crutch . So , as recommended by Big Common , I've bought myself some Pros Waders Chesties Sz. 8 ( because that's my shoe size ) and I'm very happy with them - £37.99 ( includes signed for delivery by UPS ) ; when I was buying my Thigh Waders I tried on some Trakker Chesties , but found all the material a bit overwhelming - I'm much happier with my Pros Waders . Incidentally how do you Chestie wearing lads store your Chesties after you have worn them please ? , upside down to let all the moisture drain away as you would for a normal pair of Wellies ? . Ta