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  1. Well don't forget the bone china tea cup , and to lift your little pinkie B.C. , we don't want people thinking Carp Anglers are uncouth .😊
  2. crusian


    Yes I agree , It seems perfectly logical to me , and Barbie's post is in the Coarse Fishing section .
  3. I was wondering about that , Weil's Disease ?
  4. crusian

    Back Leads?

    I'm very pleased you asked that question , Andy H. as I was thinking about using Back Leads also , but now after reading all the replies I've decided not to . 😀
  5. crusian

    June catch reports

    Keep on haulin' , Ginger ! . 😄
  6. crusian

    June catch reports

    Ouch ! . I hope you heal quickly , Blue . The 'photo hasn't come out on my iPad , which is a damn shame as I enjoy looking at your vintage gear . 🙂
  7. crusian

    June catch reports

    Thanks very much Ginger for your fulsome reply . I was delighted to see the 'photos of your last session , you deserved your success ; I'm just not " hungry " enough to do quick overnighters like you do . 😃
  8. crusian

    May catch reports................

    He's a determined little fella , isn't he ; looks like he's going to play the Carp all by himself , who needs Dad ? . Did he also strike himself ? . 🙂
  9. crusian

    June catch reports

    That's a lovely 'photo Andy , you can see how much it means to Malc. 😀
  10. crusian

    June catch reports

    Congratulations Ginger 😃 Are you able to tell us in vague terms how your tactics have changed this year , or will it give too much away ? . 🙂
  11. crusian

    June catch reports

    Well if Liddy isn't with you to show you the way you're going to need more than crossed fingers , Smufter ! . 😁
  12. crusian

    May catch reports................

    Super 'photo of your lad , Highy , the pies are on him then ! . 😃
  13. crusian

    June catch reports

    Lovely looking Carp , but the bloke holding it looks " well 'ard " , wouldn't want to bump into him ! . 😄
  14. crusian

    Swan syndicate Hatfield peverel

    Twins ! . 😁
  15. crusian

    Swan syndicate Hatfield peverel

    I guess you were blonde as a young boy ? .