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  1. crusian


    Thanks for your help , fellas . I was just clutching at straws that the carcass wasn't a fresh kill . I'll just have to wait until Spring when the Carp are more active / visible to get an idea of how much damage the otter(s) has / have done . I enjoy fishing this lake , but I may well have to find a different venue . 😭
  2. I'm glad I haven't got a brain like yours , Elmo , I have enough trouble trying to find some peace as it is 😁. Just to mess with your head even more - is the Palm Test reliable anyway ? , i.e. does the hook behave a lot differently when in water 🤔 ? . 😃
  3. crusian


    Hello Everyone , I'm back again ! . So today , 10 weeks from when I discovered the first Carp carcass I think I've found another in the same area ; it was muddy ( from being dragged ? ) so I couldn't positively identify it . My question is please , could that be the same dead Carp that I saw in Nov. , or would that have rotted away / been eaten by rats , foxes etc , and reduced to bare bones by now ? . Ta 😃
  4. Hello Dave Have you seen the section " Dogs and Fishing " ? . Campbell_II sounds as though he ( as well as Highy ) has plenty of helpful tips . 😃
  5. Thanks very much everyone for both taking the time to reply , and the helpful tips . 😃
  6. Hi Everyone Can I have your guidance pls.? . This is for a Ronnie Rig . Do I use a Bait Screw ( Plastic or Metal ) , or tie onto a Hook Ring Swivel with floss ? . Ta 😃
  7. Hi Elmo I've got a Boatman Anchor Bait Boat which although I rarely use it ( I keep bottling out 🙄) , I'm quite happy with . 😃
  8. Hi Newmarket As I usually put my foot in it I'm wary of asking , but how is T.J. ? . Bait Boats are a emotive subject , but I would like to think that if you were to use a Bait Boat ( where permitted ) other anglers would see that it was because your dodgy shoulder was hindering / stopping your casting ? . 😃
  9. West Ham in the top four , and Newmarket back posting on Carp.com - strange times indeed ! . 😁
  10. Well I can understand why Sky would be happy with minus 2 , but I guess your ancestors came from Siberia , Nick ? 😁. Realistically would you expect the carp to feed on your bait , or be snuggled up in the weed where they've got security , warmth and food ? . Still , as you say it's your happy place , so does it really matter if you catch or not ? . 😃
  11. I just wish I had Terrys' energy and enthusiasm .
  12. Watch out for that Wolf , Nick . 😁
  13. crusian


    Many thanks for all your help , everyone . Later this week I hope to visit the lake again , and have a mooch around the far ( out of bounds ) margins to see if there are any more corpses - hopefully not . 😔
  14. crusian


    Thanks very much everyone for your helpful advice . There is a Mink Trap at the lake , but I'm hoping that it is a Fox responsible after the Carp had died and floated into the margins . I have seen Swan Mussel shells around 1-2 ft. above the water line occasionally . The corpse had the head intact , and from roughly the middle down to the tail untouched , it was the section in between that had been stripped of skin / scales to expose the flesh . So fingers crossed , and hopefully I don't stumble across any more corpses . 🤞
  15. crusian


    Hi Blue So would a Mink be strong enough to drag a Carp of around 10lbs out of the water and away from the waters' edge ? .
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