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  1. Thanks very much , Mufty . I'm pleased that you like the Actor as well as Highy as I have bought a new one , and I hope to try mine out tomorrow . 😃
  2. crusian

    April Catch Reports

    Good job the Carp weren't in the margins , Yonny , with the Sun glinting off your shaven head - you really should came it . 😁
  3. Great reply , Ouch. You won't go far wrong following Ouchs' advice , Limmy . 😃
  4. Well I guess that's the price you pay for being for such a clever fella when it comes to D.I.Y , Highy . I'm basically useless at D.I.Y. , so I just pay for someone to do the job , or pay for the materials that my Wife needs 😁
  5. One day , Highy , you'll build your Wife the Taj Mahal ( out of pallets ) , and she won't have any reason to have a go at you ever again . 😁
  6. That sounds like just the sort of bait that Blue would use with his vintage tackle . 😃
  7. Excellent , that's just what I wanted to read , Highy . I've read reviews online , but it's so much better to get a review from someone I " know " , and trust . I don't know why you are not able to buy a Bait Boat at the moment , but I'm going to make a sneaky purchase 😁
  8. Thanks very much , Ouch , for your detailed reply , it's very helpful . 😃
  9. Hello , Ouch. I use a ready tied ESP Gripper Combi Rig for my pop ups which gives me a fairly high pop up - about 2" . I seem to remember Nick favouring a low pop up , and would that be the same for you ? . Lastly , do you think the Spinner Rig has replaced the Ronnie Rig ? . Thanks 😃 Spinner Rig , rather the Ronnie Rig
  10. All those pies pile on the muscle . 😁
  11. Hi , has anyone used the above bait boat , and if so what did you think of it please ? . 😃
  12. I saw this Highy , and thought of you . 😁
  13. I agree with what the others are saying , it all sounds very iffy ; walk away and save your hard earned money . 🙂
  14. Will we be getting a review please , Dayvid ? . 😃
  15. I like your suggestion , BB , it makes a lot of sense ; I'm thinking a carp covered in leeches would seem to show the carp are not moving about much hence the need to take the hunt to them ? . The best part of your suggestion , BB , is that you are lying in bed while young Highy runs around cold and tired 😁
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