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  1. I think you're confusing Yonny with Willy Wonka , Elmo . 😁
  2. What an interesting Rod Rest , Blue . Also what are the Rod and Reel pls. ? . 😃
  3. Oh Elmo , what a depressing read 😞. I hope you didn't go home in a bad mood or you might have been told " if you're going to come home in a mood like this you're not going again " 😱 . . You're a bigger man than me , Elmo , I would have probably given up and gone home , or switched to another lake ; I go fishing to relax and get away from any aggravation . Let's hope Yonny / you can sort out a suitable water for next season ; or a Winter ticket somewhere , maybe cheap because there are not too many takers ? . 😊
  4. Elmo , have you any news for us to make this a Super Sunday ? . 😊
  5. My Wife hates Yorkshire Tea , far too strong - it's got to be Tetley One Cup . 😊
  6. That's my Wife's favourite cider 😊
  7. Did your Wife source the rod and reel for you , or did you say " look what you've bought me for Christmas , darling " ? . I've never used an Abu , always been a Mitchell man . I look forward to a 'photo of you with the Avon in full battle curve so I can drool over it . 😊
  8. Is that you , Blue ? , if it is welcome back . 😊
  9. That's outrageous , Elmo 😮 You need to stand up to your Wife , I'm right behind you - hiding and quaking in fear 😱
  10. You should have had a major meltdown and cleaned the oven as well ! . 😀
  11. Thanks , Finchey and Carpyian . 😊
  12. Well each to his own , as long as you fellas enjoy yourselves . Personally I hate the mud , the cold , the bare trees , and only a single Robin for company . Oh , and my Wife has told me I won't want to go again this year , which is funny as I was hoping for one last hurrah if the air temperature lifted .
  13. No not too serious thanks , Finchey , just disrupted my season just when I was obviously ( well in my head anyway ) about to catch an absolute monster 😁 .
  14. No I had to work , Finchey . Also I'm not supposed to lift anything too heavy until after Christmas following an operation , so I may just wonder around with my Deeper Pro and plan a Spring campaign .
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