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  1. crusian

    Looking for a coach

    Hi Davey Unfortunately Wilts. is not my area . I'm not surprised you're not catching much at this time of year , it's the hardest time of year to get consistent results . If you can find Nick's post where he describes how he fishes his local Bromeswell lakes , I think you could have a lot of fun following his tactics . 😃
  2. crusian

    Specialized hookbaits

    Well don't tell anyone then Phil 🤐 . When you do use these pop ups Phil what do you feed with please ? . 😃
  3. crusian

    What is your newest purchase

    And everyone's a winner ! . Also a cool example of helping people / grafting to show your lad . 😊
  4. crusian


    £300 !! .
  5. crusian

    2019 Plans

    Well I can't beat that as a Postie , about 2 hours indoor prep. followed by about 4 hours outside walking delivery . I guess if you wanted some cheap particles you'd know where to go ! , bean misshapes ?? . 😃
  6. crusian

    2019 Plans

    You Northern gentlemen just seem to want to finish me off 😱 , it's hard enough work walking up the stairs .
  7. crusian

    2019 Plans

    But , but , I'm a southern softie 😢
  8. crusian

    2019 Plans

    I just want to stop catching everyones's man colds / viruses and actually get out fishing . 😢
  9. crusian

    Targeting bigger carp

    Hello Blue I would like to be a Margin(master) 😀 , but what about this time of the year when the carp seem to have deserted the near margins and the water is soo clear anyway ? . 😊
  10. crusian

    January catch reports

    It must get boring to keep catching all the time , Nige ? Lovely looking Carp as usual . 😁
  11. crusian

    Rod Shots

    That's interesting , Commonly . I thought rather than use my usual coated braid to make up numerous Multi Rigs , and then change my mind on using a MR I would buy 2 x Korda ready made rigs and see how I go ; these ready made rigs come with Krank chod hooks . Well 1 bite and 1 fish hooked top lip about 3/4" inside the mouth . So I'll carry on with the Krank Chod and see if I get consistent results . 😃
  12. crusian


    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum Like the thoughtful way you've worded your post . 😊
  13. crusian


    Another vote for clove oil , but apply it with a Q tip , try not to get it on your tongue or it will burn .
  14. crusian

    Rod Shots

    Could be the way the Carp ( or Bream according to Dave ! ) were feeding . I'm thinking the Carp are approaching my Ronnie pop up , taking the bait , then veering away sharply and that's why all my hook holds are in the scissors ? ; I've tried Yonnys' suggestion of upping the hook size ( got up to a sz. 4 , but still scissors hook hold ) . So I'm experimenting with a multi rig so I can change hook size and/or pattern more easily . 😊
  15. crusian


    You poor devil , Dave . Who wouldn't have lost it when you were wound up already ? . It's been 2 hours since your post , hope you are finally pain free . When you do have your tooth removed you'll have a general anesthetic ? . 😊
  16. crusian

    Rod Shots

    Were you using a Ronnie Rig , Highy ? . My hookholds using ronnies' are always in in the scissors , but sometimes very close to the outside of the scissors 😧 . I'm twiddling around with multi rigs at the moment . 😃
  17. crusian

    Last trip of the year

    Oh dear , didn't you have a second rod to put out a pink almond pop up on ? . Well if mate no.4 didn't go that's an extra 1/4 of a pie for the 4 of you who went ! 😁
  18. crusian

    Last trip of the year

    So what , if anything , was mate 3 doing that you weren't ? . 3 mates ? , you're a popular fella ! . 😀
  19. crusian


    How did it go Dave ? . 😊
  20. crusian

    Some of mine

    So Buster sleeps with your Wife , and you're crammed into the dog bed , Dave ? . 😀
  21. crusian

    Laser Measure

    Hello Everyone I had a laser spirit level bought for me for Christmas , which made me think . When casting to a far bank margin with something reasonably solid on the bank , i.e. a tree , could you use a laser measure to get an accurate distance then use your distance sticks to run out your line before clipping it up ; or do these laser measures only work indoors and leaves / branches plus sunlight would render them next to useless ? . 😃
  22. crusian

    Laser Measure

    Thanks everyone , I think I'll use some of my Amazon voucher ! . 😃
  23. crusian

    Merry Christmas and Tight Lines

    And to you and not so high Highy and Mrs Highy . 😀
  24. crusian

    Your favourite capture

    Well it's good to see a happy Hedgehog , and that incredible fully scaled you'd have to be a right plonker to have a moody blank expression ! . 😀