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  1. I guess if you're asleep and you're suddenly woken by your alarm you don't have to stop and think " is that my soft actioned or stiffer actioned rod " , and if you really mixed things up , " where's the drag on this reel " ? . 😀
  2. Won't be long now then until I can say " I know the Dad of someone famous ! . 😄
  3. Ah , but it will all be worth it when your growing lad is pulling on his England top for a final . 😃
  4. Thanks , Carpepecheur . I'm away on holiday at the moment , so it will be at least the end of next week before I can experiment . 😃
  5. Oops , sorry it was Carpbell that mentioned a stop bead ! . 🙄
  6. Hello Carpepecheur I was happy with the rig I was using , but last trip out I had a couple of tangles , so now seems an ideal time to try out The Bald Rig . Some questions please to help me on my way . I use 15lb mainline so I guess I don't thread the boilie directly onto my line as it will be too stiff ? ; maybe thread the boilie onto a coated braid hooklink , and peel back the section that the boilie and split shot rest on ? . Lastly , do you think it makes any difference if I threaded a dumbell wafter horizontally , or vertically ? . Oh , I like Emcees' idea of threading a stop above the boilie to stop it sliding up the line . 😃
  7. Thanks very much , Carpepecheur , I'll have a try along with Carpbell and Commonly . 😃
  8. 👍 Thanks , Carpepecheur , I'll look forward to that . 😃
  9. So did your Boat arrive safely , Highy ? . Did you quietly row your Boat home under the cover of darkness ? . 😁
  10. Would you like to show the forum your " bald rig " , pls. , Carpepecheur ? . 😃
  11. Why put nano bots in a Covid jab when you could just add a little something to drinking water ? 😁
  12. Hello Highy I notice that you have your ledger in the largest hopper with the hooklength draped over the bow of the boat ; I have only had 1 play with my boat so far , and chose to place my ledger in the back hopper with the hooklength then dropping into the largest hopper with some rig foam masking the hook point to stop it catching on something as the ledger falls out off the rear hopper dragging the rest of the rig with it . Do you feed your mainline from underneath the boat into the largest hopper , only I wondered if when you shut the hopper " gate " the mainline might get crimped ? . 😃
  13. My Wife's just added " how fabulous " . 😃
  14. Wow , who's a proud Dad then . 👍
  15. Excellent , well done ! . 👍
  16. I would like to think that someone with your skill set will be snapped up very soon , Ouch . 😃
  17. Well I hope sitting in the sun contemplating your beautiful cane brought you some peace , Blue . 😃
  18. Thanks very much , Mufty . I'm pleased that you like the Actor as well as Highy as I have bought a new one , and I hope to try mine out tomorrow . 😃
  19. crusian

    April Catch Reports

    Good job the Carp weren't in the margins , Yonny , with the Sun glinting off your shaven head - you really should came it . 😁
  20. Great reply , Ouch. You won't go far wrong following Ouchs' advice , Limmy . 😃
  21. Well I guess that's the price you pay for being for such a clever fella when it comes to D.I.Y , Highy . I'm basically useless at D.I.Y. , so I just pay for someone to do the job , or pay for the materials that my Wife needs 😁
  22. One day , Highy , you'll build your Wife the Taj Mahal ( out of pallets ) , and she won't have any reason to have a go at you ever again . 😁
  23. That sounds like just the sort of bait that Blue would use with his vintage tackle . 😃
  24. Excellent , that's just what I wanted to read , Highy . I've read reviews online , but it's so much better to get a review from someone I " know " , and trust . I don't know why you are not able to buy a Bait Boat at the moment , but I'm going to make a sneaky purchase 😁
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