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  1. Will we be getting a review please , Dayvid ? . 😃
  2. I like your suggestion , BB , it makes a lot of sense ; I'm thinking a carp covered in leeches would seem to show the carp are not moving about much hence the need to take the hunt to them ? . The best part of your suggestion , BB , is that you are lying in bed while young Highy runs around cold and tired 😁
  3. What a sad tale , Ukfrosty . I hope that the replies to your post have cheered you up a bit . I wonder how deep is your lake ? . 😃
  4. My Wife and me both had the Pfizer jab . I waited patiently for my Wife to grow another head , but nothing happened ; I just had waves of feeling very tired with an aching arm at the injection site when I lay on it in bed . My Sister had the Oxford jab and felt a bit sick within about 1 hour of her jab , but that passed .
  5. Go get em , Carpmaster . 😁
  6. Hello Blue I've just watched Last Of The Summer Wine , and Wally Batty had a Sidecar for Nora 🤫
  7. " As the water warms up, the bottom 'turns over'. A layer of algae silty stuff floats up from the lakebed, hits the surface. You will see what looks like little patches of a thin layer of floating lichen covered in tiny bubbles. " Ooh , thanks for that reminder , Nick . 😃
  8. Well that's an interesting question , Nube , I'm looking forward to the replies . Personally I like the water temp. to be over 7C . It's getting lighter in the mornings , and staying lighter longer in the evenings , so if we can have some sun to wake up the aquatic insect life for the fish to feed on ? .
  9. So how are you supposed to make critical decisions working those hours , Ouch ? .
  10. Sounds like a right Psycho. , lucky she didn't take a knife to you , Ouch , because that would have hurt . 😁
  11. Hi Nick I thought it was you that previously said a coloured line was more supple as the dye softened it ? .
  12. I'm not allowed to use braid on my lake , even for marker / spod work . 😞
  13. Thanks , fellas , that's very helpful . 👍
  14. Hi Everyone I'm loading my Reels up with fresh line , but what breaking strain for ; ( a ) Controller Float fishing ? , and ( b ) Freelining close in ? . My lake holds Carp up to about 25lb , with lillies , and overhanging trees . Thanks . 😃
  15. Highy , I've just watched " Flog It " and a Steiff French Bulldog was sold for £440 ; I guess you wanted the Steiff to go with the light ? . 😁
  16. The F.B. Light is a good likeness to you , Highy . 😁
  17. Listen to your Wife , and buy her some flowers for being such a sensible lady . 😄
  18. Hi Elmo If they do float why not use them for a spot of floater fishing ? . Chuck a mixed handful in , some sink , some waft , some rise up to the surface where your ( Elmos' ) artfully presented surface bait is waiting to be gulped down . 😁
  19. Hi Nick Are B175 hooks available as Barbless , or Micro Barbed ? ; I'm just thinking that Nube may find that the water(s) he wants to fish won't allow barbed hooks - I'm not allowed to crimp the barb on my water ( it's an automatic ban ) . 😃
  20. Yonny , your Dad should have cut a deal with your Mum - " if the lad can hit an apple balanced on your head he can keep the crossbow " . 😁
  21. Well if it's too cold for a Northern lad I don't feel such a Southern Softie for staying at home , and keeping my gear clean and dry . 😁
  22. Elmos' Wife will have to grease him up , like they do for English Channel swimmers ! . 😁
  23. Hmm , I know what you mean , Elmo ; I've got a JRC Barrow , and I'm trying to pimp it to take Fox Explorer luggage , but all the dimensions are wrong . It would be a shame to dump my JRC Barrow , but it would be a lot easier to just buy the Fox Explorer ( when they are instock , and at a discounted price ) . I was looking at the 'photo of Highys' Fox Royale Barrow , and that looks very similar to the Explorer , so I'll email Fox spares to see if that is true , as I'm thinking I may have a better chance of buying a Royale . 🙂
  24. Well if you're a friend of Elmos' , that's not a very good start . 😁
  25. www.foxint.com/home/support/spares I have been told that the code for the Under Barrow Bag is CTR012-04 . 😃
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