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  1. Hi Nick Are B175 hooks available as Barbless , or Micro Barbed ? ; I'm just thinking that Nube may find that the water(s) he wants to fish won't allow barbed hooks - I'm not allowed to crimp the barb on my water ( it's an automatic ban ) . 😃
  2. Yonny , your Dad should have cut a deal with your Mum - " if the lad can hit an apple balanced on your head he can keep the crossbow " . 😁
  3. Well if it's too cold for a Northern lad I don't feel such a Southern Softie for staying at home , and keeping my gear clean and dry . 😁
  4. Elmos' Wife will have to grease him up , like they do for English Channel swimmers ! . 😁
  5. Hmm , I know what you mean , Elmo ; I've got a JRC Barrow , and I'm trying to pimp it to take Fox Explorer luggage , but all the dimensions are wrong . It would be a shame to dump my JRC Barrow , but it would be a lot easier to just buy the Fox Explorer ( when they are instock , and at a discounted price ) . I was looking at the 'photo of Highys' Fox Royale Barrow , and that looks very similar to the Explorer , so I'll email Fox spares to see if that is true , as I'm thinking I may have a better chance of buying a Royale . 🙂
  6. Well if you're a friend of Elmos' , that's not a very good start . 😁
  7. www.foxint.com/home/support/spares I have been told that the code for the Under Barrow Bag is CTR012-04 . 😃
  8. I've been told the Fox Under Barrow Bag will be in stock in Feb. , meanwhile I've ordered the Mesh Side Pockets . 😃
  9. How can you be a xenophobe , GP when you're just telling the truth ? . Vote for Golden Paws ! . 😁
  10. Hi Elmo . I bought a Baiting Spoon for a particular margin swim , then the bailiff cut the tree down 😡 . I usually carry the B.S. in the back of the car , just in case , as sometimes I need it to tuck my bait into little margin spots where others may not be able to put a bait ? . 😃
  11. Hi Jh92 Well when you add up the cost of all the bits you are getting they are £180 worth , but if you went to your local independent tackle shop you may be able to cut a deal - I did . How much is postage ? . 😃
  12. Is your 6yr old just copying what Daddy does when Mummy won't let him go fishing , Elmo ? . 😁
  13. Funny you should mention Hair Rigs , Blue , as I've just read in " The Lost Diary " by Chris Yates , of his his talk with Rod Hutchinson in the 80s ; in this talk C.Y. thought hair rigs would have the potential to cause foul hooking , and make angling too easy ! . 🤔
  14. What immaculate timing , Elmo ! . I have a JRC Barrow , and bits fell off so I couldn't fold it easily . I took my broken barrow to a metalworks , and a gentleman fixed it for me , including taking an inch off the legs . Before I had my JRC fixed I was trying to buy a Fox Explorer ( not the deluxe ) , but I couldn't find any for the discounted price of £160 . So now I'm looking at buying just the Fox Explorer luggage , mainly the Under Barrow Bag . I was just about to email Fox to see if they sell all the Fox Explorer luggage separately , then I remembered there's a ch
  15. Are they waterproof pls. , Carpbell ? .
  16. I may travel in my car on the way to the lake wearing my salopettes over my normal kiwi craghopper trousers , but travelling home the wet / muddy salopettes are taken off . I find , pants , normal trousers , then salopettes work just fine for me , but this is for day fishing . 😃
  17. I find Craghoppers winter lined trousers warm enough on their own ; so do you walk to your swim with your salopettes on your barrow , then put them on having cooled down a bit , BB ? . 😃
  18. Hello Blue So are all 3 Sharpes perfectly matched , i.e. all the same reel fittings ? . 😃
  19. I've looked at the MPS heads before as they reminded me of the Nash slapheads . At the moment I use Gardner Nano Bugs , as I like the light weight of the bobbins and the cords . I expect you have given a lot of thought as to why you should match the MPS heads with Cygnet arms , or did you just ask HIghy , the " indicator King " ? . 😁 😃
  20. Well IMO , Elmo I would throw that devil in the lake and stay on your bait , but maybe reduce the size . After all your hard work ( with some lovely results ) , push on next year and catch more , and bigger fish . 😃
  21. No , No , Nooo . It's the " ice " part of Ice Fishing that I don't like the sound of . 🥶
  22. I didn't enjoy nights , felt it messed with my body clock . 😃
  23. What Bobbins are they , Elmo ? . 😃
  24. I'll put my orange Tutti pops up back in my bait bag , thanks . 👍 😁
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