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  1. 2 hours ago, elmoputney said:

    As the weed and lilies die back it would appear there are lots of places previously not reachable, a lot of spots become choddy and less pleasing, I feel this could be a good value way to always be presented when trying to find those tricky elusive carp that seem to go missing at this time of year and having reeled in some bloodworm this morning from the edge of the pads 

    When chod chucking, what are the things to avoid at this time of year? Is it bad/risky to launch one right into dying lilies or weed ? 

    Just thinking out loud cheers 


    I would have thought target the edge of the pads , not right into the pads as any exposed roots / rhizomes are pretty vicious .


  2. 2 hours ago, elmoputney said:

    I'm not sure tbh, didn't do me any good though, for whatever reason nothing has materialised yet though, looks a bit more likely this morning, lots of rudd activity but other than a liner this morning nothing doing, 

    Its a lesson went in with a pre conceived plan and so far it hasn't worked, it does only take one bite but I might have to consider other options going forward, they've got to be somewhere 

    Still a Consolation Mcdonalds is on the cards, better start the old pack up once I've drunk my tea 😁

    Well at least you got out there , I listened to the rain and wind , and hid under my duvet 😴.

    So it's a consolation McDonalds if you don't catch , and a celebration McDonalds if you do catch ? 😁.

  3. 8 minutes ago, bluelabel said:

    No 3... not a bad day


    Hello , Blue 

    How do you find the balance of the rod with the fixed Reel Seat ? , personally I prefer to have my reel as far forward as possible like you have with your centrepin .


  4. On 02/10/2020 at 10:17, Highy said:

    Well Guys.... I think I've been well and truly had off with this Purchase. 

    Was listed as Sonik Vader 2 Rod Pod... £30 free postage... Beltin. 

    Mate at work owed me £40, so I said order this and we call it straight. 

    Sent him the link, told the seller a mate was buying it, Brilliant, all gone through, got sent a screenshot of payment through PayPal, BUT noticed it said Friends & Family, (1st alarm bell).

    Then seller contacted me saying going post office to post, thought great. Hour or so later seller messaged asking for extra £10 to cover shipping, Is there any chance you can send another £10 for postage mate, I've come to the post office and postage is £15 I thought it's only be £5 but it isn't ?  

    Reply... So will be £40, not being rude pal but for extra £9 (£49) I can get brand new with 12month warranty, if you think its unfair transfer the £30 back if you want pal? 

    So he paid, I'm still waiting now, messaged aski g for a tracking number/reference, didn't get 1 he says... Im pestering everyday, he said yeatrday, I'll go post office today mate and chase it up... No reply. 

    Think my Money and Pod are well up the river sailing away. 

    Not an eBay purchase then , Highy ? .


  5. 10 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

    Well it's been a night to remember so far, I slept well

    I got the airbomb out this morning first cast didn't open, switched to my dodgy Chinese spomb 1st cast I thought hmmmm spombs are better to use, bought it back in the nose clip bit had fallen off one dodgy dead spomb 😁 I may invest in a couple of genuine spombs this week, they do seem the most usable and accurate 

    I got the trusty  korda skyraider out after that, wasn't perfect but at least I am confident I've got some bait near my spots now, just need a fish to come and eat it all now, or at least a hookbait 😁



  6. 9 hours ago, salokcinnodrog said:

    Pack up today, Friday. 

    Very low stock, and the fish can be cute to the extreme. 


    The biggest fish is a large common but there is an uncaught mirror reckoned to be around the same size

    So are you enjoying yourself after your untimely exit from Alton ; are you having trouble motivating yourself to start learning a large expanse of water again , or are you pumped up and excited , Nick ? .



  7. On 15/09/2020 at 16:36, kevtaylor said:

    A very successful angler tried to get me on 10ml and 12 mil baits 15 years ago, swore it was a big edge, I didn't listen at the time but I really think I should have.  Now I go for 12s or 14s if I need extra distance with the throwing stick.

    My bait company now do 10s so I will split the next order 10s, 12s, 14s.

    So what size hooks would you be using with these boilie sizes please , Kev. ?


  8. 2 hours ago, elmoputney said:

    I had put my middle rod on a ronnie rig with a curve shank absolutely nailed the bottom lip one 20+ mirror in the retainer from a little spot I've often ignored but seem to catch from when I don't 😂 

    Now I just have 2 wafters out there till sunrise 😬 I think they need a longer hair next tbh 

    Tight lines , Elmo , and congratulations on the 20+ , I'll look for the 'photos on another thread .


  9. 33 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

    Thanks nick 

    Well I've changed hook to a wide gape and still had a hook pull so I guess it's not the hook, i think it has to be the bait screw tbh,and having the bait to close to the hook, I have two options can either switch to the swivel bait screw or go back to using a hair instead of a bait screw 

    Hi Elmo .

    I use a combi rig with an ESP Gripper hook with a hair .

    Using pop ups , almost all my hookholds are in the scissors , but after reading your post I altered the rig so that the hair came off the middle of the bottom of the hook ; I've had one fish hooked middle of the bottom lip , so I'll see if this was a one off , or I carry on with improved  hookholds 🤔



  10. 2 hours ago, Carpbell_ll said:

    Nice old mirror that Yonny.

    Just back myself from a cruel couple of days on the lake, couldn't get a bleep never mind a take no liners nothing but had fish in my swim sure they were feeding on my bait, think i'm having problems with getting them to either find or take my hook bait, plus i noticed my hook length is kicking up off the line at the anti tangle sleeve might of pushed it up too far? didn't look good in the water edge, seems to happen when the hook length is too close to the lead on a helicopter lead, i was fishing combi rigs. could do with a more jelly like boom section.  some flat leads too. 

    Not a catch report i know but meh. 

    That's not a rig I use , Carpbell , hopefully someone may have the answer to your presentation problem .


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