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  1. Thanks , Elmo . I've just got to work out how to sneak it past my Wife , it would help if they send it through Royal Mail , but it sounds too heavy ? . 😃
  2. " Think " you're odd , don't they know ? . ðŸĪŠ
  3. That's you , Highy , and Kev. that have mentioned the margins . I'll give the margins a go , save me getting stressed when I try to get tight to the far bank and cast into a tree , unless it's dusk because the carp roost in the trees at night , don't they ðŸĪŦ . 😁
  4. Well if you will use carbons , Blue , what do you expect . 🙄
  5. Hi Elmo I fancy one of those . Where did you get it pls.? . I don't think it counts as advertising if you , Elmo , don't stand to make any financial gain ? . 😁
  6. Hello Ark I've just remembered that Sticky do their Signature Pop Ups in a mixed pot of washed out / pale , yellow , pink and white , BUT I'm not sure about their buoyancy - I tend to recast every 2 hrs or so ; the Sticky pop ups do feel a different texture to the other pop ups I use i.e. a bit " chalky " ? . 😃
  7. That's the sort of bait that Bluelabel might well have used ðŸĪ”
  8. What a transformation , Smufter ! . 😃
  9. Well if you bring your Girls up proper it will be , " Daddy shall we run you down to the lake ? , Daddy can we carry your gear ? " - " Thank you Girls , now Daddys' shoulder is a bit stiff today , could you just wang out 100 baits with my throwing stick ? , then you can go home " . If the buses only run once a week I guess you'll just have to stay down the lake ? . 😁
  10. Well when you're older , Elmo , you have reduced fishing club membership to look forward to , and with your free bus pass no need to take the car as long as your water is on the bus route . 😁
  11. I'm a White , Pink , Yellow , and maybe an Orange man then change between wafters , dumbells , and sizes of Pop Ups . 😃
  12. That's a very kind offer , Carpepecheur , but I'll check out ebay , your friend will probably have a full case already , hope he / she has an enjoyable trip . 😃
  13. What sleep system is that pls. , Kev ? . 😃
  14. Hello Blue I had a Intrepid Elite once , but a spring broke . Can you get spares / get them repaired anymore ? , only it was a beautifully sensitive reel . 😃
  15. Hello Ark I think Carp fishing in Scotland is quite unusual , I can't remember who on the forum fishes for Carp in Scotland . There are some on here who like to be mobile when after Carp , so I'm thinking your wild camping exploits would be interesting - well I'm certainly interested if I feel the urge to go night fishing 😁 . 😃
  16. I use a Sz. 6 , targeting doubles up to 20s. Don't forget Greekskiis' reply where he has highlighted changing your hook pattern on the Chod Rig ( which I missed - doh ! ) . 😃
  17. Hello Zorbeen I'm grateful that Cromiee and you asked your similar questions as it's certainly got me thinking , and there's been interesting replies , particularly from Kev. I've never used a chod rig before so I can't comment on that rig , but my knee jerk reaction looking at both rigs is " what size hook are you using ? " . 😃
  18. That Cat. has longer whiskers than you , B.B. 😁
  19. You impetuous little devil , Highy , you just went ahead and bought the Gardner line 😁. It will be interesting to read how you get on with Gardners' purple line , as I believe the Wychwood purple line gets mixed reviews ; I believe it's better in the higher breaking strains ? . Is it Dayvid that uses Wychwood DPF in 18lb ? . 😃
  20. I meant a water side 'photo shoot showing your matching 3 ( ? ) rods , cane landing net , and optonics ( ? ) . 😃
  21. When you say " casting to fizzing " are you landing your bait right on the fizzing , or trying to anticipate the path the fizzing is going to take and placing your bait further along that path ? . In the perfect world you would have your rig in place and the fizzing would come to you , and then if you weren't getting any bites you could start twiddling with your bait and / or rigs . 😃
  22. I think this calls for a 'photo of your gear laid out in all its' glory . 😁
  23. I didn't know Cowboys went fishing ? 😁 What do you think of your Korum Fastmat , Blue ? ; I love the compactness of mine , but now I'm wondering if it's going to be big enough when I land a chunk ðŸĪĢ ? .
  24. I wonder if it wasn't so much the sultanas not working , maybe the Carp aren't feeding very well at the moment ( there's another post by Carpmaster on this subject ) ? . 2 batches to go then ðŸĪž 😃
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