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  1. Well hopefully Rishi Sunaks' Summer Statement will help you . 😃
  2. Hope the syndicate is everything you want it to be , Nick . I guess you are back to work now ? sounds like your luck's changing 😁
  3. Thanks for the update , Carpmaster . IMO you would be better off going somewhere other than the park lake , go with your gut instinct . I wonder if , as Chill. I think is suggesting , there's going to be an oxygen crash at the park lake and subsequent fish deaths ? 😟
  4. Well I'm looking forward to reading about your results , Blue . 😃
  5. I haven't actually got a bed , Framey , I use a camp bed ( which decided to creak every time I moved last time out ) , but I would probably go for a compact for weight , and I'm only about 5ft. 8" . I could probably go to about £100 , Yonny , if I had the bag delivered to work so my Wife didn't find out - I'm not a d.i.y. expert like Highy 😁
  6. Well I'm certainly listening , Carpmaster , as my last trip out was very disappointing . I wonder if with Lockdown , and Furlough there are more anglers out fishing so more bait is going in , and as Nick types the weather isn't ideal at the moment ? . 😃
  7. Hi Fellas I'm starting to do more nights without any front on my Trakker Tempest Brolly , but I find it a bit chilly . Can anyone recommend a good sleeping bag / sleep system please ? . 😃
  8. No , Mufty it's a smiling emoji , I hope , because if I can't even get my emojis correct what hope have I of getting my rigs and bait correct ! . 🤣
  9. 👍 " Sharp " it is then ! . 😁
  10. They are beauties , Mufty , and your 'photos look very " crisp " , if you know what I mean ? . 😃
  11. The bloke sounds a bit of a (censored) head . 🙄
  12. Tight lines for Thursday , GInger . Nick Cunnell , Duty Manager is a friendly , helpful chap if he is about . 😃
  13. So you were casting to your left to a bank , the other side of which was another lake with an angler fishing along that bank ? ; but you weren't even casting into " his " lake ? . If swearing man was complaining about the noise of your continual casting what about his walkie talkie talking ? . 🤔
  14. Good for you , Highy . I know this sounds biased , but I hope your Wife appreciates all the d.i.y that you take on ? . 😁
  15. When I read yours and Gingers' posts , Nick , I felt for both of you , what with Ginger on his Comeback , and you starting to see the fruits of all your labours . So now there's a chance of a new project ? . Any chance of a PM giving more details of this Suffolk Syndicate , just as long as it doesn't stuff things up for you ? . 😃
  16. Your garden's looking lovely , Smufter , but as you are feeling the strain why not hire Highy for a morning , and you'll have The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon by Lunch Time ? . Just give Highy something from Sonik , maybe a new pair of football boots for his lad , and everyone's a winner ! . 😁
  17. Oh , Ginger , Nick that's awful ! . I was miffed last week because of the noise and disturbance at my lake while they were getting ready for a match , but that's nothing compared to what has happened to you 2 . Off the top of my head , Ginger , if you want 40lb fish the only place I can think of in Suffolk is Suffolk Water Park , or it's Essex or Cambs. 😃
  18. Be interesting to see what hookhold you get , Highy . 😃
  19. I've got a JRC Barrow , so that's a useful bit of information . I'm sorry to read that your working life is messed up ; you were posting previously of making a career change , have you had any more thoughts about that ?( if I'm not being nosey ) . Looking forward to seeing 'photos of your completed garden project . 😃
  20. Thanks Elmo and Yonny I think I'll start of with the Rigmarole until I've used it all up as I understand it's no longer being made ; then I'll go onto the Hydro. 😃
  21. Hi Fellas I need to use a heavier line , but which to choose please ( I've got bulk spools of both ) ? . Gardner 15lb 0.38mm or Rigmarole 18lb 0.37mm I don't catch many , so I don't want my line to snap again like the Gardner Hydro Tuff 12lb 0.35mm in Brown . Ta . 😃
  22. Well let's hope that next Tues. is cooler , Smufter . Will you be able to sort your tyre out ? . I'm lucky enough to be working , but when my rotating Day Off comes around I want to go fishing ! ; trouble is arriving after work on Weds. afternoon I just wanted to sleep at night , that's partly why I didn't put a margin rod out . Thurs. morning just as I was packing up I had a flyer of a bite , and the line snapped shortly after striking 😢 . Roll on next week then . 😃
  23. How did it go , Smufter ? . I like/liked your idea of " one rod .... just under the rod tip " , but I didn't do it when I went Weds. night - I know , muppetry on my part 🙄 . 😃
  24. It sounds like it's going to be too hot for a beard this week ! , and probably too hot for fishing during the day ? . I'm trying to decide what to do also ; if I fish overnight I'll have the cooler evening feed , and the cooler dawn feed ( I reel in overnight as it's a struggle to keep the carp out of the pads during the day so I would lose too many at night ) . 😃
  25. Well you're being prepared for the day when an unknown big lump comes along . 😁
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