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  1. Thanks Doug As I haven't got the money I'll wait too ! .
  2. Thanks . Would you upgrade to a sling with flotation aids , or make do with the standard sling ? .
  3. Hello Everyone I have an Angling Intelligence Recovery / Weigh Sling without the flotation bits on it . Does having the flotation bits offer any / many advantages please ? .
  4. Hello Everyone With this unseasonable hot spell I recorded the water temp. in the margins at 17/18C , and nature seems to be 3 weeks approx. in advance . I'll probably get shot to pieces for asking this , but what's the earliest carp have been known to spawn please ? . Thanks .
  5. Splitter you star , what a fish ! . What month was this please ? . No sign of the ghost then ? , guess you'll just have to make do with catching some stunning carp ! . Hopefully part 4 will have your smiling face holding " The Big Mirror " .
  6. Thanks Splitter , that was worth waiting for , and there's going to be a Part 3 - excellent !
  7. Thanks fellas . That all makes sense now you have explained it , I should have worked that out for myself ! .
  8. Hello Everyone I heard today that Suffolk Water Park has banned the use of plastic imitation baits - I'm not sure if that includes the Avid Sight Stops . Assuming I've heard correctly does anyone know the thinking behind this ban please ? .
  9. crusian

    "The Homecoming"

    Hello Splitter Lovely story and 'photos . Why is it called " The Haunted Pool " , or do we have to wait for part 2 ? . Hope we don't have to wait too long for part 2 .
  10. Thanks Keenook . Do you and anyone else who would like to comment believe that if you have a swim full of " nuisance " fish attracted by the Hemp and Sweetcorn / Maize the bigger Carp will come into the swim and kick out the small stuff ; or with silvers and / or Tench milling around is that likely to mess up your presentation and scare away any large carp that might be having a look ? . Thanks .
  11. Hello Keenook Thanks for the reply . I've never used Maize before . When I've fished Sweetcorn over Hemp it has usually been 2/3 particle 'pults of Hemp to half a boilie 'pult of Sweetcorn . Is this the same sort of ratio you would use with Maize , or would you just use the Maize as hookbait .
  12. Hello Everyone If you feed with hemp and / or sweetcorn which attracts silver fish and / or tench will the carp be attracted by all the activity and then muscle out the " nuisance " fish or will the carp think there's too much competition for the food and give the area a wide berth ? . Your opinions please .
  13. Hello Everyone If this question has been answered before sorry . If I take some Mainline Cell and defrost and air dry them before storing them in a insulated boilie bag how long will they last until they start to go off please ? .
  14. Thanks fellas Your replies were helpful and interesting .
  15. Thanks for all the info. fellas , it's all very interesting , but a bit depressing as it sounds as like I spent season 2009/10 fishing for carp that weren't there ( despite what the bailiff said ) . Reading your replies Jazzo are you saying that ( freshwater ? ) otters would cross the River Deben from the Bawdsey side to the Felixstowe side ? . Isn't the Deben saltwater at that point , or does the saltwater only enter the river from the sea for a few hundred yards ?.
  16. Cheers Jazzo That's more or less what I feared . I fished there 3 seasons ago and it was good fishing , but the next season the majority of the larger carp just seemed to vanish . Oh well I guess I'll stay fishing where I am .
  17. Hi Has anyone been fishing at Loam pond this season , and if so how did you get on please ? .
  18. Many thanks for all the posts fellas - very helpful . A special thanks to roniboy for his PM ( I remember looking at this website before ) .
  19. Yes mate. I can hit 90 yards with a 1.5 ounce lead comfortably and have measured 120 yards plus with 2.5 ounce. cheers moorsey, i think i will have to put a bit of casting practice in before i hit them distances with them weights, definately gonna get the tiger line now, thanks for the input mate, mick You're welcome mate. I would also advise that you load it warm [soaking doesn't help with fluoro as it doesn't take on water like mono but warming does make it easier to handle] Once you have loaded it I would also suggest that you find a field, tie the end of the line to a post or
  20. Hi Everyone I used to use Pro Gold straight through , tried Sensor in brown - not really happy with it . I like to float ledger so I thought GR60 in Green as a mainline then may be a hooklink of Tiger Line or Fox Illusion X which would hopefully sit down tight to the bottom without the need for any putty etc . Or is there a line that does the whole job ? . Can anyone help please ? .
  21. Thanks everyone . What I should have said was " most buoyant ready made pop up , i.e. Dynamite Baits , D T Baits etc " , so what Chrisesox says is interesting . Not sure about the ping pong balls though - should I use 1 star , 2 star etc ? .
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