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    crusian reacted to bluelabel in Welcome to carpy fat club   
    I wish.... I hobble in.... jump in the deep end and they laugh em'selves sick as I flounder about... but as well as the fitness side if you work out with other folks, the social side keeps you going back, as you don't want to miss hearing about Ethel's "Problems" or Joan's "Little Trouble"...🤣
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    crusian reacted to elmoputney in Welcome to carpy fat club   
    Good for you, blue, 👍
    I bet they all think its David hasselhoff from baywatch, when you walk in the pool, 😎😎
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    crusian reacted to ouchthathurt in Welcome to carpy fat club   
    This is an excellent point... motivation is extremely important! Lol! 
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    crusian reacted to bluelabel in Welcome to carpy fat club   
    I found the best way to keep in shape was aquafit... when I retired I started eating properly not junk on shifts as I was before and I put on weight... I started going to aquafit as the low impact work was kind to my back and knees... its great... twice a week and I was toned and fit... then lockdown hit... I have an exercise bike but its not the same... sadly the pool is closed til further notice... I'll be glad to get back after all this is over... theres a social side too and as most of the folks in the class were ladies of a certain age, I was the eye candy🤣🤣🤣🤣
    62 and a cobra-back studmuffin...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    crusian reacted to ouchthathurt in A quick (longggg) introduction   
    Good morning mate and welcome to the forum, big well done for getting yourself to where you are mate, mental health challenges are not easy to overcome, I was diagnosed with PTSD after afghan and went down the drink/drug route too. The love of a good woman and my counsellor suggesting I start carp fishing again, plus the help and support of family (who upgraded all my gear, amongst countless other things) got me back on my feet again. Congratulations on your angling coach qualification and very best of luck with everything, this is a very chilled out forum with lots of knowledgeable people here, so post away! 
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    crusian reacted to elmoputney in A quick (longggg) introduction   
    Welcome Reece 
    Glad to see you have come out the other side OK, good for you to be able to turn it all around and make positive changes like that, not an easy feat, I am just getting to the end of a 48 hour blank 😂 but I do think it has helped being away from all the day to day stuff and outside in the fresh air 
    Good luck with your targets and enjoy the forum 
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    crusian reacted to salokcinnodrog in A quick (longggg) introduction   
    Good Morning and Welcome to the posting  or dark side. 
    Fishing is a great way to relax and cure many ills. I know how it has helped me through my dark days. I hope it continues to heal you. 
    Take care and have fun 
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    crusian reacted to Carpmaster in A quick (longggg) introduction   
    Good to hear your doing well and it’s really nice to hear your putting your experience to use and showing others good on you and best of luck 
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    crusian reacted to B B in Back to pastures old   
    Just seen the forecast .. say to your good lady I think il just do a 24 hr this time because you want to spend a bit of time with her...and do the 48 hr when it warms up a bit.  👍
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    crusian reacted to Carpbell_ll in Back to pastures old   
    How about if you are fishing a lake that does large fish once or tice a year, from now till june is your best bet for that rare capture. 
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    crusian reacted to salokcinnodrog in Constant mouth bleed from hook ups - advice   
    I must admit I would only be using Specialist or Avon style rods on a water like this, with 8lb line. 
    Hook size sounds possibly a bit big, for me it would probably be a 14 or 12.
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    crusian reacted to ouchthathurt in Constant mouth bleed from hook ups - advice   
    Have you seen any evidence of the barbless hook moving during the fight? 15lb mainline and a size 10 seems a bit unbalanced, have you tried upping the hook size? The thicker wire may help spread the load as it were. Are you aiming solely for carp? Or are you just happy with whatever comes along? If that was the case, I’d probably go down the Avon/quivertip route or a float outfit with lighter line and smaller hooks. If I was aiming for solely carp, I’d increase hook size to an 8 or 6 and use baits that smaller species can’t easily take. 
    do you use any form of clinic or carp antiseptic solution on your hook marks before returning them? This is important regardless of size as it can help heal marks like these and prevent infection. Some also harden on contact with water, so will help minimise bleeding. 
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    crusian reacted to B B in Rod Shots   
    The lake had been frozen the week before we got there. We got a agreement if one gets a fish the other can cast into the area where he had it, so that’s six rods roving about it has worked twice over the years, only in the winter tho. 
    I would rather be fishing than in bed 
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    crusian reacted to The Carpy Vikings in A quick (longggg) introduction   
    Hey everyone,
    My name is Reece and I have a fairly typical angling story. I’m based in Thurrock, Essex. The first time I went fishing, I was about 10. My dad and uncle took me, and I used a little whip. I remember catching more fish than both of them, and I was hooked (excuse the pun). I quickly progressed in to carp fishing, and dad taught me everything I needed to know (thanks dad). At this point, I would consider myself a pleasure angler. If i thought an area looked like it will hold fish, I would cast a PVA bag or a stick threaded down my hook link at it.
    Life ended up getting in the way, my fishing gear got stollen, and I stopped fishing for about 12 years. I completed a 4 year engineering apprenticeship, and worked for a few years as a C&I technician at a few different power stations and waste management sites. I ended up getting diagnosed with several mental health disorders and had a couple of bad breakdowns. I hit rock bottom, turned to drugs and my life seemed over, but some how I mustered the will power to turn my life back around again. I started fishing again about 3 years ago, and the wellbeing benefits has been unbelievable. My anxiety and depression seem to disappear when I’m on the bank, especially when doing a 48hour+, I don't even need to catch, I just need to take in the atmosphere and enjoy nature. 
    I have also been making my own bait for about a year now. My engineering has really helped out with calculating recipes, but not as much as this forum, and several other resources. I have been reading this forum for almost a year now, but my anxiety has held me back from reaching out. I am mentally fit now, and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone so far, even if I haven’t spoke to you, you have helped me massively. 
    I am having a complete change of my career. I now want to share the health benefits of fishing with as many people as possible. I completed my level 1 angling coaching course today, and I will be sitting my level 2 soon, hopefully. I will be offering angling tuition to people suffering with their mental health. My tuition will be offered at mental health centres along with art therapy, mindfulness groups, etc, so my clients will get the tuition funded for them. I will also be volunteering each week. 
    I plan to use my own bait for my tuition, in fact I can’t remember the last time I used a shop bought bait. I find that fishing is excellent for my mental health while I’m on the bank, but when I’m at home, the bait keeps my fishing brain ticking over. I love tweaking and trying new ingredients, its a hobby itself. 
    Sorry for such a long message, I feel like I owe it to you for all your help so far.  
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    crusian reacted to Highy in What is your newest purchase   
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    crusian reacted to Highy in Rod Shots   
    Arrived at 5am....

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    crusian reacted to bluelabel in Rod Shots   
    Over my club lake... nothing yet, don't really expect anything, but I'm out and its like a huge exhalation of pent up worry....

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    crusian reacted to ouchthathurt in How's everyone bearing up....?   
    Well I spent the morning lovingly rolling several kilos of boilies to restock the freezer with bait, looking over the rows of freshly boiled baits air drying on the racks in the spring sunlight. Then tipping them into a large resealable bag to go in the freezer... admiring the big bag packed tight with 12mm boilies... then the horror as that bag tips over and all the bait falls all over the kitchen floor... the dogs eyes light up with joy as a mini tidal wave of yummy boilies come cascading towards her... luckily she only snaffled about a dozen before I managed to get her away, bribed with another treat. Then spending 15min hunting under kitchen cabinets, oven, fridge and freezer picking them all back up again... 🙄
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    crusian reacted to bluelabel in What is your newest purchase   
    Out for a play on mine today....

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    crusian reacted to yonny in Can you get worse   
    If you saw one then at least you have a starting point for next time buddy.
    I wouldn't worry about not having caught this year. It's been winter, the hardest time you could possibly be fishing. We've not really had any prolonged periods of high temperature to get that water temp up. Tbh this last 5-10 years I've considered March to be part of winter rather than spring (in fishing terms anyway).
    Clocks go back in a week or 2. All this blanking and freezing our nuts off will soon be a thing of the past. No need to panic yet.
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    crusian reacted to welder in Can you get worse   
    If I caught every time I went fishing I'd very soon become complacent and my levels of concentration and enthusiasm would reduce accordingly. Frosty, may I say that three hour sessions barely give the fish time to realise that you've put bait out? Maybe a couple of full-day sessions are in order?
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    crusian got a reaction from Carpmaster in Can you get worse   
    What a sad tale , Ukfrosty .
    I hope that the replies to your post have cheered you up a bit .
    I wonder how deep is your lake ? .
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    crusian reacted to dayvid in February catch reports   
    Managed just the one in the Cold NE wind 

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    crusian reacted to yonny in How to catch a fish that won't eat bait?   
    The most important thing is being on active fish. Nothing will work if there's nothing catchable in front of you. It is very easy to waste a lot of time trying random methods and baits on "likely looking" spots. Imo your time is better spent walking and watching. One you've found where they like to feed regularly, go back to basics and the rest should slot into place pretty quickly.
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    crusian reacted to B B in Can you get worse   
    I honestly can’t remember my last trip, the closest I’m come to going fishing was painting a bridge today between two islands on a small lake 

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