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  1. Over 5 years late in posting, but if the carp are tasting your bait and swimming off, you are using the wrong rigs (lol)! Have you ever heard of the hair rig?
  2. davew


    Do a search on the internet, there is a site which shows legal areas to fish on rivers in France including night fishing, sorry but can't remember the name. Not sure about how the carp stock has been affected in the Meuse, for many years teams of anglers were hired to plunder the river and pass on their catches to local lakes (not all English owned)!! Good luck!
  3. Expecting 45 acres for just the 4 of you, probably better that there were more anglers on the lake even though it turned out to be a hard week.
  4. 7 reels??????????????? Sounds like my sort of lake, have a great trip m8!
  5. Josh I think you are asking the question too far in advance of your planning trip, a lot can change in that time. There is a wealth of information on the internet, good luck if you decide to go.
  6. I will look forward to reading next years report, assume Darren will be back there next year?
  7. Well done Mark, apparently Aaron had a 50 as well, though I haven't seen the photo. The fishery is going from strength to strength, 19 50's out in May which is a record for 1 month, expect you will be planning a return visit?
  8. Etang des Moulinots which is now under new ownership, only 3 1/2 hours from Calais and plenty of big fish, beautiful setting, good facilities and great hosts. I spent 11 years there so I know it pretty well.
  9. Kathy and I decided 2 years ago that this year would be our last season and we have now finalised the sale to Terry and Wendy Wills who will be trading as WT Fisheries and will be taking over the venue with effect from November 2012. Further information will be updated on our website in the next few days. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support over the past 11 years and wish them every success in future holidays at Moulinots.
  10. Hi Kim (Mrs Rusheslake), can you add any info to my posting? Hope you are having a good year.
  11. I wish you all the best but just a little friendly warning, you must be taxed under the French tax system as an employee of the owner/operator of Crete Lakes. I am not an expert on this subject but I do know (from my own painful experience) that all lake operators in France "must be tax registered in France" and in time this will be enforced! Don't know if you know any of the bailiffs at Dream Lakes, but I am told they have to go back to the UK every 4 or 6 weeks to avoid contravening French legislation. There are many illegal lakes operating here according to the French tax authorities, that I am now an expert on!! Anyway hopefully you won't have any problems and that the owner/operator of Crete Lakes is properly tax registered in France. Good luck m8!
  12. The normal pre set walkie talkies would not be a problem, there could be a problem with the top of the range radios where frequencies can be altered and might interfere with other services. Not heard of any problems in the 10 years I have been living in France.
  13. Cheers for that Keith, perhaps I should do the opposite here then and introduce more male fish as the past couple of years I have had spawning casualties and perhaps the proportion of male to female carp needs readdressing. Have a good year!!
  14. I hope Keith that as also 1 of the old school and more recognised and established fisheries in France you will respectively respond to this comment and treat it in the context that it is presented. I have been reading your comments on this and other forums over the past 3 months and these days I choose or am forced not to reply (on 1 forum anyway), on this occasion and forum that I am invited to post, I am really interested in why you have again mentioned you are trying to remove fish to improve the biomass? Yes I and most other fishery operators know that a lake will only support so many fish and although we would all like to operate a lake full of really big fish, in my opinion if the smaller male fish are removed this can only lead to more fatalities to the larger female fish during the spawning months. I can't exactly remember and quote a comment that you wrote a couple of years ago, though at the time I did think it wasn't a bad idea, sure it was to do with removing the smaller male fish, I never tried to do that, but now I do think that if I had, it would have been a big mistake!! Spawning casualties have been on the increase (in my area) over the last couple of years and that includes my own venue, even though I have never removed any of the carp, perhaps you have carp that breed and the small carp survive, something that doesn't happen here due to the stock of pike, perch, grebes and carp eating their offspring. I do not profess to be an expert as a fishery manager, just 1 of the fortunate few to be doing it, so I am really interested in more info? We haven't always seen eye to eye, but on this occasion perhaps an informative conversation would be useful.
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