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    Changed my profile pic by my phone ..... I am a techno genius .....FACT :)
  1. Fishing after a match?

    Do you all remember the Hovis advert..... eeehhh when I waz a lad ..... time changes. So has angling.
  2. Old pop-ups

    I virtually always do a margin check with all my rigs chods,multi rig,blowback etc....must of been having a lazy day lol. When I reeled in I did my margin check after the bait had been out a couple of hrs !!!!
  3. Old pop-ups

    I have some old pop ups that I stuck on last year when I was scratching for a bite. Being a pleb I didn't check them in the margins..... my pop ups changed to wafters..... I don't know why they'd lost there buoyancy,I'm not that clever but they did !
  4. Winter carping

    Black/white zig with goo on. White/pink pop up on multi rig. Bottom bait and fake corn on blowback rig. Similar to how/what i fish in summer.
  5. fox royale 60" brolly

    My local water really does see all weathers .... wind and rain being the most prominent..... never skipped a beat
  6. fox royale 60" brolly

    I've had my stealth brolly 6 years now .... used and abused,never been re proofed,never leaked,never let me down.
  7. Anyone fishing?

    I know coming down with a cold now it never rains it pours
  8. Anyone fishing?

    Well I've give the sunny north west the kiss of death regarding dropping temps.... been sunny all day and temps forecast to drop over the wk end
  9. Anyone fishing?

    I've not been out for a while tbf mate. My Sciatica kicked off big time just before new year and it's only just getting better now. Makes you realise how lost we are when you have bad backs,knees etc
  10. Anyone fishing?

    Very mild here in the sunny north west lol
  11. hemp that splits

    Ha ha probably similar,mate.
  12. hemp that splits

    I'm in the sunny north west mate
  13. hemp that splits

    Maybe ordering from Hinders may be your best bet then,mate.
  14. hemp that splits

    You may have had a dodgy batch tbf I've never had a problem with hemp. 24hr soak simmer for 20-30 mins and they split lovely.
  15. hemp that splits

    You soak it in just water mate ?