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  1. snowmanstevo

    July catches.

    It’s the old saying mate, five minutes in the right place is better than 48hrs in the wrong place. Well done on having a few,mate. 😎🎣
  2. It’s very important to our sport that EVERY rig you use is a safe rig. And I was wanna say well done for asking and wanting to fish safely,well done,mate. 😎🎣
  3. snowmanstevo

    July catches.

    Found myself with a few hours to spare yesterday tea time so went down the local for a few hours. Conditions was pretty much spot on to nick a bite so a quick mooch seen me find a few in the channel After trying to place my pop up as carful as possible and flicked 6 crumbled down boilies a little at a time as not too spook them I thought my chance had gone as it went very quiet. I needed to be home for 8:30 so was clock watching a bit and thought my chance had gone as it was nearing 7:30. A few fish had drifted back in so I gave myself till 7:45 and that was me I’d have to go. Seconds later the line shot up and the tip bent round and I was into a fish that did it’s best to bed itself in them lillies. I never gave it an inch and steady pressure and walking back seen the fish kite into clearer water. I only went with minimal gear so didn’t bother to weigh it but it was a pretty fish so did a little vid and took some screenshots,not the best shots but wrapped up my wk end nice and I still got home for 8:30 😂😂😬😎🎣
  4. I’m the same as Yonny....... tie hair,put foam on put a tiny piece of silicone on thread hook on and thru the silicone have zig tight to the top of the hook and held in place with silicone whip hook on (seven is my lucky number) tiny bit of shrink tube over the eye anti tangle sleeve then tie to swivel........ always done ok for me and by squeezing the foam you can change colours quite easily if one isn’t working
  5. Zig foam..... white on top.... dark on bottom....... just as deadly,they can’t help themselves 😉😬😎🎣
  6. Same as my local ........ you’ll smash zigs you’ve gotta remember it’s a working type of angling as per match man..... find em,give em what they want,when they want it and you’ll be amazed.
  7. Is definitely find em,watch em fish accordingly ....... Ian (Iberian) has fish a lot in your country but hasn’t been on here for a long time,unfortunately..... he’s had some stunners.
  8. They would just keep eating like they did before anglers turned up. I agree on man made lakes(holes in the ground) then they would struggle but that’s just how carp fishing is nowadays ......
  9. Very messy,I agree but when it works it works 😉😎
  10. Just plain old foam for me ..... unflavoured and no spod.......... I have done well fishing zigs 6” under the surface when I’ve had fish taking mixers but don’t fish as many venues like that anymore . In heavily stocked waters you can’t beat a bit of slop spodded in....... pellet mush liquidised corn and hemp oil dark zigs score the best.... even in dull conditions. You may catch the odd fish with just casting to showing fish but I think the trick is to find them when there on a natural binge and where they feel safe ....... work hard at zig fishing and you will catch more fish..... fact.
  11. How many fish are on your venue mate,is it quite well stocked ?
  12. snowmanstevo

    July catches.

    Did an after work Friday dinner to today. Ended up with 6 got a suntan Friday and soaked this morning...... and no waterproofs. It’s the first time I’ve been down the local since early spring so happy with my catch and no fish through the night so manage a decent kip after an early start for work for an early dart....... time for a Guinness now 😬😎🎣 The one with me pulling the face was the smallest at around 8lb so did the old hold it forward to make it look bigger trick...... for a laugh like,made my mate laff anyway 😬
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