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  1. I fell in on the winter social we did there……. It was in February…….. and cold 🥶🥶🥶🤣🤣🤣
  2. Why are you not legally required to carry your rod license 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Our club insists that you take your EA licence with your club book and when I do baliff checks I have to log that they have them with them. I’ve seen 2 EA Baliff’s in just under 50years angling
  4. You will never ever see me with that hard meaningful stare of ‘I outfoxed this one’ 🤣🤣 Always a smile matey fishing and catching makes me happy as hopefully my pics show. The happy pills have certainly helped tho !!!! 😬 Thanks,mate.
  5. Now that the pain killers have kicked in and the sciatica has calmed down a gentle day session on a club water was my Church this Sunday. Ended up with two on the ever reliable maggot rig on this boilie and pellet dominated water. A cold start to the day but by the afternoon warm and clear sky’s. It killed the fishing but helped with the chilling out part of the session. 😬😎🎣
  6. See it’s not so Grimm oop north 🤣🤣 Mega fish matey big well done 👏🏼
  7. No mate the original ones the diffusion although I believe there two of the same
  8. Yep think they renamed them from Diffusion to D-Cam.
  9. I’ve got about 7 diffusion ones left……. I was at Merrington last wk I should of popped in for a brew and a few of your D-Cam ones 🤣🤣🤣 Hope your well,Nige.
  10. We use to have so many knocking about in the 90,s I would always have first choice to give one a better life …….. as the years rolled on it’s became an acquired skill liberating them ! Hope you well,Ian.
  11. Piddling down here (Runcorn) for the next few hrs mate
  12. New head torch after a win on the footy £ My other 2 have seen better days and I’ll be honest it’s the first head torch I’ve ever bought…….. all of my others had been liberated ‘Cough’ from work so it was a first for me 🙄🤣🤣
  13. Backs shot to pieces but the strong painkillers have got me on cloud 9 🤣🤣😬😎
  14. I’ve used swivels flossed on and pushed into bait I’m not sure about the movement bit tbh mate I use oval bait screws and they have never let me down tbh. In saying that I don’t think I fish many ‘riggy’ waters and try to concentrate on a nice sharp big hook and decent presentation
  15. Bait screw for me 100% easy and less fiddling than bait floss when the old eyes and fingers start going 🙄🤣🤣 Bank Tackle do em cheap as chips the only thing make sure your pop up is super buoyant as the screw adds a tiny bit of extra weight to the rig.
  16. Great pic Dayvid…….. nice to see you back,mate.
  17. If you can get hold of em and that’s a big If nowadays Nash Diffusion leaders really do need to be seen to be believed.
  18. Yes mate once I’ve took 5mins to get off a chair and 5mins to straighten up waking does ease it. I’ll be out with my dog later to try ease the pain
  19. Had a bad bout of it around 6years ago been ok with it since till the wk end 😢 Struggling to do the basics atm it’s knocked me for 6 🤢🤢🤢
  20. Buy cheap buy twice Id of had to of binned them would of done my confidence no end of damage sitting behind static indicators 🤣🤣🤣
  21. Bit late with this one it’s been a busy few days (and my sciatica has kicked off big time)😢 Did a 3day social with 6 mates at Merrington Tuesday-Friday and tbh the conditions last wk was rubbish. High pressure bright days overnight frosts N/E Winds tbh we couldn’t have had it any less carpy 🤣🤣. Coming out 6th out of 7 didn’t help my cause but I ended up in an ok swim so all wasn’t lost. The complex switched right off tbh and with zigs banned I knew I’d have to be fishing neat and tidy to pinch a bite. Ended up with this 24lber that was caught to a single dumbbell krill wafter with a bit of washed out pink pop up to give the bait some focus with no freebies on a combi rig and was more than happy with my prize. Unfortunately 3 lads blanked and mine was one of only 5 fish to grace the bank again disappointing but as said the conditions was rubbish. Tbh I’d of fancied my chances on zigs and think I’d of had a few if I had the chance to use em !!! Very frustrating 🤣🤣🤣So it was hometime Friday but given I had a few kilo of pellet and boilies made up a quick grovelling call to the Mrs and the promise of a nice dinner at her favourite pub I got the green light to do a quick night on a local club water only 15mins away with a mate (I had to get rid of the left over bait…….. well that’s my excuse)🤣🤣🤣 so rigs was changed and our chosen venue was a smaller mixed stock snaggy old water….. That holds around a dozen cats up to 50lb. The carp don’t go big in Spring Pool so I opted to fish snowman style 24mm oily bottom baits and 20mm squid n scopex pop up over a couple of kilo of krill and pellet over each rod and was rewarded an hr into dark with this moggy munching 20lb+ All in all a good week at least we had good social weather even tho the fishing wasn’t the best. Came home Saturday morning and sorted my kit out and did the gardens only for Sciatica to kick off big time so it looks like I won’t be on the bank for a few weeks now 😢😢😢 Tight lines,chaps and thanks for reading. 😬😎🎣
  22. Last wk on a little social with a few mates 😬😎🎣
  23. Yes mate would be a bit far for you I actually work alongside the Mersey that’s how close I am but the better marks are a 15min car journey for me my mate informs me it’s getting quite a reputation for the rays up this end. When I was a kid the Mersey was just a polluted dirty hole but it’s cleaned up over the years. Glad your enjoying your angling matey
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