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  1. Hi all, I need some more marker braid and don't really want to pay Fox/Korda money as its just for the marker setup. On ebay there is some for £14 for 300m, have no idea of make but looks fine, anyone had this or can recommend another company that is around this price? cheers,
  2. I have Tournos 8000 reels and am very impressed with them, nice and smooth, strong and not as massive as some big pits can be. I've had Diawa emcasts in the past and they were ok. Def recommend the Soniks, great value as well if you buy 3. Sonik Gravity rods look the nuts as well but will need a proper test before can say.
  3. Yep crimp or loop knot so it spins perfectly, and ensure the putty doesnt construct this movement..
  4. Any of the top names will produce results, they wouldnt produce poor quality bait, its in their best interest to ensure they ingrediants they use, flavours etc are all top notch. Nashy, Solar, Mainline, CCMoore, Mike Willmot, Sticky, Richworth, Baitworks, Nutrabiats...prob loads ive missed. Through the years ive used many of these, been making my own bait for about 17 years now, Monster CRab by Hutchy was one of my all time favourites, now using Live System base mix from CC Moore which is lush and playing around with flavours etc. good luck
  5. Dave Lane Hardcore sleepiong bag looks sound and the price at Go Outdoors seems very good, anyone used it?
  6. So it works as one with the hook, harder to eject, if you have a peeled back hair, yes it can act more loike a freebie but it has that flexibility in the fish's mouth to be spat out easier. Also, peeled back hairs can sometimes tangle around the hook and affect presentation. If i was using that rig, i would peel bak the hair but attach it to a small ring and have that sliding on the back of the hook (Blow-back rig), this way the bait when ejected doesnt affect the hook, it acts seperately, that make sense? Ben
  7. ghost soft or IQ2 if hooklink, not sure about the mainline side, but you could easily make a hooklink out of the fluoro mainline if you wanted.
  8. If you use N-Trap or any coated braid straight through a Choddy hook and tie, then peel back just the hair section that creates the rig i think you mean that Tom Dove was using loads, and ive used it to good success. Having the chod hook on the stiff allows the gap between the hook point and eye to be nice and wide, using a normal curve shank or say a wide gap does close it off slightly. Still this is a fine rig that will work, i use Ghost straight through to knotless knot sometimes if im fising a clear area/gravel.
  9. Thats correct, if you run the rig acroos your hand for that bottom bat rig, the weight of the boillie will ensure the hook point is heavy and turn, replicating the fishes mouth. Its all about how the hook point behaves when the fish trys to eject the bait, nice aggresive turn into the bottom lip. They are but will last, the JAG is regarded as the best, get the vice, magnifier and black sharperner and that will last and last
  10. Sorry, didnt see that, i would slidd it halfway down the hair though, for me i would want the corn to sit just off the bottom but with the ability of that hair to allow the hook to turn. If the bait is heavy then you want it for me to be off the end of the hook as possible, this makes the tip heav, allowing it to turn aggressively . If your using a pop-up, light hook bait they you want this coming off the back nearer the eye so it again makes the hook point heavy. If you have a bouyant bait coming off nearer the end then this conteracts the point, which can prevent a good hook turn or hold. Have you looked at sharpening the hook points, it looks mint in your shots so your prob already do it but it def adds an edge.
  11. or take remove that silcone from the shank, and add a small shot between the knotless knot and the corn, this will sit nicely on the floor.
  12. I have the Big snooze and I would say its fine for summer months but def not now, maybe if you add the cover it could be ok but i woudl look at a decent 4 season bag. I like the look of the Fox Ventec All season, looks sound as has the same outer material as their bivvys so totally waterproof whilst also having a layer system that allows you to add and remove sections depending on time of year.
  13. I never worry about packing my titan away wet, or leaving it in the carry case wet for a week or 2, doesnt do any harm. If i have time i take it out of the bag and open it up a little in the garage.
  14. cool, need a new winter jacket, Nash sub zero looks quality but alot more than this
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