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  1. I would suggest chumming the area with corn the night before fishing. Fish the early morning hours with corn on #8 octopus hook and 8# flurocarbon leader. I've fished this combo everywhere on the river with good success. Remember to fish early when carp are most actively feeding. Good Luck.
  2. Just back from a five day excursion at the Colorado river near Parker, Arizona. I was limited to about four hours fishing each morning due to the excessive heat in the afternoon. The fishing was excellent. I averaged 6-8 fish each morinng in the 7.5-12.5 pound range. Lost a few bigger fish to underwater obstructions. Fished smallmouth one morning with tube baits for ten fish to two pounds. All carp caught inside weed line in three feet of water. My tackle for these conditions was a 9' M/H steelhead rod with 10 pound flurocarbon line and 8 pound fluro leader with #8 Owner octopus hook. Bait of
  3. Anyone tried any of the so-called soft 100% fluorocarbon lines? Cabela's No-Vis, Maxima or P-Line?
  4. Looking to replace my Shimano Baitrunner and would like some input on other baitfeeder type reels. I've heard mixed results on the Okuma's. Anyone fish the Penn Live Liner or Tica Sportera?
  5. Yes! steelhead rods make excellent carp rods. I've been using steelhead rods for carp for many years. Personally I prefer the longer 10 1/2 ft. rods for casting distance, fish/line control and hook setting at distance the longer rod affords. I'm currently using a G.Loomis STR1265S. Also, light surf rods make great carp rods. I think I have the best of both worlds, I fish for steeelhead during the winter months and carp the summer. Both are about equal in their fighting abilities.
  6. Just returned from a week fishing the lower colorado river. The colorado is always good. A great fishery not only for carp, but flatheads, stripers, largemouth and smallmouth bass as well. While the whole colorado is great, I usally fish the Parker, Arizona area because the family likes to stay at the Bluewater resort and casino and it's relativilty close ( 3 hours) to my home in Riverside, California. You can walk out the back door of the resort for good fishing. There is a flat directly across the river were you can catch all the carp you can handle. The hard fighting carp we caught there
  7. Coudn't you say the same of the carp? Corn, nuts, bread, peas, worms ect,ect,ect.
  8. Cyprinusman, I would have to disagree on the largemouth bass. It would never make the worst top-5. There are dozens of other sunfish and trout for that matter that would make the list ahead of the largemouth. A large largemouth is a worthy opponent and much coveted trophy. Here in California a largemouth of a mere 10# hardly gets a glance. Largemouth of 12-15# are routinely caught here and many in the 18-20# range have been caught. A largemouth of 10+ pounds is a tough gamefish even on heavy tackle. Muskies are tough, but do they have the sustained fight of a king or steelhead? The chum is
  9. Gifted, there are big differences between braid and mono but, if your using the braid as leader material, It will not make a big difference within reason on pound test used. I would use a similar diameter to the mono. Keep in mind, braid is low-stretch and mono is high-stretch. Braids have smaller diameter than same pound test mono, i.e. 15# braid has diameter of 6# mono. Having said that, most mono, unless a I.G.F.A. line, will test much higher than the pound test stated, i.e. most 10# mono will test out between 12-16#. Personally I like using a fused line like spider wire or fireline as main
  10. I like simple and effective. I like to use bread. Bread is simple and effective but, the bread doesn't last long on the hook. While fishing for steelhead with spawn bags last winter, I was thinking, why not spawn bags for carp! I've been experimenting with BREAD BAGS and they have worked great at my local carp pond. The rig consist's of fine meshed spawn bag netting, elastic thread, bread and vanilla. You can obtain the netting and thread at www.jannsnetcraft.com or www.float-fishing-specialties.com. The mesh comes in 2.75 inch by 2.75 inch squares. Take a square, put a piece of bread in the
  11. Thanks, I havn't tried the Berkley Gulp but, have tried their trout worms with good success, even when others were not getting bites with live bait. Same with their trout nuggets. Power worms for bass to! There are a lot of variables in fishing of course but, I have had success with many of the Berkley products. I quess I'm just wondering why the carp bait doesn't work for carp. And I'm not trying to compare a hatchery trout with a wild carp because there is no comparison. I quess the carp is to smart. Carpe Diem!
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to the Colorado river next month and was going to field test a couple of bags I was given. Colorado river carp are not to choosey and if they don't eat the berkley bait then it must be bad stuff. Anyway, like you, I'll be taking my old standbys, corn and dough balls with vanilla.
  13. Actually it's called a cradle net. I call it a catch&release net. It was developed for muskies, but I find it works for any big fish you plan on releasing. Go to the following site www.fishontario.com/articles/muskie-cradle. The article shows how to make one, it's simple. However you don't need to make one as long. Mine is 3 1/2 ft. They work great for any type large fish. Try to use the soft-mesh if you can. If you cant find the mesh locally, there are websites were you can obtain it. I don't know of any commercial made ones, but you can make one cheaper anyway.
  14. The link www.wonsubs.com is only for subscribtions, but you might be able to get that issue from them (last weeks). I would send you mine, but no longer have it. Run a search for Western Outdoor News and find the official site. However the article only stated what I originally posted. It was a short article on recent catches at the lake. Doesn't any tackle shops near you sell the W.O.N. newspaper. If you have no luck, let me know and I'll see if I can locate one.
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