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  1. I love the plastic corn, I think a great thing to use wherever you go. Had plenty fish using it in various ways (2 bits on hair, topping a boilie off, same with a pellet, etc) very versatile! You can get pop up or sinking in a few colours.
  2. No it isnt not a nice guy at all im afraid. Id love to go into detail but i cant publicly.... oh right ok sorry then scrap that! i got told about it by a friend who thought it was great, hes been there a few times and stayed in the lodges.
  3. sorry i thought i put a link on lol. its lonsdale park. http://www.fisheries.co.uk/lonsdalepark/index.htm
  4. Great result that mate. I went there 2 years ago for a 3 day session and had 13 fish including that 58lb one you got there, but at the time it was 51lb. got it from same peg too lol. I agree with you that its a great place and i would love to go back there in the near future. I prefered it as its only an hour off ferry.
  5. This is worth a look mate but its up north! depends how far you want to travel. great lodegs right on the lake, some decent fish there too.
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